This is a work of fiction.


This is a work of FICTION!


The author does not endorse or play down violence and brutality

of any kind against living beings in general and females in special.

The author insists on the consumption only by those legally of age

and where ADULT MATERIAL is not prohibited by law. If you get

offended by those topics, stop reading immediately.

Venom, March 2008

This is the revised, edited and extended version.

Venom, April 2013



This story is pure fiction about an ultra-tough Über-heroine who works as an assassin and “cleaner” for the unscrupulous Yamamoto Incorporation, not too far in the future.

This work doesn’t lay claim to realistic representation of today’s business practices – it’s just a totally over the top fun story: violent, sexy, cool!

Nevertheless this story graphically describes acts of torture, mutilation and female homoeroticism. If you are offended by such topics (why should you?), stop reading immediately. I mean it.


You are still reading? Didn’t I just ask you to stop it?!


What?! You again?! Okay, you sick bastard, now you’re in for it!



Special Extended Version


“Take them off! TAKE THEM OFF!”

The platinum blonde thrashed around on the gynaecological chair where her naked body was tightly strapped to. The stocky man had made sure that the crocodile clamps were crushing just the tips of his victim’s nipples to maximise the pain. Nonetheless she couldn’t shake off the screw-tightened jaws, thanks to their viciously serrated profiles. Being an established specialist for extended methods of questioning, the Truthfinder was leading his charming date down the road of pain in a steady, unyielding pace. He had started with strong rubber cords around her breasts’ bases to give her milkies a healthy purple colour.

After her pleading her begging had come, but the fun only had started with her screaming. She had been in good voice when he had tenderised her dramatically swollen breasts with the cane, paying special attention to the nipples.

Done with the tit’n’nipple caning, he had presented her the clamps.

“Noo! Please nooo! I’ll let you fuck me! I’ll suck you! I’ll do everything you want!”

“But you are already doing everything I want – except for talking.”

“BUT HOW?! I DON’T KNOW IT! How could I talk?!”

The same old story, cried out by all of his guests. Sooner or later they all changed their minds. Time to raise the fun factor. Wires were running from the torturous tools to a small control box near the interrogation chair. Not much imagination was needed to make out their purpose.

Each metal jaw was an electrode of its own, so the current would be led through the nipple individually and couldn’t flow through the heart. Since the short way through the trapped flesh offered just a low electrical resistance, high voltage wasn’t needed.

A low buzz got audible, but was instantly covered by the young woman’s howl. She bucked and jerked as the current was licking her nipples, her muscles moving gracefully under her sweat-glossy skin.

High voltage wasn’t needed, but, of course, it could be used!

The clamped flesh, already between dark red and dark blue from its former abuses, started to change its colour anew. A dirty violet appeared, but was soon broke by whitish blisters.


She screamed and screeched like an authentic innocent, her tear-stained face showed the deep beauty only true suffering could give to a woman. But still she was holding back. At least her mind did so. Not her body: she lost control over her bladder.

He gave her some more volts, now really cooking her nipples from the inside. They sizzled most nicely, and smoke gave its tangy scent to the air.


“Talk, sugarmouth!”

But she just kept on squealing, her long bleached hair whirling around while her nipples got crispy; carbonised to black nubs.

Finally the Truthfinder switched the current off to not lose her.


He rejected the idea to grill her nipples again. Too many nerves had been destroyed during the sexy cooking lesson. But he wasn’t willing to become unfaithful to electricity.

It was not by mere coincidence that Miss Hydrogen Peroxide was held in this not so ladylike position on the gynaecological chair.

Her bare womanhood was a defenceless target in front of him, smooth and silken. Not the mere hint of hair disturbed the velvet surface. While relishing this sight, the Truthfinder produced a third wired clamp and tickled her clitoris with the metal tip.


The lovely one started to scream even before the clamp really touched her. So the burly man gave her a reason to cry.

While the jaws were closing around her nerve-rich flesh, a rapid rhythm of short screeches escaped her sensual mouth as she shrieked with every breath. This changed into a constant, inhumanly high-pitched howl when the sharp teeth broke her skin and sank into most sensitive meat.

The Truthfinder stopped turning the screw only when even the serrations’ bases were imbedded in her clitoris.

“OH PLEEEASE! Take it awaAAY!”

Her voice became so shrill that he considered gagging her, but then decided not to.

His next item was a thin stainless steel rod, three millimetres thick, maybe twenty centimetres long and fitted with a single wire at the handle end. Parting her vulva with two fingers a little more, he put the rod’s tip to her urethral orifice.

“Still nothing you want to tell me, honey?”

“Please believe me! I doOU-AH…!”

He had rammed the rod with one swift thrust at least two or three centimetres up her urethra.

“Oh, sorry. Did you say something?”

He pulled the metal stick halfway out, then pushed it back with the same savage vigour as before. Satisfied with the amount of pain this action caused the poor woman, he started to brutally fuck her urethra with the probe. The tight canal, not made for such an intrusion, got inflamed in hideous pain while the rod was doing its abrasive work. Each time the Truthfinder pulled out the probe, he noticed that its surface was carrying a thin layer of blood.

Finally, when her cries died down a little, he gave her almost the full half of the probe, ripping open the internal sphincter urethrae. Far into the bladder the metal was rammed until its tip punctured the bladder’s opposite wall.

The pain was excruciating, so deep within her body and so close to her core. That a most serious poisoning would follow this internal damage was the least of her problems.

With the probe properly in place, the Truthfinder could subject his whimpering victim to a new round of coercive measures.

Too bad that she had shaven her pussy. He would like to know her real hair colour…

“Your precious clittie is about to being roasted, and this is going to be a thousand times worse than what happened to your nips.”

“NOHOOhooo! I don’t know ANYTHING! I SWEAR! I would tell you!”

“Oh, candybum! You could spare you so much pain…”

At first, he chose a procedure similar to the nipple torture. The current streaming through her most female spot dragged the nerves of her whole abdomen into hellfire. Blisters appeared on the glowing flesh while the faked blonde was screaming herself into frenzy.

He paused ruining her clitoris, giving her a chance to talk.

The little painslut let it expire.

So the Truthfinder changed to an even more persuasive variation: the use of only one jaw as electrode in combination with the urethra probe nearly tore her lower body apart. Infernal cramps destroyed the last bonds of sanity as the whole path of electricity, from her urethra to her clitoris, was seared.

“Just start talking, and it all will end.”


“Then let me help you.”

A quantity of urine was still or again inside her bladder, and the Truthfinder knew exactly what would happen to it if he raised the voltage some more.

Her insane shrieks reached new dimensions as the urine started to boil.

Hysterical screams were cracking her voice when she broke down.

The once again successful torturer shut off the current and waited until muddled words were forming from her incoherent wailing. Nevertheless it was hard for him to get all details of her stammered confession.


“That’s all I know! You have to believe me!” she wailed, totally consumed from the torture. Indeed the information she had given were more than useful, and the Truthfinder hurried to pass them on via his phone. Then he listened to his interlocutor at the other end of the line. Finally he gave a short confirmation and hung up.

“Well, my pain-pet, we are almost done. I only have to make sure that there is absolutely nothing else that you want to tell me…”

“No! I told you everything I kno-OUHH!”

Removing the clitoral clamp after it had crushed the sensible flesh for over thirty minutes perfectly mirrored the cruelty he was loving his work for. The fresh blood flooding the tortured area created exquisite agony – agony the Truthfinder didn’t want to withhold from his victim.

There was no doubt that the wannabe-blonde had told him everything she knew. But his superiors insisted on a thorough re-questioning, and who was he to reject their wishes?

Wisely the Truthfinder chose the instrument he would use to take the woman to the next level of pain. It was a very fine and very slender scalpel, almost too fragile to be used in normal operations – but perfect for his intention.

Again he went down between her legs, just to find her pudenda glistening with wetness. He knew from former sessions with other female guests that this wasn’t only sweat. He often had wondered whether extreme forms of masochism or some kind of body-intern self defence against the abnormal pain be the reason. Or maybe it was just a totally asexual reaction caused by the severe nerve damages. Researching this phenomenon would be a stimulating task for future days…

The suffering woman wasn’t even aware of her moisten vulva, she only heaved in anticipation as the vicious man brought down his razor-sharp tool to her helpless clitoris. Due to the unnaturally manipulated blood circulation the sensible organ was hard and swollen.

“OH, No! No-no-noo…!” then her world exploded in pain again.

Unceremoniously the blade sliced through flesh and nerves, splitting the clitoris lengthwise. A surprisingly large amount of blood spilt out of the maiming wound while the steel continued its horrible work.

Her shrill, incoherent screams were unbearable for the human ear. With an angry move the Truthfinder cut through the few remaining fibres, then put away the scalpel to get a vile butterfly gag. There was no problem to fit the device into her still screeching mouth. She tried to retch while he skilfully buckled the integrated harness around her head. The next part he always loved: via a harmless hand pump he inflated the rubber bulb in her oral cavity, watching her cheeks to bulge out more and more. Soon the intruder was filling her mouth completely and started to stretch joints and membranes. With every squeeze her effeminate shrieks became more frantic, but also more muffled. When the corner of her mouth split and blood appeared to paint her luscious lips red, the Truthfinder detached the pump from the gag’s valve and store it away.

Silenced in a most painfully way, the suffering victim felt the cold metal at her mutilated centre once again. The torturer didn’t bother asking her any further questions before he set the blade back into the gaping wound and opened the bloody petals of her clitoris. Cutting the organ this way created an ideal base to peel off the skin from it, clean and with minimal efforts.

Of course the pseudo-blonde attempted to scream out her lungs through her mouth, but that was what the gag was for. The skin on the left part came loose from the delicate flesh with a wet, sucking noise. Some horrible moments later the right clitoral half was skinless, too.

The woman threatened to drift away into unconsciousness, so the Truthfinder injected his special “Don’t spoil the fun”-drug into her vein before choosing a cheap white candle. Even for his twisted taste there was enough blood today, so he lit the slim candle, enjoyed the fire’s reflection in her panic-stricken eyes, then let the stable flame lick over the sorry remains of her clitoris.

He didn’t remove the candle until the maddened woman’s most female spot was burnt away to its carbonised roots…



Ishikawa Kazuo looked through the glass wall of his office on the 112. floor of the Yamamoto Tower. Far below him the rush hour traffic was jamming up the streets of Atro City, while an unhealthy mixture of early morning fog and all-day smog hung, grey and motionless, between the uncounted skyscrapers.

Born in Tokyo, Ishikawa was no stranger to the various extremes of mega cities. But this fifty-million-metropolis was painfully different to his home town. Sterile, with no jungles of neon lights, no old buildings between the monuments of futuristic architecture. And no high-class eastern prostitutes, just cheap 10,000 €-whores.

