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Am I seeing double, or is it just me?

On several occasions I have wondered how unique or generic my literary ideas were, and today it is time for it again. A couple of weeks ago I finished reading a book which sported several scenes resembling those descript in a story of mine (all in the same chapter, actually). To make this absolutely clear right from the start: I do not believe that the author has read my story and taken notes. And even if, it would not be plagiarism in any way, nor would I be pissed off – quite to the contrary. I would be intrigued by the rather absurd idea that somebody drew inspiration from my writing. However, since this is in all likeliness not the case, I am left in awe of the uncanny resemblance of scenes written separately by two different authors. Continue reading

Thoughts About: House of Cthulhu — Seventh Night

Today I began to write a fair copy of the seventh chapter of HoC. Why do I grant this literary event its own post, one may ask. Because ever since I have started this story in late 2011/early 2012, writing on it has been stalled and impeded massively. Sometimes external factor have been responsible, sometimes the considerable length of each section has made the continuous publishing I managed to uphold for Pony Boot Camp impossible. The last chapter was released exactly nine months ago. The material I will be using for the next chapter is about two years old, and I doubt I will be able to finish Seventh Night before the year ends.

HoC isn’t my most popular story, not by a long way, and it was never meant to become that long (or weird). But it is also a narration I worked very hard on, and a narration which shows its evolution to the reader. It was never an option for me to not keep working on it, for I am just too curious about its development myself.


House of Cthulhu — Sixth Night

~Sixth Night~

Danse Macabre

“Riin? Can you hear me, Riin?”


Of course the girl’s answer was distorted by the gag in her sensual mouth. Providence had more than once witnessed victims biting their tongues off during the throws of the Inviting. And just like with the girl he had left with the one who had called upon the Mountains, her screams would be sufficient to alarm third parties. Continue reading

Sneak Peek: House of Cthulhu — Sixth Night

Since the long-awaited sixth part of “House of Cthulhu” is almost two months overdue, I decided to send a sign of life in form of a little sneak peek. The paragraph I have chosen gives some hints where things are heading without revealing any critical plot points. Enjoy! Continue reading

House of Cthulhu — Fifth Night

~Fifth Night~

Ex Machina

The foreign gentleman’s name was Providence, and he had a knack for younger women. One might wonder as to how the combination of his short frame, a slightly too large nose and the receding hairline did not only not compromise his attraction for the fair sex, but actually increased it. Amongst female circles a thinker’s brow was seemly considered more reliable a signal for virility than ripped abs. Continue reading

House of Cthulhu — Fourth Night

~Fourth Night~

Heid Me or Hang Me

The key needed an eternity to turn in the lock, followed by ages of metal squealing on metal as the bolt slid back. Sibyl had managed to manoeuvre herself to the middle of the room, her beaten body still wrapped into the blanket. She gave a cough-like sound of relief as the door finally opened. Two silhouettes were standing beyond it. Continue reading

House of Cthulhu — Third Night

~Third Night~


Balogh László was pissed off. Not about the task as such, although he had had better things to do than carrying his arse through half the city in the middle of an autumn night and running errands.

No, it had been the implication which had been wrapped into Albert’s order. “Balogh goes” had meant “You are responsible for her training. Whenever she screws up, it’s to two thirds your fault”. Continue reading

House of Cthulhu — Second Night

~Second Night~

Crossing the Dead

From her vantage point on the steeple Sibyl could overlook the whole area. It was colder than the night before, partly because the sky was not clouded, partly because very little in this surrounding emitted heat. For more than five hundred years people brought their dead to this place. This soil was blessed by decay.

Why is it me sitting in the dark two nights in a row, freezing and thinking about all the nice things I could do instead – or the nice things that could be done to me? Oh, right: rookie… Continue reading

House of Cthulhu — First Night

House of Cthulhu



~First Night~

The Woman on the Roof

The considerable height above ground, combined with the first harbingers of autumn storms, made this rooftop not a nice place to be. The woman in black pulled her heavy leather coat tighter around her body, shielding herself from coldness, wind and night. She leant forwards again to get a clear view through the telescopic sight of her precision rifle, with her body and weapon still in the relative protection of the weathered cistern wall. Continue reading