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Pony Boot Camp — Part Thirty-Two

Playing with the Cool Kids

Right now, Fifteen wasn’t a happy pony.

Right now, she was leading our party of seventeen sulkies, she herself being led by Kendrick’s firm yet knowing hand. He had switched carts (but not ponies) at the last minute because something at his seat had cracked and couldn’t be fixed in a trice. It could still carry Kandrin, though, who would literally be half his weight whilst carrying a knapsack full of bricks. So it came to pass that Fifteen found her slender self harnessed to the first sulky in line. Continue reading


Thoughts About: Pony Boot Camp — Part One to Twenty-Five

Having reached 25 parts and exceeded 50,000 words, it is time for Pony Boot Camp to receive a small inventory. It may provide orientation for constant readers and prevent potential new ones from being scared off by the number of chapters (minor spoilers ahead).

Coincidentally this is also my 50th post on this blog (which, obviously, isn’t a blog as such).
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Zu Besuch bei den McIntoshs

Zu Besuch bei den McIntoshs

Er war bei ihr. Sie wußte es. Riona wußte, daß der fremdfickende Bastard die blonde Schlampe in dieser Sekunde durchzog. Genau so, wie er es all die letzten Wochen getan hatte.

Überstunden. Das Glasgow-Projekt wieder, du weißt schon. Warte nicht auf mich.

An der Kücheninsel stehend, eine Hand um den Stiel ihres Weinglases verkrampft, starrte sie ins Leere, während sich die Muskeln ihres Kiefers unwillkürlich spannten. Die Uhr an der gegenüberliegenden Wand des großen Raumes näherte sich Mitternacht und fand diesbezüglich Bestätigung in der Anzeige des Doppelbackofens. Continue reading