Not just his homesickness, but also his strong sense of duty connected the Japanese top manager with Tokyo. The headquarters of Yamamoto Inc. were located in Neo-Edo, as that city was called since it had molten with Yokohama. And his superiors there were expecting results relating to the industrial espionage in the Yamamoto Tower.

“Japan is everywhere” was said, and even nine thousand kilometres away, Ishikawa’s loyalty was pure. No other country had emerged with more momentum from the aftermath of the economical crisis twenty years ago than his homeland. And no other company hold more power than the one with the stylised Latin Y in a red and white triangle.

Therefore it was no wonder that espionage and larceny occurred, any large incorporation suffered from it. Luckily Yamamoto had specialists who knew how to deal with this problem.

The blonde slut had appeared to everybody to be a naïve, dumb fuck-me-silly, but it had required very intense interrogation during the whole night to finally press the spy’s name and location out of her.

The intercom on his desk emitted a signal, then Ishikawa’s secretary could be heard. The Asian listened, then said:

“Let her in.”

The double-winged door at the far wall of the huge room opened, and a young European woman walked in with long steps. Her trim, athletic body was wrapped in a tight, dark-red leather outfit, and her pretty face could be called beautiful without its hard expression. Even without the four-inch heels of her stiletto boots the hot female with the long, straight,  jet black hair would stand almost 1.8 metres.

Lilith strode through the lane of ancient weapons and Samurai armours towards the massive desk and stopped two metres before its dark marble front. She bowed respectfully.

“You have sent for me, Ishikawa-san?”

She spoke a flawless, but heavily accented Japanese.

The high-ranked manager eyed her. Many times the sexy gaijin had solved delicate problems for the Incorporation, and never she had failed. Under a trail worse than death she had proven her loyalty.

“Forty minutes ago I was informed about the identity and whereabouts of an industrial spy. After he noticed that he was about to be caught, he disappeared with a disc full of highly sensible files. That was, as I know now, two and a half hours ago.

At this moment Danny Durn,” he turned the flat screen monitor on his desk, showing a picture of Durn to her, “and his loot are located somewhere inside the Garver Building. Eliminate Danny Durn and bring back the disc. For verifying the disc’s authenticity: The file package’s title is ‘HardSkill’ – one word, capital h, capital s. The term ‘today’ occurs fourteen times overall. Sōichirō will give you details about the target. Go now!”

She bowed again: “Hai!”



Lilith lost no time and headed via express lift back into the underground car park. She put on her stylish sunglasses and swung herself on her Suzuki motorcycle. Only seconds later she raced through one of the exits onto the overcrowded street. But for a good rider like Lilith streets couldn’t be too full to go fast. She turned the throttle grip, and her Suzi went ballistic. Between hooting cars the motorbike conquered its way towards the next slip road, up the spiral ramp and onto the city-motorway high above the old street system at ground level. Here was less heavy traffic, but the furious speed Lilith dared was more than risky. It let nearby buildings’ façades blur while the glass silhouettes of business towers in the distant reflected the morning sun’s rays multiply. The early fog had gone and a light breeze, creating strong updraughts at the skyscrapers, tore the smog shield apart. The black bike thundered through the traffic, using each of the six lanes, overtaking already fast cars left and right. Traffic regulation? – No, thanks!

Lilith felt a pulsating in her left temple; Sōichirō was calling…

“Already on your way, boss?” she more sensed than heard the young man’s voice in her head. ICS. Integrated Communication System.

“I’ve just left ‘Bullshit Castle’. You have something for me?”

Lilith formulated loudly, but it would be enough to “actively“ think the answer. Although she spoke fluent Japanese, she used English whenever talking to her  assistant. Maybe it was a compromise, for it was neither Lilith’s nor Sōichirō’s mother tongue, maybe it was a demonstration of power:  I can. But I won’t.

“Our friend is in all probability somewhere between the 45. and 52. floor of the Garver Building. These form the high security area, and there is the mainframe. Get into one of the non-public lifts, I can override the security system for some minutes.”

“Can they copy the files or upload them into their net?”

“Not yet. The data are time-locked. They could only be read or copied for sixty minutes every thirty-one hours; it’s a purely physical effect inside the disc that can’t be hacked or manipulated. The next ‘window’ is from 15:03:00 to 16:02:59.”

A silvery Volvo changed the lane without flashing and forced Lilith to slam on the breaks.



“Not you!” She accelerated anew. “Seven and a half hours are far more than enough. Anything else?”

“Once you are inside the Hi-Sec area: With my help, you should be able to move more or less freely, provided that you are acting inconspicuously.”

“I’ll be a good girl. You are getting informed when you can start with your hacking. Lilith out.”

She had reached the Volvo again, and now she overtook the car on the left, really closely, while twisting her right foot in a certain angle. With impressive precision her titanium-made stiletto heel drew a brutal scratch from the rear wing across both doors to the front wing, only interrupted by the wheel houses – so deeply that the steel sparked.

Lilith formulated a new order in her mind:

“ACIS on!”


“Nezumi, I need the momentary fastest way to the Garver Building!”




The fountain’s water ran over angled, black, polished monoliths which served as eye-catchers in the middle of Garver Plaza. In a overcrowd place like Atro City private ground was an unmistakable sign of power. The 10,000 square metre area found its eastern border in the Garver Street, in its west the Garver Building raised its fifty-two floors into the opaque sky. Though not even half as high as the Yamamoto Tower, the rival’s central with its concave elements was an impressive piece of architecture.

Oblique glass walls rushed into each other in angles unknown to mathematics. The sun flared in the mercury-like surfaces while the ethereal aluminium framework answered the young morning with a much more dull glowing. Especially the titanic foyer, more an atrium, with its huge transparent façades revealed the sophisticated metal endoskeleton.

Stainless steel sculptures and small trees with square, unnaturally green tops were lining the Plaza’s north and south.

Lilith let her Suzi coast to a standstill between some very modern art at the southern side. From behind her red sunglasses, matching to her outfit’s colour, she checked the situation. Like most of the inner city companies Garver had flexible working hours to avoid disadvantages due to the desolate traffic situation during the morning hours. So the employees were still or even at work or at home and the whole Plaza visited by maybe one hundred people.

Near the monumental fountain some tie-holders in dark business suits were discussing a hostile takeover or yesterday’s sushi or whatever. From the northern end melancholy music waved to Lilith. An old, unshaven man was playing his worn violin while in front of him the instrument’s case was waiting for some coins. The tall woman didn’t deign to do more than register his presence, then inspected the building itself.

Although bold behaviour was one of her strong points, she decided to not go through the foyer with its dozens members of the security personnel. From former tactical briefings she knew the building’s ground plan: the underground car park at the southern side was ideal for silent infiltration.

Lilith was about to put in the first gear as she saw five of heavily armoured GarverGuards appear from a side entrance near the building’s far corner. The black-uniformed hunks headed quickly towards the emaciated violin player.

“Watch out, old boy…” she thought to herself.

The GarverGuards reached the beggar and surrounded him. Like the security troops of most of the big companies, they had received a law enforcement concession from the city’s authority.

Carrying out this honourable task conscientiously, they pushed and slapped the man, kicking first the violin’s case, then him around the Plaza.

For a short moment Lilith considered beating up the guards, not out of pity for that old dosser – just for the sake of beating up GarverGuards.

But she had a mission and no need for unnecessarily attracting attention.

She engaged the first gear and speeded up towards the gates of the subterranean car park.








The car park had various levels, divided into two sections, one for visitors and lower employees and one with higher security standard for more important personnel. Lilith parked her bike in the public section without being controlled or stopped. She activated her ICS.

“Sōichirō, I’m in position! You can start with your show!”

“All right, I’m hacking their system.”

Strictly speaking “hacking” wasn’t the right term because Garver’s security system was not connected to ACIS or internet.

So Lilith’s young Japanese assistant used the Cola Express.

Besides relevant elements like doors, cameras or ventilation, the system controlled hundreds of minor things – including the status and single fill levels of each drinks dispenser inside the building. Some months ago a defect dispenser standing in the Hi-Sec area had been replaced by a new one with a little bit Yamamoto inside. A secret device connected the dispenser’s system link up with the power supply. By using a special data bus, Sōichirō could get inside via a normal wall socket.

“It’s impossible to shut down the automatic camera surveillance or one of its major functions without causing alarm, so I have manipulated it to not recognise you as an intruder. But I can’t override the security barrier at the entrance longer than six minutes or open doors inside the area. Once you’re inside you have to watch out for a key card. And remember: If anybody notices you on the monitors or if you meet a guard – boing! And it’s also possible that someone detects my hack.”

Lilith had opened the pillion cover. Instead of the second seat a case appeared, containing a Glock 20 fitted with a compact silencer. She took out the large pistol and checked it, shielding it with her firm body from the security cameras. When it came to concealed carry, this model wasn’t exactly the latest rage, but it combined handling and firepower ingeniously. She hid her weapon in the holster under her leather jacket, at her right flank since she was left-handed. Not that she needed it. She was into jujutsu, taekwondo and Muay Thai for years, she hold a black belt in karate and was nearly invincible in kendo.

“You hear what I just said?” Sōichirō enquired.

“Occupational hazard. I can deal with it.”

She headed towards a steel door at the far wall, next to the public lifts.

“Come on, I’m not paid by hours!”

“As you wish. I’m in…remember: six minutes; time runs from…now! Be careful – No…” Sōichirō had heard her contemptuous sigh, “no, I mean it! The Garver Group is not a fan of us! Good luck!”

“ ‘Luck’ doesn’t have anything to do with it. Lilith out.”

With a click the lock opened and the door swung open. It revealed a small passage through the buildings foundation. It was used by authorised pedestrians to reach the non-public car park and its Hi-Sec lifts without finding themselves on a driving car’s bonnet.

She entered one of the express lifts which went directly to the restricted storeys. To motivate them meeting their transportation duties, usually a key card and a number code were required.

The black-haired woman pushed the button for the 45. floor, and without any troubles the lift started to move. She took off her sunglasses and looked on her watch. Five Minutes to enter, and over all seven hours, fourteen minutes of time left.

The lift doors opened, and Lilith stepped into the neon-bright corridor. Windowless and white, it led directly towards one of the main security sluices, made of bulletproof glass. Metal detector, retina scan and the automatic doors should be off-line. But the GarverGuard could become a problem. Beyond the second glass barrier he was sitting behind a counter-like steel desk with his feet resting on the waist-high desktop at his side of the counter. It was due to this relaxed posture his back was facing partly towards the right wall and partly to the glass barriers. He had taken his Kevlar combat helmet off and was immersed in a magazine. Lilith was already listing the options to neutralise him but then noticed the kind of his reading.

The Playboy. Just because of the good interviews, of course…

She sneaked to the first glass door. It opened smoothly. Sōichirō had done good work.

