Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Eighteen

Greetings, fellow pony enthusiasts! Of late I was a bit busy with parallel projects, some of which being other literary endeavours (those in the know can tell why “Return to Skyrim” and the sixth Part of “House of Cthulhu” had to be released on their respective dates). But “Pony Boot Camp – Part Eighteen” is on its way, and there’s even a sneak peek!

For those craving for the strictness and rigidity of a massive steel bit but not wanting to miss the experience of additional distress there was an array of models opening up in the mouth. Their scissors action put simultaneous pressure on tongue and palate. Advanced forms furthermore sported horizontal folding mechanisms and thus caused untold pain to the cheeks and jaw joints. Other constructions were so large I couldn’t imagine how to make them fit into a ponygirl’s mouth, and not a few came up with kinematic layouts I didn’t even begin to fathom. The knowledge that Kendrick – or Miss Cuntling, for that matter – could choose any of them for me to wear was chilling.

Having enough from that combined shock value for now, I returned to the table where Slacker Boy was already sorting through the tack used this morning. He shoved a big bundle over to me.

“Ever done that before?”

I still own a pair of expensive biker boots I took good care of right from the start, yet I doubted this qualified me to tend to s&m paraphernalia. Consequently, I shook my head.


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7 responses to “Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Eighteen

  • Vandalay

    I must confess to being a Pony Enthusiast, but I will try to find time to read your other fantasies.

    • Venom

      Please do so. Just keep in mind that some stories are older than their dates of posting suggest. They are from a time when I was somewhat prone to shock effects.

  • Dennis Smith

    Somebody want to take Ms. Kendrick for the long, long jump? I’d very much like to see if a, she survivedand b, if she enjoyed the plunge. I also wonder if Ms. Kendrick’d enjoy being the pony to someone thrice as cruel as herself.

    • Venom

      Kendrick is the male lead handler; the female group leader’s name is Kandrin. The similarity is unintentional though. But since it’s there, I’ll use it in the story for some subtle references.

  • Vandalay

    I read Fashion Faux Pas, and enjoyed that.

    • Venom

      Thank you, Vandalay. You may like “Visiting the McIntoshs” and “Play Time” as well. The former is mainly a spoof of older motifs of mine with a hint of kink, whereas the latter is a BDSM fun story. Actually, “Fashion Faux Pas” was made from leftovers of “Play Time”.

  • Vandalay

    Play Time is cool… and very funny. I mean, all so he can play a computer game!

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