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Rückkehr nach Himmelsrand

I find it appropriate to reveal this, the German version of Return to Skyrim, today, given the fact that the videogame on which the story is based was released on 11th November 2011. Return to Skyrim was posted exactly three years later, and its main character even stated that “[f]or three years I travelled these savage lands far and wide”. Consequently I’ve adjusted that line for the translation to seven years. Now I’m off to fire up my gaming rig and endanger the dragon population of the Old Kingdom!

Rückkehr nach Himmelsrand

Eine Fremde hatte die Taverne betreten. Was von ihr unter der Mantelkapuze zu erkennen war, als sie sich in der hintersten Ecke niederließ, verortete ihre Herkunft in der verheerten Provinz Morrowind. Von den anderen Tischen aus erhielt sie die bekannten Blicke, vom kurzen Streifen bis hin zum geringschätzigen Starren.

Ein Gast im besonderen schien Anstoß an ihrer Anwesenheit zu nehmen. Ein grobschlächtiger Geselle, nicht einmal in der Mitte seiner Jahre, doch bereits mit dem verhärmten Gesicht eines Mannes, der zuviele Winter gesehen hat.

Bei Akatosh, drei von vier Jahreszeiten in diesem götterverlassenem Land waren Winter! Continue reading

Pony Boot Camp — Part Forty-Two

We Interrupt this Ponyplay Porn to Bring You More Crap about Wood Elves

“You look like shit.”

Yeff, ma’am,” I mumbled meekly.

No-one could argue with her statement. That Miss C. had brought it up during the group fall-in showed bad form, yet held nothing new to the other girls. More than once I had woken them up with my groans during the night. Having them witnessed the effects of my punishment fell in line with Kandrin’s “show, don’t tell” doctrine.

“You have my permission to see the doctor.”

Fhank you, ma’am.” Continue reading

Khisara’s Last Walk

Khisara’s Last Walk

Never before had Khisara witnessed such splendour. Even in her distressed state the Great Hall made her marvel in utter awe. One hundred and twenty cubits the numberless columns reached into the air, and upon entering the hall, one’s eye could not fathom its far end. The palace guards marched her along, keeping the chain to her high gold collar free of slack, but felt no need or inclination to drag at it. Whither could she flee? How could she form the mere concept of defiance in such overwhelming manifestation of unquestioned power? Continue reading

Am I seeing double, or is it just me?

On several occasions I have wondered how unique or generic my literary ideas were, and today it is time for it again. A couple of weeks ago I finished reading a book which sported several scenes resembling those descript in a story of mine (all in the same chapter, actually). To make this absolutely clear right from the start: I do not believe that the author has read my story and taken notes. And even if, it would not be plagiarism in any way, nor would I be pissed off – quite to the contrary. I would be intrigued by the rather absurd idea that somebody drew inspiration from my writing. However, since this is in all likeliness not the case, I am left in awe of the uncanny resemblance of scenes written separately by two different authors. Continue reading

Pony Boot Camp — Part Thirty-Four

Social Interaction

No sooner had I finished my reading than Sixteen materialised next to my bunk. She turned her bleach-blond haired head left and right, as to make sure she would not be overheard.

“I think they put stuff in our food.”

I made the fatal error of humouring her:

“What stuff?”


Oooh, stuff…! I sat up on the bunk edge.

“Mind expanding on this a bit?” Continue reading

House of Cthulhu — Sixth Night

~Sixth Night~

Danse Macabre

“Riin? Can you hear me, Riin?”


Of course the girl’s answer was distorted by the gag in her sensual mouth. Providence had more than once witnessed victims biting their tongues off during the throws of the Inviting. And just like with the girl he had left with the one who had called upon the Mountains, her screams would be sufficient to alarm third parties. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: House of Cthulhu — Sixth Night

Since the long-awaited sixth part of “House of Cthulhu” is almost two months overdue, I decided to send a sign of life in form of a little sneak peek. The paragraph I have chosen gives some hints where things are heading without revealing any critical plot points. Enjoy! Continue reading