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Alterations for Pony Boot Camp (VIII)

Since I did a little retconning on PBC, we can have some more fun with Roman numerals (because I once adopted them for the chapters to match the Alterations posts’ method of counting and am now stuck with ’em)!


Part XXX

Just for the records, I like castles and stuff. They’ve got something brooding, especially the razed ones. But I don’t wet myself over them like those “Lord of the Ice and Fire” fanboys do.

has a part added:

Just for the records, I like castles and stuff. They’ve got something brooding, especially the razed ones. But I don’t wet myself over them like those “Lord of the Ice and Fire” fanboys do. I know what I’m writing about; Sandrine’s and my next-door neighbours once had hunted us down with foam swords for intercepting their Chinese delivery. Turned out hardcore RPG nerds didn’t take well to having their level 15 Spring Rolls of Doom get nicked. Continue reading

Review and Preview 2020/2021

It may be a tad early for my annual R&P, but I like to get it out of the way before everybody else starts their own laments – and laments will come!

There’s no nice way to say it. The clusterfuck of our Lord 2020 had been a low-blow chapter-wise:

  • Only two new parts of Pony Boot Camp (sorry for that!), and Chapter VI of Æquinoctium (not sorry for that!)

Looking at the numbers for complete stories, we find ourselves with: Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Æquinoctium — Chapter Five

This Sneak Peek is maybe a little premature, as Chapter Five isn’t due till December. I might also publish something else before it, but do not want to spoil anything in that regard.

Denise groaned as she was being slammed into the leather chair. R hadn’t bothered freeing her hands from behind her back first. A wiggle to ease the strain on her arms was swiftly put to an end by that sadistic bitch’s grip on her shoulder. At least she loosened and pulled off the hood. Continue reading

Alterations for Neon Virus (I)



Seems those wanna-be zombies are not the only problem in Neon Virus


Mikaere’s slug got him in the rib cage, flinging him through the room. What had once been a bloke dreaming of a better life as a hacker, a programmer, a pro-gamer, was battered into the dispenser and left wheezing on the ground before it.

is changed into:

Mikaere’s slug got him in the rib cage, knocking him off balance. What had once been a bloke dreaming of a better life as a hacker, a programmer, a pro-gamer, stumbled back into the dispenser and slumped wheezing onto the ground before it.

Continue reading

Alterations for Æquinoctium (II)

Earlier on I pondered the possibility of retrofitting the chapters I – III of Æquinoctium with individual titles and was literally buried under one reply. This being approving of my idea, I now have to come up with some witty headings – because that’s how democracy works, y’all!


Anomalous Materials

It is with the making-up of a super-rare element called Tristanium that our charming redhead heroine sets the whole story in motion. So of course the first title is predestined to reflect this vital plot point. “Anomalous Materials” is also the first level of the video game classic Half-Life (1998), not counting the intro. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Æquinoctium — Chapter Four

With this long-overdue fourth instalment of my utter nonsense classic spy novel I have adjusted my stand on uploading chapters in parts. My general opinion remains (see Till Chaptering Do Us Part), but I will consider dividing chapters into more than one post if external factors ask for it and – far more important – if the narrative flow isn’t hampered. There will be no “write to fit”, meaning that the story won’t have any predetermined breaking points implemented. If you look at the re-uploaded third chapter – now as a single post –, you won’t be able to tell where the earlier cut had been made. Continue reading

Review and Preview 2019/2020

Greetings, fellow survivors of 2019!

With Twenty-twenty upon us, things again are bound to get a bit nostalgic. And so, as always, let us have a look at almost-last year’s loot:

  • Four new parts of Pony Boot Camp

Not an impressively high number as such, but I’m content as this quartette not only closed the Gymkhana story arc, but also opened a worthy follow-up. Continue reading

Till Chaptering Do Us Part

What do the film adaptions of the Harry Potter books, the Twilight books and the The Hunger Games books have in common? Yes, they are all film adaptions, smart-arse. But apart from that, their respective final part has been split up for cinema. Sure, later books in a series may tend to becoming longer and longer due to an expanding universe, and at least the first aspect (becoming longer) is the case with all three tales. Yet one cannot but consider a certain money grab-ish side within this practice. Continue reading


Greetings, everyone!

I am aware that the last story (or in this case, chapter) took its sweet time to find its way to the World Wide Web. Therefore I’m eager to re-establish a certain flow in my postings. I cannot promise to deliver a new story/part this month, but there is a so far 2,000 words strong one in the pipeline. I can already tell, though, that this is going to be another biggie; no way I am able to stay below 10,000 words. Perhaps I will postpone this longer narration in favour of a short story I just recently got inspired to.

Whatever it will be in the end: no worries!

Review and Preview 2018/2019

Anybody else happy that 2018 is almost over?

It presented itself somewhat troublesome, and it shows in my story output — two additional parts for Pony Boot Camp, one (!) for Æquinoctium, and two stand-alone stories.

I am saddened that I didn’t come up with anything for Christmas (especially anything with ponies). My writing has been delayed and derailed to much higher degrees than I had experienced in the past. It is this that keeps me away from making any far-reaching prophecies. Continue reading