To the Next Five Years!

Today is my fifth anniversary on Word Press – reason enough to take a stroll down Nostalgia Street. (Actually, the anniversary was yesterday, but one has to consider the… uhm… the leap year, right, the leap year – or just learn how to read the bloody calendar!)

It had never been my intention to create a blog as such, but I still landed at WP because of its popularity and its “low-threshold-ness”. What I had in mind was to create a base camp for my stories, from where they could travel the vastness of the Internet. Deviant Art offers similar possibilities, but lacks optimisation for texts. Some story sites do not accept all kinds of topics or do not allow full control over one’s publications (due to technical limitations, at least the sites I am thinking of right now).

I own no means to measure whether it is much what I have written during the last half decade. But I know the next five years will not by far be enough to write all I want to.


P. S.: Meme’s not mine…


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9 responses to “To the Next Five Years!

  • Lapin de Fer

    Congrats, mate.
    I for one can hardly wait to see your next five years unfold

  • Retroguy

    Thanks for all of the fresh, imaginative, unlike-anything-else-out-there writing. You make it look effortless but we all know how much work it takes to do so.

  • Absolutist

    Tempus fugit… Has it been five years already? Time seems shorter if you have something interesting to read.

  • Venom

    Thank you, guys. Readers like you are the real reason writers like me write for readers like you. If you now excuse me for a moment… *sniff*… I caught something in my eye…

  • Vandalay

    Like the meme (when did DiCaprio start playing despicable people?). And I’ve really enjoyed your writing. In fact, I’m experience a bit of Pony Boot Camp withdrawal…. Anyway, apologize for the late reply, but congrats on a fantastic, creative five years.

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