Sneak Peek: Æquinoctium

From the author of HardSkill, Pony Boot Camp and many other online stories your NSFW filter blocks away, comes a tour de force deep into the world of cloak-and-dagger clichés.

“And what exactly is your mission?” he asked, his eyes suddenly agleam with morbid fascination.

Denise lowered her voice even more to squeeze every last drop of attention out of him.

“Normally I am not supposed to tell you without killing you afterwards…”

Prepare for a mind-blowing ride full of espionage, secret weapons and … fashion?!

“Why are you holding your shoes?”

“I can’t run in them.”

“I believe that. Why didn’t you just leave them behind?”

Denise looked at him as though he had escaped from the loony bin.

“Leave them ‘behind’? I have you know: These are limited edition Louboutins.”

A story so full of itself, its title starts with that ultra-awesome Æ-thingy, and villains so cool, they have one-letter names.

The electro torture setup was sinister as hell, but even it paled against the ice-cold aura of the menacing woman.

“You may call me ‘R’.”

“Like the 16th letter of the alphabet?”

“A word to the wise, Ms Carlisle: When you address me, make sure I like what you have to say. And it’s the 18th letter of the alphabet.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Nope, it’s not.”

The current hit Denise with brutal force, slamming her arching body against its unyielding restrains. R switched it off after only a mere second, but that second had given her prisoner a vicious taste of what was in store for her if her cooperation wasn’t instant and absolute. Limbs and spine contorting to the breaking point. Muscles tightening until they tore themselves apart.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, it is!”

Nobody could say Denise wasn’t a quick learner.


Æquinoctium – Coming Soon(ish)


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