While the guard was inspecting the folded poster of his literature, Lilith stepped with cat-like moves through the second door and stood next to the man, only thirty centimetres of belly high table between them. And still he didn’t notice her!

The fast blow of her left red-gloved hand fractured his second cervical vertebra, sending a part of it into the medulla oblongata, and he sank back in his chair, dead.

The magazine fell to the floor. At least his last sight on earth was something enjoyable: Miss September, 90-60-85.

Quickly Lilith placed the helmet on the guard’s head and draped his still sitting body into a more natural position. From the distance he now wouldn’t appear as dead as he was. She searched and found his key card. Level Two of Five –  no surprise at his working morale.

One minute left…

Lilith hurried to get out of the sterile corridor. She let the captured key card swirl between her fingers, wondering how far she would come with it.


Her first destination were the computer rooms near the mainframe, therefore she needed at least a Level Four card. Certainly the disc was at one of the terminals, soon ready to reveal its secrets, and maybe Danny Durn was there, too. It would be fun to sabotage the mainframe itself, but it was protected by exorbitant security measures.

Lilith was snooping around at the entries of some Level Three laboratories. To her left the nonstop window of the façade granted an impressive view of Atro City, to her right countless air sealed steel doors carried “Biohazard”-signs. A hissing sound became audible, then the door next to her swung open, and two men in lab coats stepped out. Both looked at Lilith, or at least at the parts of her men were interested in. But unlike his colleague who walked away, the elder, bald scientist stayed in the door frame. His dark eyes met her green ones.

“May I ask who you are, Miss?”

Lilith put her most innocent face on.

“I’m the replacement biochemist.”

He sized her up critically and investigated further: “And whom do you replace?”

“Uhmm…” Lilith looked to the left, already knowing what to answer. The other guy in the lab coat just disappeared behind a corner.

“Mmmh…” she looked to the right; nobody there.

She looked at the scientist again, smiling:



The scientist, lying in front of her with his nasal bone rammed up his brain, had a Level Four access. Lilith liked successful men.

After making sure that no one else was in the laboratory, she had hidden the body inside and was now walking towards the computer rooms as Dr. August Temford. She had followed some corpulent guys in bermuda shorts and T-shirts reading obscure statements like i>u or Will Work For Bandwidth; it had been obvious that they had been geeks.

That she had seen them had been pure chance. It seemed to her that these floors were completely deserted; in principle an advantage for her, so no one asked her questions like the good, recently deceased Doctor Temford had done.

The high security area had internal stairways and lifts, so Lilith hadn’t to go through a barrier on each floor. Soon she had arrived the 50. floor, where the mainframe with its terminal rooms had to be. She was keeping a distance to the computer guys, and when they jog-trotted around a corner, Lilith hurried to not loose them. She rushed around the same corner – and bumped into three GarverGuards.

“Oh, sorry, Miss!” the guard in the middle uttered, his hand grabbed her flank in a reflex action to prevent her from falling. “My carelessness.” Embarrassed, he was about to draw his hand back, but suddenly seized her harder. The guard was feeling her weapon!







While the guard in the middle fell to the ground, trying vainly to breathe with his smashed larynx, Lilith twisted his colleague’s head in an unhealthy angle, breaking his neck. The third GarverGuard, stepping half a metre back, brought his right hand to his belt to draw his pistol. Taking a leap, Lilith was next to his right side, her right hand grabbed his wrist, forcing the weapon back into the holster before the alarm could be activated. With her left leg having a safe foothold, she bent over and raised her right leg up behind her. Her beautiful black hair whirled and brushed against the floor as she gathered swung for an over-the-back kick. Flexing her knee to bring her lower leg parallel to her back, her right foot shot forwards and crushed the guard’s face.

“Damn!” she thought waving her long hair back over her shoulders.

“I’m leaving too many bodies behind.”

The red-dressed woman looked around, searching for a place to hide the dead guards. Maybe it hadn’t been such a good idea to take the Glock with her.

Lilith decided to stow away the trio in the men’s lavatory nearby.

Unlike her own superior sex men didn’t use the lavatories as communication platform. They hung their pricks into these strange urinals, look neither left nor right nor talk to each others (they feared that could make them gay or something) and mostly hadn’t enough time to wash their hands afterwards. Never would they notice one of the cubicles being occupied by her victims the whole day.

Grabbing the legs of the nearest man Lilith looked over her shoulder to find her way – and let the legs fall back to the floor.

Some metres behind her stand another GarverGuard.

Multiple thoughts raced through her mind:

How long was he standing there? It couldn’t be more than a few seconds!

Why hadn’t he drawn his weapon? And had he raised silent alarm via his radio?

If she drew her own pistol while turning around, she could shot him, but alarm would be given. Maybe he had already called reinforcement, or he would shot her any moment…

She was hard; but she was not bulletproof.

Her decision was made in a split second. She turned around, nonchalantly, not too fast and not too slowly, letting her arms dangle. The GarverGuard was still standing motionless and unconcerned, like he was waiting for his hamburger at a Fatty Joe’s restaurant.

This gave Lilith time to assess her adversary.

He was far heavier armoured than the others, with protectors at arms and legs. His combat helmet included a full face shield, not unlike a gas mask. The integrated optical gear with its round lenses pointed to night vision ability. Maybe a member of an élite force among the GarverGuards. Some kind of ÜberGuard.

“What’s up, honey?” she baited. “Want a fight?”

No reaction. Maybe he was shy.

Lilith balled her hands to fists in premonition, letting the gloves’ leather groan.

“I’ve just killed three of your kind without a weapon. That means you must be at least three times as foolish as they have been, standing in my way like that.”

She made some steps towards him. If he now tried to draw his weapon, she would be close enough. There should be no problem for Lilith to neutralise him before he even knew what had hit him. Despite her triple combat not a minute ago, not even the rate of her heartbeat was increased. She had started doing gymnastics at the age of six, and it seemed that she was becoming fitter with every year although she was going to observe her twenty-ninth birthday in five months – the first of many twenty-ninth birthdays…

Still no reaction. Okay, enough small talk.

Lilith pounced forwards and power-rammed her left knee into the guards abdomen, seeking a quick solution. In the millisecond of the impact her enemy turned his rump away, her knee slipped off the armour’s smooth Kevlar surface, and the woman received a rather smart stroke into her kidney area. Due to her long years of training and missions Lilith had an impressively high pain threshold and, far more important, a high psychical pain tolerance, and so she just ignored the fierce sensation. With her elbow she started a rapid staccato on the ÜberGuard’s head. But although he wasn’t able to block most of the blows, they just couldn’t develop their full effects due to the helmet. Finally he dived with his upper body down and broke away from the dangerous woman. In his move the guard was able to deliver a hit against her chest that left her gasping for a moment.

Oh, he is quick, in spite of his heavy amour!

Against armoured foes, jujutsu should be the weapon of choice, but for every grip the guard not only knew a counter grip, but also a way to inflict punishment on her. “How dare you bring this child’s play up?”  he scolded her silently with every move.

Lilith cranked her brutality level up some notches and attacked the ÜberGuard again, this time aiming at shinbones, joints, eyes. Then especially knees and again shinbones. Unharmed legs were essential for every fighter; disabling the legs meant disabling the enemy.

But to no success! His effective defence forced her to act very aggressively and risky, what meant that she had to neglect her own guard. She was black and blue from his controlled, precise blows, and though she had hit her foe ten times more, he was showing no traces of pain or fatigue.

With a loud noise the ÜberGuard’s left knee protector cracked under Lilith’s terrible kick, but the man’s only reaction was a fist punch to her sternum.

Pain. Hate!

A door next to her was opened and a blonde woman appeared.

“What the hell is going on h—“

Lilith’s fist broke her cheekbone, and the blonde fell back into the room. Our heroine had other things to do than concerning herself with this Garver cunt. Lilith rubbed her aching chest.

This guy starts to really PISS ME OFF!

The black-haired woman exploded, letting bone-breaking kicks rain on her enemy, she screamed in icy fury and hit and kicked even harder. Any normal human being would already be mashed into the ground, but this bastard kept on blocking as if his bones were made of steel.

Lilith tried to suppress the thought, but it seemed that she wasn’t able to defeat this guy, at least not as quickly as she was used to. Maybe he was drugged up with dinosaur hormones or something like that!

She stepped back into a corridor branching off for more freedom of movement. Twice she had almost stumbled on the guards’ bodies. There would be no mercy if she fell. Maybe she just should shoot the guy, right through mask and eye into the brain! Fuck the alarm!

The ÜberGuard had entered the narrow corridor, too.

Lilith kicked his flank. But instead of blocking her attack, the guard put the hit away, grabbing her torso, lifting her from the floor and opening his defence that way. At first Lilith thought he had wanted to wind his arms around her, snapping her spine, and she brought both her hands to his head to break his neck.

But the ÜberGuard had other plans with his naughty load. He threw the cursing woman away, further into the corridor!

Lilith landed on her bum, three or four metres away. In a single move she jumped back on her feet, but it was too late!

Not that the Überguard was coming for her, no! He had left the corridor, and behind him the automatic fire door was locked with a audible clonck! Lilith felt adrenaline boiling her circulation as she swung around to the far end of the corridor. A second fire door! Though it was obviously that it was locked, too, Lilith tried to reach it as the halon gas flooded the narrow passage. She made three metres…



After the horrible feeling of suffocation there had been nothing but darkness for a long time.

It took Lilith many minutes after she was conscious again to grasp her situation.

Was she standing or was she lying? Neither nor; both.

She was bent over a metal pole. Her WIDE-spread legs were bound at her ankles with metal cuffs to the pole’s vertical props and above her knees to… to something for binding captive females’ legs to.

Her shoulders were forced under a second, similar pole, and her arms were metal-cuffed at the wrists and above the elbows in crucifixion style to the structure’s underside. A metal collar on a short horizontal post, welded to the pole, fixed her neck.

Everything of Lilith’s strict bondage was made of metal. Even the huge ball gag in her maximally filled mouth was a steel sphere, more than tightly hold by a broad double chain around her head.

Oh, and, of course, she was naked.

Taking no risk, her captors had bound her before doing anything else. They had to cut away her clothes from her body, so now she was only wearing her knee high stiletto boots.

Lilith managed to raise her aching head, heavy from the faint and the gag. This was the only movement the severe bondage allowed her, apart from wiggling her arse.

The after-effects of the gas were impairing her eyes, but her vision started to became normal again.

She was in a rather large, windowless room. Neon lights. White tiles at walls and floor, a drain underneath her. To her left a stainless steel cart or low rack on wheels. She only could see the lower shelf, but that was enough:

Scalpels, pliers, needles, a Pear, soldering irons, bottles with acid, metal-spiked butt plugs – all a good torture should have.

“You are awake, good!”

