Sneak Peek: Skeleton Crew — Chapter Two

It is now a given that every story of mine comes by default in an extended version. So word count has of course exploded on me with the second chapter of Skeleton Crew. I see early next week as a realistic posting date. And to make the wait just a bit harder for everybody, here’s a little preview of what to expect:

Reuß would load upon him the sin of lie if he would claim that the woman’s attitude wasn’t intriguing him. He turned his face towards the bulkhead, but not without fetching the satchel that had been placed on her cape and clearly belonged to her. From behind the rustling of her shirt reached him. Continue reading

10th Anniversary – to be continued

My very dear and very few readers,

Last Sunday the first chapter of Skeleton Crew appeared out of nowhere, because if there’s anything this site needs, it is yet another pending multi-part story. This one, however, marks a special occasion. Ten years ago on that publishing date I had posted my first piece of work on WordPress. Back then it had been the initial chapter of the ill-fated House of Cthulhu, a story I have discontinued, but despite its faults never fully abandoned. Much thought went since then into the question of how I would celebrate my tenth anniversary here. A ponygirl story? After all, this fetish takes up an important part in my body of work. Perhaps another slow-burner like The Writer, punching way above its weight? Continue reading

Skeleton Crew — A Dark Steampunk Story

Skeleton Crew



~Chapter One~
The Jump

Even without the rolling clouds it would have been on the wrong side of twilight. Now and then the heavy sky flickered with lightning, but the thunder did not yet reach the darkening streets. The sounds echoing from buildings and archways were originating from other sources, and they were heralding a far more sinister spectacle than a thunderstorm would be.

Rattling of buckles against cuirasses.

The rapid steps of armed men.

Her own flat boots on damp-blue cobble stone. Continue reading

Alterations for Pony Boot Camp (IX)

Looking over the latest part of PBC, I arrived at the conclusion that Seventeen’s third jaunt with her new bestie Hipser Beard deserves more than just a passing mentioning. The episode does not justify an own chapter, which also would have to take the form of a flashback scene. Therefore…



has a part added:

[see below and also in the already revised chapter itself]

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Pony Boot Camp — Part Fifty-Seven

Trinkets, Odds and Ends

Here I was again. The dreamy ponygirl-in-training, basking in the crush on her handler and yearning for the day she would have earned her tail for good.

I am exaggerating obviously. And yet there was a stinging sensation running through me when I saw Hipster Beard and knew that soon he and not Kandrin would be driving me. A tad too eagerly I trapped myself in my ponyboots whilst he gathered the rest of my tack. I winced at the prompt onset of pain, the well-deserved backlash for failing to limber my feet up properly before locking them into the severe en pointe position.

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Ponygirl Vet — Part Five of X

Ponygirl Vet

Part 5 of X

The veterinarian had yet to meet a ponygirl handler who was not obsessed with tight crotch straps. It was one thing being concerned about chafing, but a completely other to split everything splitable between a filly’s legs. The case before her was no exception, with a wickedly thin belt strung from the front of Applejuice’s cincher assembly to its back. Vera undid the vertical fore-buckle with some effort due to the lack of initial slack. That Applejuice rose onto hoof tips to escape the additional pressure did not make the task easier. But once the crotch strap had been successfully loosened, she sunk back until her horseshoes had full floor contact again. Continue reading

Review and Preview 2022/2023

It’s not looking good, guys, it does not look good…

As some of you might already have realised, the year is about to end, which calls for another highly informative review/preview routine. And especially with the output on my multi-part stories I am not happy:

  • Two new parts of Pony Boot Camp (gotta pump those numbers up!)
  • Zero new parts of Æquinoctium (I don’t even know what to say.)

The tragedy here lies within the fact that at least three more parts of PBC are drafted out, and that for many moons I am 1,600 words deep into Chapter IX of Æquinoctium. I can only point at time as the limiting factor. Continue reading

Ponygirl Vet — Part Four of Seven and a Half

Ponygirl Vet

Part 4 of 7½

With her view on the whip significantly altered by her experience between the taming posts, the treatment of her hooved patients had undergone changes as well. A believer in holistic approaches, Vera hadn’t been content with tending to the bloody stripes on a ponygirl’s body anymore. To become a better pony shouldn’t simply mean to fear the lash, but to grow in one’s abilities, so corporal intervention would be rendered obsolete for the majority of situations. Not every handler warmed up to Vera’s outlandish philosophy equally, and the veterinarian suspected Blondie to be a particularly reluctant scholar.

“Gooood filly…” Vera reassured as she made true of her promise and opened Applejuice’s reverse prayer bondage. Continue reading

Ponygirl Vet — Part Three of Definitely More than Six

Ponygirl Vet

Part 3 of Definitely More than 6

Off to her side Adrian remained still for a noticeable length of time, as if to ponder the deeper meaning of their nightly encounter. Vera did not dare breathe, then had to nonetheless.

The whip carved a searing line across her shoulder blades. Searing in its coldness, before the burning pain erupted. The muscles in her torso cramped up, shaping her back into a concave and pressing the freshly taken air straight out of her lungs again. But the pain bent with her body, lingering and building, her first-ever lash like true love’s first kiss. With a groan Vera forced herself to relax, to relish. Where the cracker had landed near the outer ridge of her right scapula, the pain was hottest; a spike perpendicular to the pulsing trace of the leather across her shoulders, giving the hurt a three-dimensional quality. Continue reading

Ponygirl Vet — Part Two of Maybe Five

Ponygirl Vet

Part 2 of Maybe 5

Beyond, the central hub was but scarcely lit by a skeleton crew of sodium lamps. The four barns ran away from it like cardinal points on a compass. None showed any signs of activity. Following her out, Adrian closed the gate to the northern building.

“Don’t want to disturb the fillies, now want we?”

The spot where Vera was about to cause some potential disturbance lay straight ahead. Two upright H-beams set in concrete were looming against the night sky, wire ropes dangling from them. Every step towards them rid her of some of her embarrassment and added a good deal of timidity. Changed the state of her face from flushed to pale. With ponygirls, corporal punishment as a concept of repentance and deterrence was obviously pointless. The key to controlling those pesky little critters was pain compliance, either through acute correction or – in the long run – through imprinting the fear of consequences, should unruly behaviour occur. Continue reading