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Neon Virus

Neon Virus

Inspired by lovetina0726‘s artwork Raise of AI

Data. Pure data. The good shit.

Respawn had switched from keyboard to neuronal interface. And although the screen before him blackened on command of a thought, he saw – far beyond the abilities of the human retina.

How many colours do you need to taste the source code?

He navigated with ease as algorithms solidified in his mind, binary values became tactile to the nerves of his fingertips. As his consciousness pushed on, a weighing sensation closed in on him, not unlike the hint of a claustrophobic episode. That fucking Polak had skimped on bandwidth again!

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Pony Boot Camp — Part Fifty

Supply and Demand

If I passed out, I didn’t remember it afterwards – whatever one is supposed to remember from passing out. I’m pretty sure I did Kandrin the favour of staying conscious, polite girl that I am. Since I now have a deeper understanding of how it feels to have my nipples flayed by means of a razor blade.

Miss C gave me little time to recuperate. Her quick fingers shortened the martingale belts again, putting me in serious stress even for today’s standards. I reckoned that with some bucking I could rip my rings clean out. To further sharpen my response she brought the dressage clamps back up to my breasts, positioned them slightly differently and let them snap shut. In my writhing I didn’t sense her climbing the sulky. Her whip encountered no difficulties getting through to me, though. It fiery licks led me to the finding that I could simultaneously high-step and cry, and to the delusion that no harsher tack was possible. Continue reading