Lilith strained her neck muscles against the inflexible collar to look behind her whence the voice had come. Finally she bowed her head as far as possible to watch between her spread legs and along her shaven vulva who was speaking.

Two females had entered through the sole door and were now standing upside down behind her. The blonde was about Lilith’s age, maybe somewhat older, and owned an equally trim body. Her undoubtedly attractive, but hardened face combined austere beauty with a calculating, disparaging expression.

Her companion was a girl in her late teenage years. Shoulder-long auburn hair framed a nice face with striking features and cute, full lips. The girl didn’t seem surprised in the least to see a naked woman tied down in a rather obscene position. Both wore black GarverGuard uniforms, but neither armours nor helmets. Lilith searched for weapons, but couldn’t see any on them.

Blondie spoke again:

“Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Kassandra. And I think I know you… you’re from Yamamoto, as Durn had mentioned. You have to excuse all that steel around your body, but we had to make sure that you don’t deprive us of your presence. Oh, before you wonder why your ICS isn’t getting any connection – this room is isolated. And soundproof.”

The girl approached Lilith and removed the torturous ball gag whilst Kassandra was rummaging in the cut remains of the red leather clothes. As soon as her pained tongue and aching jaws followed her will again, Lilith yelled at the blonde captor.

“CUNT! Do you know how expensive this outfit has been?!”

“It wasn’t my idea!” she laughed, then stepped beside the girl.

“This here is Agony… Agony, this is Lilith Tronje. Say ‘Hello’ to her, my dear!”

“Hello, Lilith!”

“Hello you, too.”

“My, my! Your whole body is black and blue!”

“You should see the other one.”

The bound heroine didn’t yet know what to think of young Agony, or in which relation her cute, precocious arse was to Kassandra and Garver.

The cobalt-like taste of the steel was resting heavily in her mouth, and Lilith spit out.

“Eh, eh! That isn’t ladylike!” Kassandra reprimanded and turned to Agony.

“Maybe you could teach her some manners, don’t you think so?”

A self-confident smile appeared on the girl’s Iberian face.

“No problem, boss!”

“Good. I’m afraid I have work waiting for me, so I let you two girls alone now. Or do you already want to say something, Lilith?”

“Where’s the disc? Tell me, and maybe I let you alive.”

“Hmmm… hard choice… but I think… no, I take the risk and don’t tell you,” she chuckled and left the room. The door was locked with an electric sound.


Agony  took Lilith’s sunglasses from the table and tried them on.

“Ray-Ban! Cool!”

She put them back, sighed, then let her index finger travel around the small of Lilith’s back, tickling her just a little bit.

“Too bad, the thing with your dress. It was really cool, but I need you nude.”

WHY, YOU LITTLE…! Wait till I get my hands on you! Lilith thought, but managed to sound friendly:

“If you free me, I’ll treat you to a maxi portion of ice cream.”

“Sorry!” she smirked. “No sweets from strangers!”

Lilith tested her bondage – it was strict to say the least. Accepting this, she looked at the girl through her hair hanging to the ground.

“So what happens now?”

“I motivate you to cooperate.”


If Agony took this question as an offence, she didn’t show it. The girl searched on the cart for something, then kneeled next to her guest. Lilith felt her fumble at her breasts with a pair of strange four-pronged pliers, noticing a pressure around her nipples’ bases, not totally unpleasant. Like enthusing about her favourite boy band, Agony told her:

“Extra-strong rubber bands for intense nipple play. No matter what I do to them, they always stay hard and beg for more! And with them,” she played with Lilith’s nipple barbells, “it will be extra-fun!”

Again she took some items from the cart.

“You would be astonished at how many confessions I got just by using these little bastards!”

Lilith didn’t scream as the serrated clamps were being tightened all the way around her breast-tips. Long ago she had learned to control her pain. Tiny blood pearls started to ooze from where the toothed jaws had punctured the nipple-flesh, crushing it against the piercings’ metal.

“The weighted ones on your nipples swing so nicely when I do this…”

In the moment Lilith heard the hissing sound in the air she knew what she had to prepare herself for. The kiss of the highly flexible steel whip on her thighs was terrible. First the slicing pain of the lash itself, followed by the fierce, invasive afterglow which was much harder to bear. The hit had undoubtedly drawn blood, and the heavy nipple clamps were swinging as wildly as promised.

Lilith bit her lips, hold her breath, then let her cramping lungs press out the air slowly during the stroke’s burning echo. Far worse pain she had endured without screaming.

The next lash again hit her thighs, just where they met her buttocks, the third both her bum cheeks, like the forth and fifth. Now the second, deeper facet of this torture started to take effect. Each new stroke would be more painful just because of the preceding ones’ still present sensations. The sixth lick was really bad, but still couldn’t elicit a sound from the whipped woman.

After the eighth flesh-cutting blow Agony changed her tactic. She was aware of the fact that effective torture had to be systematic, but stubborn like all girls in her age, she wanted to hear the black-haired cunt scream.

Every single muscle of the restrained woman contracted and became visible under her perfect skin as Agony rubbed a load of salt generously into the gaping wounds. This was indeed a chance for Lilith to better her “Suffer In Silence”-record.

“Oh, you’re a quiet one! But that doesn’t mean anything; Your interrogation hasn’t even started.”

The tormented beauty was panting, but not near giving in.

“Do your parents know about your little hobby?”

“My parents…?” Agony had noticed the little stud through Lilith’s clitoris and was now flicking it with her finger. “I have none. My biological mother got an artificial insemination by Garver, but when she was in her eighth month of pregnancy, her husband wasn’t able anymore to pay the instalments for the treatment. So directly after my birth, I became property of the company. The Graver Group was my mother and father for the last eighteen years.”

She pinched the hardened clitoris severely.

“Now it’s your turn: Let’s start with that extermination of our science team in Shanghai two months ago and the theft of the experimental ceramics they were developing.”

She twisted the deeply embedded piercing till blood appeared. Lilith blocked the pain in her clitoris as well as the embarrassing tingle within her loins. Agony’s play was a cruel and rough stimulus, but nonetheless it was a stimulus. Of course our heroine would never admit this reaction to herself or anyone else, so she covered it up with a nonchalant phrase.

“I’ve no knowledge about those actions or operations.”

“Okay. Your decision. Now I’ll hurt you.”

“Do your worst. But after dinner we will be switching places, okay?”

Agony ignored her victim’s suggestion.

“Today I’m in an anal mood, so I’m going to work especially on your arsehole. Anal torture is so wonderfully invasive.”

“I will try to remember…”

“Ever enjoyed the delights of passive sodomy?”

This was certainly no topic Lilith wanted to discuss naked and bound with a strange girl a decade younger than herself.

Agony checked her tools for something suitable.

“No? Don’t mind, we have a lot of time to make it up for – aha!”

In triumph she raised her rediscovered strap-on dildo for her guest to see: challenging eleven inches long and over two in diameter, the surface spiced up with uncounted studs for romantic hours.

“And since you are a tough girl, we renounce lube.”

Lilith had forced some of her male and female lovers to perform rim jobs on her, but nothing more than a tongue or a finger had ever entered her rear, and surely not dry! Not to mention the phallus’ obscene size and form!

Agony had strapped the oversized godemiché to her young body. The heavy dildo was bouncing up and down as she – stepping onto a metal chest to get the right height – positioned herself behind the metal-bound woman and guided its cruel head between Lilith’s vulnerable buttocks.

As our heroine felt the pressure against her rear, she tightened her strong muscles, clenching her bottom’s halves. But her legs’ extreme spreading minimised the effect of her efforts, and soon the strap-on pushed against her virgin anus.

With all strength Lilith was keeping her rings of anal muscles closed as Agony rammed her faked cock against the woman’s defence.

Not lubricated and far too thick and blunt to work as a wedge, the dildo slid away or just threw the jolt painfully back into the girl’s crotch.

After a few tries Agony stopped, but was far from giving up.

“Being a real hard-arse won’t be saving you!”

From the well-equipped cart nearby she took a ferocious Taser.

While nudging the unwilling rosette with the strap-on tip, she pressed the electrodes into Lilith’s perineum and pushed the button.

The white-hot stroke flashing through her abdomen let the woman’s muscles contract almost to the point of ripping. Lilith’s head whipped back, surrounded by her black mane, her lips went pale as she clenched her mouth shut.

As the electricity subsided, the tortured fibres went limp, ignoring any orders from the brain for some moments.

Right now it was an easy task for Agony to invade Lilith’s rectal tightness – as easy as shoving over two inches of thickness into a virgin passage could be.

While feeding more and more cock into her captive, the childish tormentress noticed the urine dripping onto the tiled floor. Due to the electric shock Lilith had lost control over her bladder for some seconds.

“Ooops! Seems we had a little accident.”

Agony didn’t let herself be bothered by this detail and continued the awful invasion.

“The first centimetres are always the hardest,” she explained.

The initial penetration left Lilith panting and gasping, but still no sound escaped her lips. The dildo’s rough and dry surface rasped her rectum to raw meat; the brutal dimensions stretched and stuffed her at the same time.

As her artificial lover had slid in fully and bottomed out in her colon, Lilith had to swallowed hard at this final sensation.

Agony, seeing this, took a short break:

“What’s the matter? Never been opened up like that?”

The girl giggled.

Maybe without knowing, the little sniggerpuss had found Lilith’s sole weak – or at least: less strong – spot with her torture:

Yamamoto’s top agent had hated anal intercourse before and was now abhorring it during her buggering. For her, bum fucking was the ultimate symbol of total submission, humiliation, degradation: Enduring something that was so forbidden, unnatural, nauseating, like the girl had said – invasive!

Agony had giggled enough and was now ploughing Lilith’s orifice with unseen vigour, trying to fuck her captive into incontinence. She pulled out until just the fat head was past the sphincter, then ramming the rough shaft back into the already bleeding rectum and deeper into the colon’s final bend. Without an indication of fatigue the naughty girl repeated the sodomic act again and again, over a dozen of times, causing the nasty nipple weights to swing wildly.

More than the physical pain, it hit Lilith psychologically to get dry-dildo-arse-raped by a girl about half her age. To be taken; to be forced to wet herself; to be helpless, weak, vulnerable, a victim – things she hated to be.


“I bet that smarts!”

Agony paused and turned half around to see who had come in, the dildo deeply buried in Lilith’s digestive tract.

The thin guy who had just entered the room was Danny Durn. He damned himself for stopping this hot girl-on-girl action with his talking.

“Can I help you, Mister Durn?”

“I hope so,” he grinned slimily. „Maybe I could have a little fun with our guest – in privacy, you know.”

“But I’m not nearly finished here…”

“Oh, c’mon! It was part of the deal! Ask your boss. After all it’s thanks to me that you have her for playing. And I have risk a lot in this action! Let me have a little bit of her arse before you’re ruining it, girlie!”

