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Bridled Passion

Bridled Passion

Ten minutes into light canter the camp had hidden behind the wooded slope of the nearest hill. Keeping the reins in one hand, Adam gestured to the remaining two sulkies. After filing out of the Orchard Correctional Centre the ten teams of drivers and ponygirls had by and by dispersed to train in their individual speed. His colleagues signalled back over the threefold rhythm of hoof beat and bell chime. They kept following the main path as Adam had his pony sway left onto the smaller track before the solitary ash tree. The pressure of the bit to the left corner of her mouth acted as command, as gentle as compelling. Necessary it wasn’t, though, not with this mare. OCC schedule required the handlers to rotate within their respective group to become conversant with each pony’s quirks and needs for exercise. Thus it was only every tenth day that Adam could tack up Number Zero-Five, a time span that had grown almost unbearably long over the last several weeks. The Orchard did not name its stock beyond a number, but Adam had felt to do so with this one.

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Attention, K-Mart Shoppers!

I am currently finding myself in the situation of having to ask a small favour from anyone amongst my readers or site visitors who are on Facebook and comfortable with having their FB account indirectly associated with one of my stories.

I would like to use lovetina0726‘s artwork “Rise of AI” as illustration for Neon Virus, yet have failed to contact the artist so far. If one of you could drop him a short message to check his Deviant Art inbox or this page, I would be much obliged:

I myself am not on Facebook, and since I keep my smut strictly separated from my everyday private and professional life I am unwilling to ask RL friends or colleagues.

If you are able to help out, please leave a comment below beforehand, so lovetina0726/brucejunior won’t receive multiple redundant messages.

Thanks in advance!