Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Fifty-Four

Month’s end has once more snuck up on me and had me faced with the choice of either hastening my writing or postponing the next chapter into the first week of September. Guess what? Right: One cannot rush art. Part LIV will be more plot-oriented again, giving the story arc of Seventeen’s escape plan another boost.

Rubbing warmth into my legs, I pushed back the leaden heaviness behind my eyes. I would have to make absolutely sure that I would get a good night’s sleep before moving on to greener pastures. Around me the barrack remained sunken in exhausted silence. No moon tonight. I let myself glide down from my bunk and immediately aimed my senses at the stack of beds further up and across the aisle supposed to carry Eleven and Twelve through the land of Nod. No activities there, especially not from the lower bunk and its overmotivated occupant. Following my modus operandi from two nights ago, I created the rough outlines of my body with blanket and cushion and blind-dressed in the showers before slipping into the night.

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