Dear Readers…

Dear readers,

it is with a heavy heart that I announce yesterday’s Part Thirty-Six to be the last chapter of Pony Boot Camp. This wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I came to understand that it was the right one. For some time now those in the know have been aware that ponygirls are an endangered species, and lately several large Internet platforms – including WordPress – have drawn the consequences from this sad fact. In accordance with a code of ethics enunciated by the animal rights organisation PETA ( all portrayals of abuse and mistreatment of ponygirls are to be removed from the participating sites. Of course I will follow this appeal, and furthermore will refrain from creating and providing any controversial material. I am sure you, the readers, will support this important mission.

Take care, and Power to the Ponies!


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11 responses to “Dear Readers…

  • Absolutist

    Although I’ve got to confess to having (in my weaker moments) enjoyed your stories, it’s always been with a guilty conscience; consequently, I respect and applaud your decision that will henceforth spare me this moral dilemma. However, as any SJW will attest to, there are always more wrongs to be rectified. While worthy attempts are underway to exorcise passages that might be judged offensive or perpetuate an outdated feudalistic, sexist, paternalistic, racist or any other bias from texts passed down from less enlightened times, e. g. Grimm’s fairy tales, I think you should likewise make an effort to also cleanse your remaining body of work from potentially problematic content… regardless of what might be left of it afterwards 😉

    • Venom

      Sadly you are right, Absolutist. I already thought about starting to use “Feel free to be offended” as a preamble to most of my stories. Nobody should endure hurtful jokes or comments, but being offended for the sake of being offended has become a lifestyle of late.

      Of course the above post is an April Fool’s hoax and the new part of Pony Boot Camp anything but the last one. The PETA link does kind of work, though, leading to a 404 page on the website. From there you can access existing articles.

  • John

    Glad we will be able to follow 17 on the tale of life I cannot wait for next part. grovel.

  • Vandalay

    I say it’s time to “Pony Up”

  • LapinDeFer

    Hullo Venom!
    Could I emplore you to not give up on the Pony Boot Camp? You have made an incredible story arc, and it seems to be at a breaking point, where the process of proper submission to her pony role is on the cards, and it would be a real pity to see it end now.
    I respect that you have other stories to tell, and I would (relctantly) accept more time between chapters.
    But, Please do continue!!

    • Venom

      Whence does all that worry about my ending Pony Boot Camp untimely come, pray tell?!

      Since an overwhelming majority (Vandalay) has already voted for PBC over Æquinoctium to be the next story to be continued, I know what to do. Right now I am about 800 words into part thirty-seven. Hopefully I will have finished it by the end of this month.

  • Venom

    Nope, not “finished it by the end of the month” it is…

    Closing in on 4000 words, though…

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