The door opened anew, and Kassandra went in, obviously angry about Durn entering alone. She sized the shorter man with an expression that Lilith interpreted as disgust, then said to Agony:

“It’s okay, dear, let’s have a second breakfast.”

Agony pulled her rape tool out, unbuckled the straps and laid the whole gear on an empty cart at the right. She then took the oversized steel gag and pressed its awful ball against her victim’s resisting mouth. Lilith clenched her teeth and tried to bend her head away.

Not willing to spend too much time with the gagging, Agony grabbed her Taser once more, rammed it against Lilith’s lips and shocked the woman’s face brutally.

For a moment our heroine lost her vision, her lips seemed to boil, while her face was skinned by being slapped with rotating razor blades. As the cramps and spasms subsided to a nasty tingle all over her head, she already had the tasty steel ball behind her aching teeth. The double chain, cutting into the edges of her mouth, dragged the oral sphere even deeper into the tormented cavity as it was buckled tight and tighter.

Agony had quickly laid the electro-shocker next to her strap-on so she had both hand for gagging. Pointing at the useful item, she told Durn:

“If she makes problems, use the Taser as seen – she likes that. Let the gag in. It’s hurting her nicely.”

“No problem!” he jeered. “Gagged girls don’t say ‘No’.”

A last time the young torturer spoke to Lilith.

“Enjoy it! After his prick the next thing going up your arsehole will be the Pear or a soldering iron!”

Lilith tried to kill her with her green eyes, but Agony turned around and left, followed by Kassandra, both unhappy with the delay. The door was locked with its typical sound.


Daniel Durn – Danny to his friends – dropped his trousers, then his Garfield boxer shorts. His penis stiff for half an hour, he waddled behind the already sodomised woman. Durn, too, needed the metal chest. He spat into his hand, rubbed his member and called it a foreplay.

“You crazy bitch! They had sent you to fuck me up! But now I’ll fuck you! I’ll fuck your arse into pregnancy!”

Blah, blah, blah; Lilith rolled her eyes.

He poked her uninspiredly into the buttocks a few times, then aimed in earnest and pressed against her anus.

This was her chance!

Lilith relaxed her sphincter muscles and allowed Danny junior to slid slowly into her blood-lubricated rectum.

“Good girl! Seems that this little freaky teenage-tart has taught you a lesson!”

Lilith forced herself to wait until Durn penetrated her fully.

Wait… wait… Damn it! This loser can’t even rape a bound girl’s arse!

Impatiently she fucked him back, and Danny Durn moaned with pleasure while Lilith’s firm, flogged bum cheeks met his crotch.

“Yeeeaaah! You’re a—” he felt Lilith tightening her rear muscles, “oouh-Yesss-YESS, keep onnaAHR!”

His sounds of pure pleasure turned abruptly into unleashed screams as the black-haired woman in front of him contracted every muscle of her strong bottom, crushing his member with her rectum. Durn thrashed around, hollering like mad. He tried to part her buttocks with his hands, then pressed his palms against the firm cheeks to push himself away. All in vain; the blood didn’t lubricate enough to allow his prick popping out. Lilith pressed even harder.


Of course he wasn’t heard outside the soundproof torture chamber.

Shrieking, he struggled to get free, then tried to reach the Taser on the right cart. Lilith moved her hips to the left, and Durn had to hobble with them if he didn’t want his rock-hard cock being ripped off, trousers and shorts down around his ankles. His left hand tried to grab at something, anything from the left cart, but Lilith forced him to step back in the middle between the carts. Nearly frantic, Durn punched into her back and rips, hitting spots where the ÜberGuard had already left his signature. Lilith hissed in pain, her body covered in fresh sweat. Again she strengthened her rectal grip on Durn’s penis, tormenting her muscles to the point of ripping.

The wet, splashing sensation inside her anus was as revolting as its muffled sound outside.

Danny Durn’s howl was deafening. Excruciating agony boiled his mind as one of the erectile tissues in his member burst, hot blood filled the few small spaces left between penis and rectal walls.

Shocked and blinded by pain, he just stood behind Lilith, howling and howling and howling, then collapsed onto her beaten back to sob and cry.

“Uuah-Youuh bitch! Let gooOUH!”

“Thh Ghg! Rhuhve thh Ghg!”

With quivering fingers he unbuckled the gag’s chains.

Lilith thrashed her head around and tried to pushed with her useless tongue to get rid of the dreadful ball, but it stayed in, trapped behind her teeth.

“Hull ig oug!”


“Hull ig oug, yuh hugking cogksuggah!”

Shaking with pain, he grabbed on of the hanging chain ends and yanked the gag out clumsily, hurting Lilith a lot.

“Rrrhh, You Dumb Prick!”

At least the gag hadn’t been long enough in her mouth this time to make it too tender for swearing.

“Listen, Durn: You are opening my cuffs, first the ones on my left arm, then on my right, then neck and legs – or else I mash your pathetic cock! I castrate you sissy right now, got it?!”

The suffering guy was just blubbering, but reached out to open the first elbow cuff, then the second and the collar, ignoring the order declared by Lilith. He howled anew as he had to stretch a little for the wrist shackles. She had reduced the pressure a little bit, more for her own than Durn’s sake. But there was no way for Danny-Boy to escape.

It had taken him long agonised minutes to free Lilith’s upper body. The cruel woman realised that she still wasn’t able to get away from under the pole behind/over her shoulders. Indeed she had to make Durn freeing her legs, too. At least she could remove those nasty nipple clamps, including rubber bands, giving Durn an extra squeeze as the renewed circulation let her breasts pulse with pain.

After opening the knee cuffs, the obscenely trapped man wailed as he tried to reach Lilith ankles.


“Wait, I will assist you…”

He squealed as she re-added a nice amount of pressure, and soon her ankles were free. SHE was free. She just had to get away from this damn poles.

“I let you go now. In the moment I release you, you pull out immediately. I do not want your disgusting cock inside of me one more second!”

“YES! YES! Thank youuUARGH!”

He fell to his knees onto the metal chest, grabbing his destroyed member. Fresh blood was being pumped in, bringing fresh agony. Venereal rivers gushed out of burst skin. Where his penis wasn’t covered in red, the blue-black colour of blood-flooded flesh was visible.

A lot of his blood had washed Lilith’s rear as he had pulled out and was now running down her welted thighs as she was winding herself away from the poles. She stretched her cramping body, then turned around, now standing in front of Durn. The sobbing man, still kneeling, still holding what was left of his penis, looked up to her, his lips trembling.

Lilith gave him a cruel smile, then rammed her knee into his face.



“Computer room Five! I swear it! They sealed of the whole 47. floor as they become aware of you being in the building!”

Danny Durn hung, suspended by his wrists, from the ceiling. Nude. Between his words he was crying, still because of his burst penis, but maybe also because of his broken nose or his suspension or the state of his testicles. Or because of Agony’s strap-on, which Lilith had screwed to the hilt up his arsehole.

“Hmm, shall I believe you?”

Our heroine put away the Taser she had electrocuted Durn’s balls with and spread out the remains of her outfit. Oh, this damn Agony! Even her gloves were ruined!

“Yes! Please! I’m sorry that I’ve raped you! Please let me down!”

She was searching in the cut rests, but neither found her bike key nor the stolen key cards; not to mention her gun. At least her sunglasses were still waiting for her.

Lilith had considered wearing Durn’s clothes, but they were dripping with blood, even his shirt and jacket. She would left a red trail wherever she would walk. So she just had used the not so messed parts to wipe some blood off her own body.

Lilith looked on Durn’s watch, then threw it into a corner.

Nine o’clock and twelve minutes. She did believe Durn. Though it was hard for her ego to hear: In her current condition, wounded, unarmed, still groggy from the halon gas, she wouldn’t make it to the computer room and back out of the building. Even if the 47. floor wasn’t sealed anymore: In the moment her escape was noticed, the area would be stuffed with heavily armed GarverGuards, including her special friend from her earlier fight.

Okay, she told herself, I’ll make a tactical retreat to get me some firepower –  and some new clothes. And then I’ll kick arses!

The woman gave Durn a wicked look, then took one of the scalpels from the cart. It was time to fulfil at least the first part of her mission…

He was howling louder than ever and Lilith hurried to stuff his severed penis into his mouth, muffling the screeches. She forced his limp, cut off member against the back of his mouth, then down his pharynx.

In the meantime a critical amount of blood gushed out of his demasculined crotch, and Lilith stepped back to scantily clean herself once more with Durn’s shirt.

The man’s face, frozen in horror, got pale, but then the little amount of oxygen-lean blood that was pumped into it gave it a shade of blue –  the penis in his oesophagus was stopping his air supply. He futilely retched and used up the last bits of his strength to shake his head in sheer panic, his legs kicking in mid-air, his whole body spasming in the throes of death.

Lilith put on her sunglasses.

“Yeah, I hate deep-throating, too.”


After Lilith had verified that Danny Durn was dead, either due to suffocation or loss of blood, she left the loathsome scene, making sure to not create bloody foot prints.

Durn had owned a temporary key card with restricted Level Three access that had opened the door of the interrogation room.

For a moment she waited, motionlessly: no loud alarm, no guards. Obviously the automatic cameras were still or again manipulated.

Once she was sneaking along the empty corridors – she had already supposed that she was still inside the Garver Building – she tried to contacted Sōichirō via ICS. But the whole high security area seemed to be isolated. No unauthorised call entered or left these floors. Slowly, not being willing to walk into a trap again, the as good as naked woman avoided small maintenance corridors. On the other hand the main corridors might be quite frequently used by the employees, so Lilith used passages between small laps, empty rooms and sterile archives. Not that she had a reason to be ashamed of her body, but unlike during her walk through the Hi-Sec area one and a half hours ago, now every contact with other people would automatically create big problems:

If someone out of her direct reach saw her on her little exhibitionistic tour, maybe even unnoticed by her, this person would have the chance to call the guards before Lilith could stop him or her.

The cool air played around her body, and the thin, fresh layer of sweat contributed to a constant chill. Her swollen nipples got hard, and she damned herself for not having more control over her body. Instinctively Lilith stayed close to the walls as she found her way through the building. The feeling of defencelessness was much stronger than its reason would justify. Being naked meant to her that she could be even violated by eyes. The fact that some kinky part of her mind tried to arouse her at the same time didn’t make it easier.

The different floors had more or less the same ground plan, and soon she was close to one of the express lifts. Just through this door, across the laboratory, into the main corridor, left into the passage with its security sluice, lift, car park, done! – that was the theory. In practice, Durn’s key card didn’t open the damn lab door. Only a denying sound came from the small electronic wall panel beside the door.

Lilith hissed in rage and was searching for an alternative way as the door swung open and a scientist standing behind it asked:

“Can I help y—?”

