Sneak Peek: House of Cthulhu — Sixth Night

Since the long-awaited sixth part of “House of Cthulhu” is almost two months overdue, I decided to send a sign of life in form of a little sneak peek. The paragraph I have chosen gives some hints where things are heading without revealing any critical plot points. Enjoy!

Even in this area not meant for public the hedonistic theme was omnipresent. A single mosaic spread itself across walls and ceiling, following the stairs without break. Sadly there was little chance to examine it more closely. The aura of light emanating from Sibyl’s hand was small of radius and luminance, and nothing but darkness waited beyond. They had passed a first landing, leading to what had seemed to be a boiler room. But the girl had pushed on deeper and deeper, always clockwise. Andrus could not even tell how long they were climbing down the stairwell, but he began to feel a bit light-headed from the constant turning. As they descended, he observed the continuing wall picture with growing unease. Had it shown fishes and mermaids, ocean turtles and shells at first, its motifs became more and more twisted. He hadn’t given thought when he had seen a particularly ugly fish, not unlike a placoderm, amidst the arabesque coral décor. Then strange serpents replaced the common sea dwellers, their winding bodies reaching out to the ceiling. Around them the once bright-blue tiles symbolising water took ever darker shades as misshapen squids wielded their far too many tentacles in the eldritch light. They made way for creatures Andrus could not assign to any real phyla, which in turn were followed by forms he couldn’t even surely describe as creatures at all. They were but bizarre entities, grotesque leviathans from beyond the natural realm.


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