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Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Fifty-Four

Month’s end has once more snuck up on me and had me faced with the choice of either hastening my writing or postponing the next chapter into the first week of September. Guess what? Right: One cannot rush art. Part LIV will be more plot-oriented again, giving the story arc of Seventeen’s escape plan another boost. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Æquinoctium — Chapter Five

This Sneak Peek is maybe a little premature, as Chapter Five isn’t due till December. I might also publish something else before it, but do not want to spoil anything in that regard.

Denise groaned as she was being slammed into the leather chair. R hadn’t bothered freeing her hands from behind her back first. A wiggle to ease the strain on her arms was swiftly put to an end by that sadistic bitch’s grip on her shoulder. At least she loosened and pulled off the hood. Continue reading

Æquinoctium — Chapter Four (Part 1)



Big Rig

(Part 1)

For the second time this day Denise awoke with a start. For a moment she didn’t know where she was. The numbers station. Upon sneakily returning from her little excursion she had laid down to get some rest for her grand finale (to her utter relief and eternal pride the lock bypass had worked like a charm). Denise couldn’t remember many details of the weird nightmare that came to her in her sleep – only that she had been chased down a subway tunnel through many doors she could not open yet which allowed her to pass in exhausting dream logic. She’d managed to escape via a daring jump out of the truck trailer, only to find herself standing in front of the central station.

The cheap alarm clock on the table reported 20:37 in a tired red glow. Continue reading

Dear Readers…

Dear readers,

it is with a heavy heart that I announce yesterday’s Part Thirty-Six to be the last chapter of Pony Boot Camp. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I came to understand that it was the right one. For some time now those in the know have been aware that ponygirls are an endangered species, and lately several large Internet platforms – including WordPress – have drawn the consequences from this sad fact. In accordance with a code of ethics enunciated by the animal rights organisation PETA (http://www.peta.org/coe/savethepony) all portrayals of abuse and mistreatment of ponygirls are to be removed from the participating sites. Of course I will follow this appeal, and furthermore will refrain from creating and providing any controversial material. I am sure you, the readers, will support this important mission.

Take care, and Power to the Ponies!

Thoughts About: House of Cthulhu — Seventh Night

Today I began to write a fair copy of the seventh chapter of HoC. Why do I grant this literary event its own post, one may ask. Because ever since I have started this story in late 2011/early 2012, writing on it has been stalled and impeded massively. Sometimes external factor have been responsible, sometimes the considerable length of each section has made the continuous publishing I managed to uphold for Pony Boot Camp impossible. The last chapter was released exactly nine months ago. The material I will be using for the next chapter is about two years old, and I doubt I will be able to finish Seventh Night before the year ends.

HoC isn’t my most popular story, not by a long way, and it was never meant to become that long (or weird). But it is also a narration I worked very hard on, and a narration which shows its evolution to the reader. It was never an option for me to not keep working on it, for I am just too curious about its development myself.