Having heard the lock’s sound he had assumed that a colleague had problems with their key card. A naked woman had not been his first guess. And now it was far too late to prepare himself for a visit of our heroine.

In the moment Lilith turned around to him, his fate was sealed.

Unsure on her legs, she decided to punch him away classically instead of kicking his lights out.

For a second she thought over to take his clothes, but it would be better to escape naked than to be dressed and still inside when they found Durn. So she just grabbed his key card, crossed the lab and opened the door to the main corridor.


Her headache and the blurring of her vision got worse as Lilith killed the second guard who had been standing around with his comrade on this side of the security barrier. One or two more of these guys right now and she would have a problem.

The scientist’s card opened the sluice, and seconds later the lift’s doors locked behind Lilith.

She pushed the “Park Deck I“-button and leant against the wall, closing her eyes.

It took her some moments to notice that the lift didn’t start moving. She moaned; the lift needed the key card, too. Lilith’s eyes flew open. THE CODE! The lifts needed card and CODE!

What to do?! Back to the last lab, revive the helpful scientist, get his code!

“…oss?! Can y…me? Your tracer signal…so weak!”

“SŌICHIRŌ!” she yelled into the empty lift cage.


“BOSS?! …SS! …to fuck?”


Nothing. Eternal seconds passed away. Then a shake raced through the construction. The lift moved downwards.


“Boss? What the hell is going on?”

From the 40. floor the connection got clearer and more stable.

“Durn is dead; I do not have the disc. Pick me up at the building’s western side, the keys of my bike are gone. And bring a blanket or something with you, I’m freezing.”

“Are you naked?”

“I still have my designer boots – what else does a girl need?”

“I’m on my way as soon as I’m sure you are out of that damn lift!”

She tried to suppress the relief in her voice with irony.

“Take your time. Lilith out.”


It took much of her willpower to hide between two parked saloons as a dark Audi entered the car park.

They shall pay for this! Poison me, so I have to hide and crawl!

The Audi disappeared in an access to a lower parking level, and Lilith started again to flit between the lined up vehicles and soon arrived her motorbike. Suzi was still waiting for her owner, but without the key and its electronic signal she couldn’t be woken to new life. Lilith sighed.

“I’ll come back to get you!”

She gave a kiss to her fingers and pressed them onto the bike’s black tank.








Lilith’s escape plan hadn’t lead her to the car park’s main gates but to an exit in the southwestern corner. Now she was kneeling behind some crates in a rather large loading zone at the Garver Building’s back. The fresh air – what was used to be called “fresh air” in Atro City – somewhat eased the nasty pain behind her eyes.

At the site’s far end workers were unloading a big truck, talking, cursing and laughing while they were driving with little forklifts in and out through an opened roller shutter. None of them even looked towards her hiding place. Now motionless and in deep shadow, she felt even more chilly than before and wrapped her arms around herself. Ten, maybe twelve degrees above zero – and this drip Sōichirō obviously couldn’t find the second gear in his piece of junk!

A tumult at the roller shutter interrupted Lilith in her silent tirade. Fully armoured GarverGuards with assault rifles and sub-machine guns appeared on the loading ramps, searched the truck and let the gate fall close with a sound between humming and clattering.

Her escape had been noticed.

“Sōichirō! Where are you?!”

“Plaza, half a minute!”

“Not half a minute – NOW!”

Finished with the truck, some of the guards started to check the surrounding.

“SŌICHIRŌ! I’m dead serious!”

“I’m past the car park gates…”

Lilith had to act as long the guards were too far away to take her under crossfire.

Using the element of surprise, she bounced out from behind the crates and ran towards the street. The nearest guard was around twenty metres away and hadn’t a free line of fire, so the bullets of his G36 ripped the crates to shreds before whizzing around the running woman. More and more projectiles started their deadly hunt for female flesh. Wooden splinters and fragments of the concrete wall left of Lilith darted through the air with dreadful acceleration. A 9mm projectile from an SMG drew a fresh bloody line across her already punished thigh before drilling into the artificial stone. Ignoring the pain, our heroine ran along the exploding wall, only still a dozen metres, then the loading area opened to the public street.

The heavy steel door to the stairway that led back into the car park swung open, just a few steps in front of her, and the black form of a GarverGuard stood in her way! Alarmed by the shots, he had his weapon ready, but was surprised to see his naked target so close. Tough luck. Lilith jumped onto a nearby barrel, only touching it with her right foot, then left it, making something like a huge step in free air. Behind her, the barrel’s metal was pierced by the 9mm’s of an MP5. Lilith, now high enough to reach the guard’s head with her feet, rammed her left high heel through the helmet’s visor. Blood gushed out between the dark slivers, but the nude woman was only interested in landing without loosing her balance. For a moment her boot’s heel was lodged in something unappetising, but because the guard was falling backwards like a stone, it got free soon enough.

Ten metres. Shots, shouts. The adrenaline and the rapid moves had her made dizzy again.

Five metres. A glowing full metal jacket kiss caressed her right upper arm.

Zero metres. With rear wheels locked by the hand break, Sōichirō’s white NSX-R slid from the left around the corner, stopping half on the pavement, half on the lane. This action had turned the right-hand driven car around so Lilith just had to jump in as her assistant opened the passenger’s door from the inside.

Her body hadn’t even landed into the light sports seat when Sōichirō stomped down the pedal, speeding up on the wrong lane. Lilith drew her legs up, allowing the door to shut due to its inertia. She wiggled around to sit upright in the seat while Sōichirō changed onto the “right“ right lane, now no longer being a wrong-way driver.

“Are you alright, boss?!”

‘Are you alright, boss?’,” she imitated him. “You idiot!”

“Sorry that I wasn’t—”

“What? Quicker? Smarter? Less FUCKING INCOMPETENT?!”

She threw her sunglasses onto the dashboard.

Sōichirō gave up. He was used to be tyrannised by his quarrelsome boss. She knew damn well that what ever happened hadn’t been his fault. By the way, what had been happened? He looked at her out of his eyes’ corners. She had cooled down a bit and was pressing her palms against her forehead, her eyes closed, head against the seat’s rest. Her naked body showed traces of harsh treatment, her firm breasts…

“Watch the street.”

“Uh…there’s a blanket behind your seat.”

Lilith rummaged around, then covered herself.

“Where to?”

“Arsenal. Are they following us?”

“No, Ma’am.”

Sōichirō paused a moment, then asked:

“All that blood on you…?”

“Most of it isn’t mine; I’m okay.”

But that wasn’t the entire truth:

She had to do something against this poisoning or reaction to near suffocation.

Furthermore, after the exquisite workout Agony had given her bum and its use as a cock crusher, the sports car’s harsh suspension ensured intensive sensations for Lilith’s rear end.

And last but not least her pride was heavily wounded; even more than her bum.

“Maybe a little more diplomacy could have de-escalated the whole situation…”

“Please just drive and do not talk to me any more,” Lilith replied in a low voice, and Sōichirō knew her well enough to tell that she was serious. He had often experienced his boss being angry, furious or in killing rage. The more pissed off she was, the louder she would yell and curse, but at the very edge of totally freaking out, she would again speak very low and calmly. This was the ultimate warning, just like now! So the young Japanese swallowed every word which had got ready to leave his mouth.

The traffic between the towers of steel and glassy monoliths had ebbed away since earlier this morning.

Five hours and eleven minutes left.



It was not quite a secret that Yamamoto used the expensive since large hall on the ground floor of this plain office building in the inner city as some kind of high tech depot. On the other hand, no sign or nameplate on the outside informed about its purpose. This was the realm of Kawara Sōichirō, Master of Equipment. Here he stored all types of weapons, gears, vehicles, hardware, software. Lilith had massive doubts that anyone at Yamamoto knew exactly what toys her assistant had bought from company money over the years. He always fitted her out with the best and newest. Sōichirō was one of the few persons she respected and the only one she trusted. Of course he had done nothing wrong today, but there had been no one else around in the car to yell at. He would get over it, Lilith told herself while she was looking at her nude, now cleaned body in the bathroom mirror. The Arsenal hadn’t only enough space for all the equipment including cars, it was also fitted with camp beds and a not so small kitchen. In busy times, like now, the young technician would stay here.

A knock at the bathroom’s door…


Very slowly the door was opened and Sōichirō appeared carefully, his eyes locked to the tiled floor.

“I have the MediKit. Your breasts and—”

“I can do this on my own! Get lost!”

“Your thighs, too…?”

Lilith paused a moment. Even with the large wall mirror she wasn’t able to get a clear view of her bottom and the back of her thighs.

“All right,” she cooed between clenched teeth.

The young man stepped behind her and put the opened first-aid kit on the linen cupboard, his head crimson-red.

“Uh – I fear you have to bend over a little…!”

To Sōichirō’s surprise she did it without hesitation, but as he first touched her buttocks with the antiseptic, she spoke to him, not even turning her head.

“If I find anything harder than a silken pillow at your body, I cut it off.”

“Yes, Ma’am…”


Lilith treated her breasts and the grazing shot’s wound without the help of Sōichirō, and the many bruises and scratches all over her body just had to wait anyway. So she had thrown him out with the order to catch her a bag with ice.

“For your head?”

“No, for my arse! Now go get it!”

He took it as sarcasm, and she let him believe. He didn’t need to know.

Oddly enough her vagina felt sore, too, although anal-fan Agony hadn’t worked on it at all. After swallowing two Aspirin for her head (and for every other hurting body part), Lilith carefully poked at the area from her vulva up to her belly button. It was no real pain, more some kind of numbness, deep and hidden and strange. She stopped as her subordinate returned with the ice.


She had dressed herself in a new leather outfit, this time in black. Stepping out of the bathroom, she was immediately standing in the large hall. Sōichirō was sprawled out behind his desk, a L-formed steel structure overloaded with monitors, keyboards, dismantled electronic devices, empty soft drink cans and fatty pizza boxes. He noticed her and clicked something away from his main screen. Maybe he was still playing around with the Cola-Express, or maybe it was one of his sick Japanese porn videos he always watched when he thought she wasn’t around. As if the bathroom scene hadn’t given enough for months of wanking fantasies!

“Artillery?” he asked, rising from his worn leather chair.

“Would be better…Can I borrow your watch? They have taken mine.”

He gave her his chronograph while boss and assistant were going over to the steel door of the armoury, and Sōichirō opened it with a number code. They entered the windowless room which was multiply secured against burglary and exploding ammunition. Special racks were full of pistols, sub-machine guns and rifles; heavier weapons lied on tables or in crates.

“How pissed off are you?” Sōichirō asked in front of the racks.

She palpated the corners of her mouth still bearing the marks of the cruel gag-chain. The Taser-burns on her lips.

“I think ‘double MP5K pissed off’.”

