Rückkehr nach Himmelsrand

I find it appropriate to reveal this, the German version of Return to Skyrim, today, given the fact that the videogame on which the story is based was released on 11th November 2011. Return to Skyrim was posted exactly three years later, and its main character even stated that “[f]or three years I travelled these savage lands far and wide”. Consequently I’ve adjusted that line for the translation to seven years. Now I’m off to fire up my gaming rig and endanger the dragon population of the Old Kingdom!

Rückkehr nach Himmelsrand

Eine Fremde hatte die Taverne betreten. Was von ihr unter der Mantelkapuze zu erkennen war, als sie sich in der hintersten Ecke niederließ, verortete ihre Herkunft in der verheerten Provinz Morrowind. Von den anderen Tischen aus erhielt sie die bekannten Blicke, vom kurzen Streifen bis hin zum geringschätzigen Starren.

Ein Gast im besonderen schien Anstoß an ihrer Anwesenheit zu nehmen. Ein grobschlächtiger Geselle, nicht einmal in der Mitte seiner Jahre, doch bereits mit dem verhärmten Gesicht eines Mannes, der zuviele Winter gesehen hat.

Bei Akatosh, drei von vier Jahreszeiten in diesem götterverlassenem Land waren Winter! Continue reading


Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Forty-Five

Once again – and maybe for the last time where I live – it’s the Hour of the Horse, my favourite made-up holiday which is surprisingly still not a “thing”. And what’s the best way to celebrate such an event? Right, a brand-new chapter of Pony Boot Camp! And what is the second-best way to celebrate? Right again, a Sneak Peek of a brand-new chapter! Here you go…! Continue reading

Der See

Der See (“The Lake”) is the German translation of my little thriller The Writer, published earlier this year. It is a story of which I am particularly fond, mainly because of its “tight” writing and the way it asks the reader to do some backtracking and blank-filling on their own.

Der See

Eine Autostunde entfernt in Richtung der Berge liegt ein See. Ein ruhiger, schöner Flecken Erde, fast wie ein norwegischer Fjord. Unzählige Seiten füllte ich dort, seitdem ich das Schreiben ernsthaft betreibe. Da mein Foto nun auf Buchumschläge gedruckt wird, bin ich wohl tatsächlich ein ernsthafter Schreiberling geworden. Der kräftige Vorschuß, den ich für mein zweites Buch bekommen habe, spricht auch nicht unbedingt dagegen.

Drei Monate, nachdem mein Debütroman veröffentlicht wurde, gehe ich wieder zur Schule, und wenn auch nur für eine Nacht. Nur, um mal zu schauen, wer fett, wer verheiratet und wer sonst noch berühmt geworden ist während der letzten zehn Jahre. Continue reading

Soul in Chains

Soul in Chains

“Why you of all willing flesh?”

“Because there is no-one willing to go to as great a length as I am.”

The Man surveyed her answer. Rated it. Catalogued it. The Man would catalogued them all, no mistake, and use them in any way he saw fit.


20th March

Her alias was as classy as it was truthful – “eternalbonds”. Honest. Lower case. A bit clingy for, say, a dating site, but a dark promise on the forum opening up in Bethany’s browser. Once logged in, she studied the sub-fora’s titles with rising heartbeat.

Welcome, Announcements and Technical Stuff were quickly dismissed. With a click she teleported her digital self into BDSM. Whipping had its own area, as well as Ponyplay. Bethany had no interest in the fleeting pleasure of being whipped, and she didn’t want to play, neither as pony nor as human being. Choosing Bondage, she kept the cursor hovering over the button to create a new thread. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Soul in Chains

First of all: The story you are about to get a glimpse of is ready to roll, so you won’t have to starve through yet another month without new content. I reckon to submit it somewhere next week. Of course there is a certain reason for this delay: Soul in Chains was written on commission. But halfway through the very fruitful contact with the person who had requested it broke off, now leaving me with a work in need of final clearance. Although I believe to have hit all the right notes, I welcome said person to do the Final Cut. Continue reading

What’s the Story?

If you, dear reader, have come to this site joyfully expecting a new original story or the next instalment of Pony Boot Camp or – less likely – Æquinoctium, it means two things:

I.) It’s the end of the month again.

II.) You will only find this sorry post. Continue reading

Alterations for Æquinoctium (I)

It may come as a shock to even the keenest of readers, but Pony Boot Camp isn’t my only story full of bugs. So let us today expand the wonderful tradition of retroactive writing to Æquinoctium (although it’s mostly comments in this first instalment).


Chapter One:

The greatest extent of Celtic mystery she’d encountered so far had been a shitfaced leprechaun barfing into her handbag at Saint Patrick’s Day.

is commented as followed:

This is hands down one of my favourite lines I’ve ever brought to digital paper. It might lack a bit of cross-cultural sensitivity, but the mental picture was just too vivid to pass up. Continue reading