Sneak Peek: Pony Boot Camp — Part Thirteen

Chances are quite low that Part Thirteen of “Pony Boot Camp” will still be released in March. The first or second week of April appears more realistic to me. To ease the waiting time I post a little sneak peek of the chapter. Alex/Seventeen performs her first real stint as a ponygirl and in its course will be rather unwillingly confronted with the beauty of nature.

Over the sound of my own horse shoes I heard my fellow fillies behind me, and for once I was glad to be in the lead. So I was spared the view of this freakish parade with me in it. I advanced south towards the main gate, steered by the snaffle reins. Of course I could have followed the road all by myself, but that would have taken the fun out of it. Nothing says “turn left” like steel on bruised lips. The guards at the main entrance had expected us ponies, and we passed half a sneering dozen of them as we left the DACC through the open twin gates and down a slope.

That was it. I was outside, really outside. In freedom, with no fences around me. Yet I felt like a prisoner more than ever before, trapped as I was in unmentionable fetish gear. In this spirit the bit put uncompromising pressure on the right corner of my mouth, and right I turned; off the main road and onto a western-bound path towards the forest border. It was now way past noon and quite warm, a disadvantage of today’s training schedule. Only a few fair-weather clouds were travelling the sky on a mild wind. The day was ideal for outdoor activities, as long as they didn’t involve leather tack and sulky pulling.


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