He laid two of the SMG’s on a nearby table, then the fitting holsters.

“Anything else?”

“A G36K, that one with the AG36 grenade thrower.”

“Excellent choice.”

He opened some cabinets and brought the matching ammunitions to light.

“9×19…” he laid the already full magazines on the table, “…and the 5.56 FMJ’s.”

“Not the normal 9mm’s this time. Get me the flechettes!”

“O-huh, that won’t be a friendly visit. No de-escalation planed for today, right?”

Flechettes are thin, needle-like arrows, packed in a hull corresponding to a standard calibre. This hull falls apart after leaving the barrel, and only the flechette hits the target. It pierces cleanly through metal, aramid or other hard or resistant substances, but deforms, bends and turns in soft media. This characteristic behaviour causes awful wounds, and furthermore parts of clothes or armour are carried into the body.

Ostracised by almost all nations, these projectiles were ideal for Lilith.

Sōichirō had changed the magazines and now fetched the last items.

“40mm grenades; HE and frags.”

“You know me too well!”

MP5K’s to the holsters which were additionally fixed with straps around her tightly leather-enclosed thighs for extra support; reserve magazines to the belt; grenades into the pockets of her leather jacket; assault rifle with two magazines clipped together onto her back via a strap – ready to go!

She marched out of the armoury and to the vehicles, then stopped abruptly.

“Oh…CRAP! Garver still has my bike!”

“And how do want to go back there? I don’t think you’ll take the subway.”

She looked sharply at him, smiling wickedly.

“Oh, No! No, no, no!” Sōichirō gesticulated wildly with both his arms, “not my Fireblade!”

But she was already pulling the blanket off his deep-red motorbike.

“We have four cars…!”

She searched for her Suzi’s spare key in a nearby tool box.

“I need something more manoeuvrable than a car. Open the gate.”

Since she had crashed her souped-up Gallardo on an empty road she wasn’t into cars anymore. But of course Lilith would rather rip out her own tongue with a pair of glowing pincers than confess this little anecdote. Still wailing, the young Asian did as he had been told while his superior mounted the Fireblade with an athletic swing of her leg.

“Please take care of her!”

“I’ll do my best.” She started the powerful engine.

“No helmet, boss?”

“Did you just call me too ugly to show my face in public?”

She put her sunglasses on, smiling.

The motorised roller shutter had opened completely, but Lilith paused for a moment.


“Yes, boss?”

“This time it was really narrow. They had fired at you, too, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“That’s the job.”

“Not your job.”

“Mm-hmm. But you know, I would do anything for you, boss.”

She smiled again; this time one of her rare true smiles.

“Including giving me your bike. You’re so sweet!”



The young businessman had locked up his coupé and was crossing the non-public car park. He was wondering at all the guards: two besides the normal one at this parking area’s entrance, and now another two in front of the lifts.

“Hey, what’s up, guys?” he asked

“Only an exercise, sir.”

The left guard’s voice had an oddly hollow sound behind the visor.

The newcomer had just entered one of the Hi-Sec lifts and was using his key card and code as a sonic avalanche of shots, screams and engine howling cascaded from the car park’s checkpoint. The two GarverGuards raised their weapons while the red motorbike with its black-dressed rider was approaching with dramatic speed.  Inside the open lift the young man crouched down as all three combatants opened fire. The left guard was hit deadly, something had pierced his Kevlar armour with an ugly noise. His comrade, still firing and being under fire, took cover behind a massive pier.

Lilith holstered the one MP5K she was using and raced on her bike towards the pier. When she was just a little more than one metre away, the guard leant out of his cover, ready to shot.

Our heroine made a crash halt and shift her weight. The rapid stop let the Fireblade rise its rear high into the air, and due to Lilith’s movement the whole motorbike swivelled around on its front wheel for almost 270°, smashing the guard between swingarm and pier from behind.








The lift’s doors were still open, and Lilith again spurred her bike. It roared towards the entry, then its hot rider pull the break again and turned the handlebar. The machine lost its grip and slid rear forward into the lift.

The businessman, pressing himself onto the wall, uttered a cry.

Lilith drew both MP5K’s and aimed at the crouching guy, not being sure whether he was a threat.

“Aaeeh…w-which b-button may I push?”

Lilith let her MP5K’s sink and smiled.

“47, please.”

“Oh, that’s my storey, too,” the young man replied hyper-nervously.

The doors closed, and the lift started to move upward.

The closer the 47th floor came, the more Lilith played with the gas. Noise and exhaust fumes filled the lift’s cage.

The guy was hiding in the far corner.

„Eh…a nice machine do you have there.”

45th floor: Lilith re-checked her sub-machine guns.

46th floor: She pushed the r.p.m. to the red marks.

47th floor: The doors opened.


The eight GarverGuards had positioned themselves in a double line in front of the security sluice. Between the barrels of their automatic rifles and the lift’s outer doors lied about fifteen metres of free corridor.

As soon as the door started to open they released a deadly storm of metal. Bullets penetrated the doors, the frame, the wall around.

Under howling the Fireblade shot out into the corridor, just on its rear wheel. Lilith was giving full throttle, performing a wheelie.

Projectiles invaded the motorbike’s underside, drilling their way obliquely into engine block and gearbox. But the bike had already gathered enough impetus for its final task.

Giving the throttle grip an extra turn, Lilith glided away from the saddle and let the Fireblade run the last four or five metres upright on its own. Even before her feet touched the ground, she had drawn her SMG’s again and started to fill the corridor with corpses.

The motorbike had been fast enough to run stable, and almost two hundred kilogrammes cracked the GarverGuards’ phalanx, then rammed the first glass wall of the security sluice. The bulletproof material withstood the impact, but was ripped out of its frame in one piece.

Lilith, now without any cover, fired two-handed to choke any attempt of the guards to aim at her again or to leave the corridor alive. She was successful. Having emptied both her MP5K’s, she didn’t lost time with reloading but grabbed one of the dead guard’s G36 for aimed frontal headshots. Finally, the last of her enemies died of the barrel’s massive intrusion into his neck.

Lilith dropped the empty, bloody G36, gathered her SMG’s and put new magazines into them. She then unleashed her own rifle, that one with the grenade thrower and – almost casually – blew away the second sluice wall. The transparent surface burst in a deafening blast, iridescent pieces were catapulted ten, fifteen metres into the corridor’s far end.

With an exalted gesture she whipped a strand out of her face.

Now even the last sleepyhead knew that Lilith was in town!

One of the fragmentation grenades had fallen out of her pocket during the fight, and as she bend down to get it Lilith noticed movement behind her. She flashed around, ready to fire.

“NO! NO!” the young businessman pulled his head back into the perforated lift. Only his quivering voice seeped through the uncounted bullet holes.

“I…I’ll come back later, okay?!”

Lilith rolled her eyes, reloaded the thrower, then left the corridor.


To be on foot now wasn’t too bad; less conspicuous and less awkward than by bike. And more comfortable. Her freshly fucked bum had made it a smart ride.

Lilith was aware of the fact that many more guards had to be surmounted, and, like confirming it, stomping and shouting from somewhere in front heralded new adversaries.

Quickly she slipped through a door into a smaller corridor, but the door’s shutting behind her was noticed by the advancing GarverGuards.

Their line of action was professional and coordinated. Two were giving cover while a comrade kicked away the door. As soon as the passage was free, the group of five invaded the corridor, three securing to the front, one the left and one the right flank.

Lilith whistled to them. Doing the splits, she had locked herself between the two side walls, above the door frame and thanks to their enthusiastic invasion behind the guards. They all turned around just in time to see her opening fire.


Three floors above Kassandra was checking her pistol. She had observed the bloodbaths on the monitors in the security central office, and it was high time for the plan’s next phase. Agony was with her, and the woman talked in a gentle voice to the girl:

“Listen, Little One! Stay inside this room, no matter what happens, okay?”

“Okay, but why do you have to go?”

“I have to iron out Durn’s many mistakes. I’ll be back soon, I promise!”

She stroked the girl’s dark hair, pressed a kiss onto her forehead, then left without another word.


Computer room Five lied just ahead. Lilith had experienced another two licks of rifle ammunition (Great! The second outfit being ruined today!), but nevertheless she had finally neutralised the seven guards, obviously the last line of defence.

“Odd! Where’s all their reinforcement?”

Something wasn’t right. Even with this ÜberGuard still in the building, Garver wouldn’t be so careless not to muster every man available.

By the way, guess who was just entering the battlefield…

He was still wearing the cracked knee protector.

The ÜberGuard positioned his massive form between her and the computer room’s door. He tried to provoke another duel, but Lilith had other plans.

“Sorry, but my doctor told me to not play with you any more.”

She pulled the thrower’s trigger and fragged him away.

Not fair, but fun!


The door hadn’t been a problem, neither had been the technician who had forgotten to work the slide of his pistol. Now he was laying in his own blood, and Lilith quickly locked the door.

The room was huge and nearly square, with at least ten by ten fully equipped terminals, all deserted. Only one more person was present: Right in the middle stood a petite brunette woman, daring no motion but tremble. Young, lovely, with exceptionally long hair, one of many low-paid Level One administrators; she only worked as the dead man’s assistant and wasn’t even allowed to enter this room alone. Seeing her superior getting killed had sent her into some kind of shock.

“The Yamamoto disc! Come on!” Lilith yelled at her, threatening her with the rifle.

The girl was stiff with dread and only stared at her with big doe eyes like a deer in the headlights.

Let’s see if she still stands that motionlessly with a bullet through her kneecap, Lilith thought, but then remembered Sōichirō’s new favourite word: “de-escalation”.

She went up to the shocked female, towering above her with almost twenty centimetres of additional body height plus heels.

“Did they give you a weapon, too?”

“Wha…no, NO!”

“Turn around. TURN AROUND!”

Truly frightened, she obeyed, turning her back to the armed woman.

“Hands behind your head, fingers clasped!”

Holding the lightweight rifle in her left hand, Lilith could use her right to check the girl’s small body for hidden threats – or treats. Slowly she let her hand glide over the defenceless woman’s firm, not too small breast, feeling her pert nipples through the fabric. She brushed the sensitive tips, not with her fingers but with the ball of her hand.

Down her flat, trembling belly, around her right flank into the small of the back.

“Don’t you dare move…”

Lilith’s hand continued its journey, feeling the left flank, then her sweet little bottom; the left leg, the right leg, with especially thorough searches of the thighs’ insides.

Again our heroine guided her hand to the quivering body’s front, taking no risk of missing anything of importance. Her fingers found the waistband of the cute girl’s trousers and panties, and her petite captive whimpered as her gloved hand dived into the silken, hot tightness…

“Don’t be conceited about this!”

