Review and Preview 2017/2018

So, it’s that time of the year again. 2017 is almost dead, but let’s flog it some more with a little review.

First of all – of course – Pony Boot Camp: It took quite some time and chapters, but the “no good deed goes unpunished” story arc is completed and has positioned the characters neatly for the next phase within the narration as a whole.

It seemed that Æquinoctium had also come to stay. Originally planned as a one-part story, even a third instalment won’t be enough to finish it now.

This leaves the number of stand-alone stories a bit underwhelming: 2

Khisara’s Last Walk was another experiment topic-wise, as it dealt with a very special fetish which to explore isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

In comparison, A Dance in the Cage was pretty standard in the most positive meaning; one cannot go wrong with a mix of rubber, bondage and a bit of liberties taken with a girl’s bum.

What to expect then, if 2018 turns out to be inevitable? To quote the English football player Paul Gascoigne:

“I never make predictions, and I never will.”

Pony Boot Camp and Æquinoctium are seeded. I have ideas and even early-stage versions of single-part stories stored away as well. But writing a 4000 words story is considerably more time-consuming than writing a chapter of equal length. For the latter, a world and the character within it already exist, ready to do the author’s bidding. A hybrid form are narrations set in an already established universe. Another HardSkill short story comes to my mind, either with the original characters in the wake of Gore Days, or as a spin-off like Stand-Alone Complex.

A bit vague, I know. But rest assured: Whatever the next year brings, you will be the first to read.


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4 responses to “Review and Preview 2017/2018

  • absolutist

    Indeed a little vague, but intentionally so… That’s OK, I guess, since judging from experience everything you choose to write will be worth reading – though I have preferences, of course 🙂 Merry X-mas and all the best for 2018!

  • Lapin de Fer

    Sounds like a good statement. I certainly, with lots of others, I’m sure, like you to progress in the Pony Boot Camp story.

    I just re-read the stories “Endurance” and “Spoiled Rotten”, and another installment of that cycle of really hard consentual BDSM would also be very welcome!

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