Thoughts About: Pony Boot Camp — Part One to Twenty-Five

Having reached 25 parts and exceeded 50,000 words, it is time for Pony Boot Camp to receive a small inventory. It may provide orientation for constant readers and prevent potential new ones from being scared off by the number of chapters (minor spoilers ahead).

Coincidentally this is also my 50th post on this blog (which, obviously, isn’t a blog as such).

Dramatis personæ:

Alexia Wert/Seventeen

a juvenile delinquent, sent to a boot camp called DACC

Seva Kandrin

a DACC group leader and Alexia’s nemesis


the DACC lead handler and Alexia’s assigned handler


a fellow inmate and constant annoyance to Alexia


a fellow inmate; rock-chick type of girl


a fellow inmate; reflective and empathetic


a fellow inmate; fragile and quiet


a fellow inmate; “teacher’s pet”


the DACC Warden

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

two guards with inflated egos, always seen together

Lady Doc

a physician with questionable ethnical standards

Slacker Boy

a novice handler, responsible for gear and equipment


an enigmatic psychologist

Creepy Chap

a handler, allegedly with some disgusting penchants

Several other inmates and staff members

Chapter List:

Pony Boot Camp – Part One: Prologue (Law and Order)

… in which Alexia is sentenced to 90 days at the DACC

Pony Boot Camp – Part Two: Deepfall

… in which Alexia is transferred to the DACC and receives her new name

Pony Boot Camp – Part Three: PONEWO

… in which Alexia/Seventeen gets aquinted with her new home

Pony Boot Camp – Part Four: Flogging a Dead Horse

… in which Seventeen witnesses DACC discipline for the first time

Pony Boot Camp – Part Five: Girls’ Night

… in which the inmates spend their first night at the DACC

Pony Boot Camp – Part Six: Morning Glory

… in which the daily duties of an inmate are outlined

Pony Boot Camp – Part Seven: Negative Reinforcement

… in which things start to become weird

Pony Boot Camp – Part Eight: Tacked

… in which the girls are introduced to pony play

Pony Boot Camp – Part Nine: Stranger than Fiction

… in which the girls learn that being a pony isn’t all play

Pony Boot Camp – Part Ten: Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch

… in which lunch is served quite differently

Pony Boot Camp – Part Eleven: Curbed Ardour

… in which tack gets more advanced

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twelve: Tailed

… in which Seventeen is granted her tail

Pony Boot Camp – Part Thirteen: Under Bridle

… in which Seventeen experiences her first jaunt as a ponygirl

Pony Boot Camp – Part Fourteen: Defiance

… in which Seventeen is shown the consequences of unruly behaviour

Pony Boot Camp – Part Fifteen: Had Some Fun?

… in which Seventeen is put down some more notches

Pony Boot Camp – Part Sixteen: The Doctor Is In

… in which Seventeen receives another thorough exam

Pony Boot Camp – Part Seventeen: Seventeen

… in which we celebrate part 17

Pony Boot Camp – Part Eighteen: Show, Don’t Tell

… in which the tack room reveals its treasures

Pony Boot Camp – Part Nineteen: Evaluation

… in which Seventeen is grilled by a strange woman

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twenty: Frequently Asked Questions about Ponygirls

… in which Seventeen learns some new tricks

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twenty-One: Trial by Fire

… in which our heroine is officially welcomed to the DACC

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twenty-Two: Vanilla Dreams

… in which Seventeen attempts to do a naughty thing

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twenty-Three: Jinba Ittai

… in which the ponygirls get belled

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twenty-Four: A Letter

… in which Seventeen seeks to contact the outside world

Pony Boot Camp – Part Twenty-Five: Miss Cuntling’s Day Off

… in which Miss Cuntling has a day off.


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8 responses to “Thoughts About: Pony Boot Camp — Part One to Twenty-Five

  • Vandalay

    The context is nice. I know Pony Boot Camp is longer than your standard BDSM pony tale, but that’s what makes it special. Like all good things, it will eventually reach its end, but unlike Alexia, I’m in no rush for that to happen. I bet when Marcel Proust began “Remembrances of Things Past” he was thinking along the lines of a one or two volumes. And look where he ended up.

    • Venom

      I hope PBC won’t become quite that long!

      By the way: Not only is this my 50th post, it also got me my 100th “like” — again not worth mentioning if this were a run-of-the-mill blog. But it is a motivation for me to continue, both with PBC in particular and my story writing in general.

      • LapinDeFer

        Happy that you’ll continue – ’cause you do such a good job!

      • Venom

        Fun fact after 25 parts of PBC (and of course several other stories and story-related posts): Not only this is my 50th post and the one that increased the total numbers of “likes” to 100, now this blog is also sporting 200 comments (including the ones written by me, this one not counting) — I’m starting to see a pattern…

  • Venom

    Thank you, Lapin. Part 26 has got about one thousand words already.

  • Vandalay

    Looking forward to Part 26! And yes, keep writing, as long as it energizes you.

  • Dennis Smith

    Yes, please do keep writing. And I’m also looking forward to chapter 26 . These girls lives are certainly going to be changed after this experience. Though, I have to wonder if in this world whether or not the use of a whip on an underage girl would be condoned or not. And then there’s the branding of these girls. Depending on how often they are, how noticeable it’ll be. But regardless of that, they will all to some degree have a permanent scarring. In the case of seventeen, it’ll likely be easily seen as she’ll be branded at least twice. Damn good story regardless of all that though.

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