Pony Boot Camp — Part Twenty-Two

Vanilla Dreams

Sleep did not come easily for me. Staring into the dark room I tried to blank my mind, but only opened it to the day’s grisly events. I tried to occupy it with pleasant thoughts; funny moments with my flatmate, my favourite music, the smell of a new car. Ere I knew it my silly subconscious had made sinister associations with the Maserati I’d borrowed and the odour of freshly worn leather tack. Eighty-six more days of this, and I would be in need of some serious therapy – if I would be able to lie on a couch, that was.

When I finally found my way into the REM-realm I had the weirdest dream: the sawhorse stood inside our barrack, with me over it. I wasn’t bound, though. Behind me the lady doc was explaining how oxygen would help with the healing. The askew dream logic made oxygen equivalent to that antiseptic cool-stuff gel. When she hunched behind me to apply it she had switched into Ten, yet was still wearing the lab coat. Her touch felt nice, then stingy, then I woke up because I had rolled over on my back in my sleep. I shifted into a more comfortable position, but my bum kept hurting. And I had another issue: I was horny as hell.

I’m not routine-orgasmic. Getting off is not a ritual to me, nor do I have a rhythm for it. I can be fine for a fortnight, but when it hits me I’m worse than a cat on heat. I didn’t know what had triggered my carnal craving this time, but it was safe to say it hadn’t been my dreaming of Ten (let alone of the lady doc). The last time I had test-driven myself had been four nights ago – a feeble attempt to calm myself to sleep before I would be transferred to a mysterious correctional facility. Tonight the endorphin shot would provide some sorely needed pain relief.

I haven’t got any fancy technique to reward myself (and, as I already sense the question arise, no preferred battery-powered toy, too). So I just allowed my hand to find my special place, where it tended to its naughty task at once. Soon the familiar light-headedness was building up, that comfortable glow which spreads out from the abdomen before the strain of actually working towards a climax begins. I caressed a nip with my other hand, adding some light tweaking now and then. I never liked my nipples being roughly played with, let alone bitten. My mind was ready to drift away, and I flipped through scenes and mental pictures trying to decide which of them were worthy my efforts. I don’t want to dwell on my masturbation fantasies, so I only express my deep astonishment at how blokes are able to toss off to practically anything they see on the internet. I need something with story.

I settled for a definitely non-kinky sci-fi scenario (fearless space pilotess nude in hibernation pod) and started phase two. My rubbing and fingering became serious, and before long I was noticeably panting. My crisis approached – and I froze. I was not alone! Somebody else was awake, moving somewhere in the dark. From under half-closed eyelids I scanned the room whilst holding my breath. There he was, coming up the aisle towards me. He was walking quietly, yet not sneaking as such. Patrolling. He was one of the guards! The pre-orgasmic tingling in my lower regions was brutally replaced by a sinking feeling. That’s how they had nicked 1105! I remained petrified, my right hand still buried between my legs. Not able to hold my breath any longer, I forced myself to breathe in flat, controlled drags. To me they were deafening. Already I saw myself being hauled to the whipping post for a sound flogging.

The guard passed the foot of my bunk and strode out of my sight. For what seemed to be an eternity he stayed in that blind spot. Surely he was eyeing my suspiciously positioned form, just waiting for me to move. My body stiffened to the point of cramping up. Yet I nearly jumped as I heard him switch on his torch. The guard was clearly investigating something, but barely any light reached the sleeping area. Instead he was illuminating the washroom, maybe checking whether Sixteen was powdering her nose.

Assured that nobody was hiding behind the taps the guard strolled back down the aisle, thoughtfully snuffing his light again lest any of us fillies would be torn from our precious slumber.

That had been close! I stayed in my cramped-up pose for another minute before I even dared recover my by now drenched fingers. I wiped them off on my already ruined panties. Needless to say I refrained from further experimenting on myself for the night.


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12 responses to “Pony Boot Camp — Part Twenty-Two

  • LapinDeFer

    Close shave that one.
    Our heroine seems to be adapting to her new reality fairely quickly – and another 86 days to go – hmmm, she’ll be a changed woman.

  • Dennis Smith

    I really hope these girls have the sense to file a class action lawsuit against this supposed prison. The branding and whipping WILL leave permanent scars on these girls. Then there’s the pictures taken of these girls after the first time they were harnessed. None of them gave their permission verbally nor in writing. As far as I know most, if not all, countries of the world have outlawed flogging as a means of punishment. Especially in prisons. Therefore, as this place, Deep Falls prison, is willing to use such on underage girls, they must be very sure either none of them will be able to talk about it after release or they never will be free again or they have the political power to quash any such complaint. Though if enough people complain the political power will shift and those in power could find themselves doing time for turning a blind eye to this type of abuse.

  • Vandalay

    Well, at least she’s not dreaming of Miss Cuntling!

  • Vandalay

    Now I’m really intrigued!

  • Dennis Smith

    As I noted just after reading tis chapter earlier the idea of even slightly branding these girls will leave a permanent mark on them. I forgot to mention that as stated in this chapter by the main character she’ll most likely be branded at least once more before release. However, doing so WILL leave permanent visible scarring. That and the lash marks to the young woman in the second or third chapter should be all the proof that these young women need to show abuse of minors in the care of the prison system. There is one other thing I really hope to see if you, the author, continue this after your main character gets out. I enjoy reading how she took the warden, the guards, especially the trainers and her supposed lawyer to the cleaners for all their illegal activities. Her lawyer had to be in on it as her recommended this to her. Also the judge had to be in on it either that or truly ignorant of just what he was sentencing the girls to. Which wouldn’t be totally surprising considering he likely has a clerk telling him thing he considers himself too busy to look into or up himself. In the former case the judge can blame his clerk for poor information. In the latter, he just as guilty as the rest who force these young women into this. You’ll notice that in the first chapter where she steals the car for a joy ride, it was illegally parked with the engine running. Nothing was done to the owner for both of those actions. It also states that owners illegally park on the sidewalk everyday without the police ticketing them. I’ve personally seen this done by my late brother-in-law. Maybe when she gets out she should drop a few hint to the right sort of people and these idiots insurance rates would skyrocket because their cars are getting stolen so easily. Just some things to think about till the next chapter’s posted.

    • Venom

      I prefer not to discuss future chapters, but I have actually written down a short passage regarding her lawyer in my notes some time ago and are planning to incorporate it into the story sooner or later.

      As for the parking-on-the-pavement topic: Let’s just say I take my inspirations from the world around me, and leave it at that.

  • johnny

    Extremely good story but sadly losing interest. The chapters seem to be getting further and further apart. I understand this isn’t your only responsibility nor are you getting paid for this, but its hard to keep the last chapter fresh without rereading. I’m sorry for my negativity venom, you are an AMAZING writer and while I’ve waited for this story to develop, I’ve real all your bother story’s. 10/10. Too many long stories like this one never end and I can’t go through that again, I hope to see some new chapters soon. Cheers!

    • Venom

      Thank you for your honest words. Please read my recent post “Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Twenty-Three”, where I refer to your comment.

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