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Pony Boot Camp — Part Six

Morning Glory

I was woken by the sweet sound of a whistle.

“Up! Up!” Kandrin shouted, her little noise maker still in one hand. With the other she pulled the blanked off the nearest bunk and threw it on the floor.

“Breakfast in bed is cancelled! You two, take out the rubbish.”

“Yes, ma’am!” – “Yes, ma’am!” Continue reading

Pony Boot Camp — Part Five

Girls’ Night

Evening duties mainly consisted of cleaning our new refugium. “Barracks duty”, as the laminated note pinned to the door called it. Said note informed us of our daily (and I mean daily) schedule. A strict and unchanging routine was the first step in bending the minds of errant kids back into shape.


DACC Participants’ Schedule


05:00_____________Wake up

05:15_____________Fall-in (group)

05:20_____________Morning exercise Continue reading