Review and Preview 2015/2016

Hi guys,

seems we have December again, the time for starting the winter (or summer, depending on where you live), forgetting to buy Christmas gifts, and doing some “the year in review” boredom. I, too, would like to participate in this heart-warming tradition. But since we shall look forwards and not backwards, upwards and not forwards, I decided to make it short. There are only just a few words I would like to say about the stuff I have written in 2015 anyway.

I’ve never thought that Pony Boot Camp would be so well received, and that it wouldn’t be finished after almost thirty parts. I did think I would be several chapters further with House of Cthulhu, though. That narration is a piece of work, to be sure. What else? With Endurance and Spoiled Rotten I have – rather by chance – created another series of interwoven stories. Let’s wait and see what is going to happen there.

So, 2016, then – what’s in it for you?

Hopefully the seventh instalment of HoC. Certainly many, many more parts of PBC. If things go well, the second part of the HardSkill trilogy will be finished. Furthermore I am tinkering on a new series with an alternative writing concept.

I’ve also decided to rewrite the ending of HardSkill – Gore Days, perhaps even before the turn of the year. It had already turned out differently than expected (in a good way), and I would like to flesh out the new aspects a bit more. There isn’t going to be a separate post, though. The original story will just be updated. I will mark it with a “v1.2” at the end, so you can check whether you are having the new version in front of you.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



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