Lilith pulled her hand out and away, being absolutely sure now that the assistant didn’t carry any (non-organic) weapons, at least not outside her body. Lilith twisted her free hand into the long auburn hair; not to hurt, just to control. The girl sobbed and shed some tears, but otherwise kept still, trying to not provoke her tormentress.

“You know who I am?”

“Yes. Please—!”

“Then you know what I can do to you. And you know that I’m a sadist; I’m a truly sadistic bitch, and I can be cruel beyond believe if I have a reason. Are you going to give me one?”

“NO! NO!”

“Then tell me where the disc is.”

“It isn’t here! Please don’t kill me!”

“I won’t kill you, Bambi. I will mutilate you, disfigure and cripple you.”

“PLEASE BELIEVE ME! We have tried to crack the disc’s time lock the whole morning, and then the guards said we were under attack and – and we should take the pistol just for emergency and, and–”

Lilith pulled her hair: “The DISC!”

“Argh! Somebody came and took it to get it out of danger!”

“To what place?”

“I don’t know! I SWEAR!”

“Nice story. And now the truth, please!” She pressed the rifle’s barrel into the  hollow of the girl’s knee.

“NOO! She took it away!”


“I just know her as ‘Miss Kassandra’!”

Lilith uttered an obscene curse.

“Okay, kneel!”

The brunette fell to her knees immediately.

“Don’t fuck around with me! I just can’t find the words for what I’ll do to you if you’d lied!”

Lilith sat down at a terminal nearby, so her captive and the sole door were in full view of her and with the girl not able to see what she was doing.

“Your login and password!”

“ ‘GloomyKitten’; 18123TN9.”

A Level One access allowed enough freedom in the security system to contact Sōichirō via the “Cola Express”.

Not putting her gun aside, she used only one hand for the keyboard and typed her first message:

>> is our commando in position?

<< y – encircling garver

>> maybe elvis had left the building

<< not via street. wait, i check satellite shots

<< chopper from roof, 10 min ago, guard/pilot+blonde female

>> u try to pursue. L out


Hearing the cruel woman swearing made the brunette sob louder.

“Shut up! You’re off the hook.”

She stepped behind the frightened girl, and with a much softer voice she said, almost asked:

“Keep you head still and close your eyes.”


“Do As I Say.”

The poor girl did, and Lilith raised her weapon…


It was not difficult for Lilith to find her way back through the storey; at almost every corner were combat traces. She had left computer room Five, letting the girl’s bleeding body lie on the floor. In combination with the dead technician it had looked far worse than it had been. The hit on her head had caused an ugly laceration and surely a light concussion, but not more. It was better for her this way. If “GloomyKitten” was found unharmed after her adventure, she would doubtless be suspected of being a spy, what would mean some very unpleasant sessions in one of yonder comfortable white-tiled interrogation rooms.

Being quite merciful was a change, but Lilith was sure that this wouldn’t work on GarverGuards, despite Sōichirō’s de-escalation theory.

If Kassandra was with the disc in this helicopter – being “on tour with Elvis”, so to speak – , the Yamamoto-owned satellites would be the quickest and in all probability sole possibility to find her again.

Noises around the next corner became audible, and Lilith pressed the rifle’s hinged butt against her shoulder.

Tell a teenaged brat to keep her complexion, and the young lady would turn green and pink chequered immediately…

Of course Agony didn’t stay in the control room, of course she rummaged around for a weapon between the dead guards to capture Lilith, and, of course, she was making such a racket that she didn’t hear Lilith approaching from behind, though the heavily armed woman wasn’t even sneaking. Driven by evil joy, our heroine reached out and flicked Agony’s right ear. The girl catapulted around:

“Heeey! What the fa–” then Lilith’s fist diving into her liver forced out her breath and her consciousness.


“Miss Lilith…?” the Yamamoto commando’s leader sounded in her head. Cassel; a good man.

The lift was carrying Lilith and her sweet load down to the park deck.

“I am listening…”

“We had minor troubles down here and had to reveal our presence. Some GarverGuards are still around here; be careful.”

“Understood. I need one of your cars for transporting a prisoner.

“One plus escort?”

“No, I’ll escort it myself.”

“Positive. It will wait in the car park.”

“I’ll be there in… a few minutes. Lilith out.”

The display over the door had been destroyed during the fight by bullets and splinters, so Lilith had to guess which floor the lift was just passing. Actually, she had been surprised that the console was still working.

There were maybe the last five floors to go as a new message reached her via ICS.

“Car park secured; taxi is waiting!”


Not being very considerate of the unconscious girl, Lilith dragged Agony by her arm out of the lift, then let her lie on the car park’s cold concrete. A black G-Class with a single Y on its number plate was waiting with running engine, and two Yamamoto Mercenaries dragged the teenager towards it and threw her in.

“Take her to ‘you know who’, I’ll be right behind you.”

“Yes, Miss Lilith!” – “Yes, Miss Lilith!”

Once the two Y-Mercs had Agony secured, they got into the car themselves and referred Lilith’s order to the waiting driver.

Meanwhile our heroine had reached her own motorcycle, and with great relief she noticed that it was undamaged.

“Oh, my poor Suzi! Did I left you behind among these evil people?!”

She fished in her tight left pocket for the spare key, then mounted her beloved motorbike, ignored her sore bum and started the engine.


After all riding her Suzuki again, Lilith followed the black four-wheel drive vehicle along shady streets and secret short cuts. Eleven Hours and thirty-seven minutes of this eventful day were already over.

She connected herself to Sōichirō.


“Good news. We have caught Agony. And I got back my Suzi!”

“Oh, and who’s driving back my Fireblade?”


“Nooo! Mooaaahhh! Why? Just tell me why! Why it is always me! I just want to know it!”

“Shut up, crybaby! Yamamoto will pay for a new one. But report the bike as stolen, just for keeping up appearances.

Now, what’s up with this chopper?”

“Pending. A modified Dauphin 3, blue and orange; the Garver colours. I’m still reconstructing its route, but it’s almost for sure that the helicopter had left the city area in north-eastern direction.”

“Tell me immediately when you have further news. Lilith out.”



Nobody took notice of the big car and the motorbike as they entered a secluded side entrance to the large, but stocky building that housed the Headquarters of the Yamamoto Mercenaries.

Deeper and deeper the two vehicles went via ramps into the complex’ basement, finally stopping on the third sublevel.

Dark-grey concrete and stale, chill air were greeting the re-wakened Agony as she was pulled out of the car. She was still bound with plastic cable ties at wrists and elbows, palms facing outwards. Rolling like that within the car’s boot had most likely ensured amusing sensations in her shoulders, not to mention the bonds’ merciless cutting.

Lilith had parked her bike and was forced by the insufficient neon lights to take off her sunglasses. Teamed up with the Aspirin, they had reduced her headache to a gnawing tingle.

She accepted her captive from one of the Mercs and pulled her by her upper arm towards a fire door.

“Please don’t kill me!”

“Be careful what you wish for…”

The girl croaked in fear.

“What’s up, little sado-girl, cat got your tongue? You are meeting a colleague of yours, a specialist in ‘Severe Interrogation’ and ‘Invasive Questioning’. I bet you two have a lot to talk about; well, most of the talk you are going to do.”

“Noo! Please let me go! I’m sorry!”

“…and you’ll be even more sorry in some moments.”

The girl was dragged through a long, broad corridor of the same grey colour. In regular distances they passed heavy steel doors to their left and right, and Agony didn’t dare imagine what was happening behind them. Sometimes the soundproof structures seemed to vibrate from inaudible screams behind them, letting cold horrors find forms in the girl’s young mind.


Unlike the clinical, sterile interrogation rooms Agony had so much fun in at Garver’s, the surrounding used by Yamamoto was more into old fashion. Not actually medieval, but far from modern living. Gestapo-style.

The large, but quite low room with its dark corners showed the same ugly concrete as the rest of the basement. The whole arrangement of installations and instruments bespoke a more technical than medical comprehension of their operator. Updated versions of ancient torture implements could be found next to devices using electricity or extreme cold.

They had gagged their victim. The two-inch spider ring behind Agony’s teeth possessed a metal shackle reaching into her mouth to depress her tongue. This way the sexy screams she was about to scream wouldn’t be interrupted by intelligible sounds.

Lilith watched with enthusiasm as the Truthfinder presented her the instruments being at their disposal.

Agony was able to see them, too. She was lying on her back on some kind of bench, – to nobody’s surprise – naked.

Her arms were stretched out along the sides of her head, or rather behind her head. Like her wrists, her elbows were cruelly bound together with wire until the joints were touching. Now the back of her head was resting on her upper arms. The strain in Agony’s shoulders was unbelievable, the bondage meant torture in itself, and she howled high-pitched squeals trough her mouth-ring.

Her legs were bend towards her, but spread far too widely to touch her belly. Brutal wire-bindings at knees and ankles held them in a wide „V“, pulled at them and lifted her bum from the bench’s edge.

Between her howling, Agony futilely tried to utter words while begging with her dark Iberian eyes.

“Do you want to say something?” the Truthfinder sneered.

“Of course she wants, but I won’t let her! That doesn’t satisfy my sadistic drive.”

Lilith leant over her victim, letting the tight leather of her outfit squeak, and supporting herself on Agony’s wrenched shoulder. The girl screeched.

“First I’ll torture you; then you’ll be allowed to tell me everything you know. Deal?”


“I take this as a ‘Yes’.”

Lilith nodded to the Truthfinder, and the short guy started with some preparatory work.

Ordinary wire, his favourite bondage gear, was wound by the torturer around and around the bases of Agony’s well developing breasts – first her right, then her left one. Immediately this measure took effect. The girl’s originally handy bosom swelled, turned red, swelled more and showed an even deeper red.

The Truthfinder paused, and Lilith stepped to a table with dressing material; plenty of dressing material for long sessions…

The cruel woman took off her jacket and hung it up carefully. The leather top she was wearing underneath, although it had a collar, was sleeveless and also didn’t cover her shapely belly muscles.

So, Lilith could see to both of her new grazing shots’ wounds: one at her left upper arm, near the elbow, but still far enough away from the joint; the other at her left waist.

While she was disinfecting and bandaging her pain-trained flesh, her pal went back to work on Agony. Her breasts had turned purple, and now her nipple were getting the same wire bondage. The poor victim screeched through her pain-gag as her violet nubs reached the bursting point under the savage binding.

“This will complete the preparatory stage of questioning,” the Truthfinder stated, “let us just wait till her nipples are completely extra-tenderised.”

Agony was howling non-stop under the sharp, digging pain of the wires, the dull aching of her blood-ballooned breasts and the maddening sensation in her doubly pressurised nipples. Her whole mammary tissues felt like exploding any second.

Limbering up, Lilith took position in front of the suffering teenager. After letting some minutes pass, the Truthfinder had handed her an especially cruel steel whip. Agony squealed with newfound vigour when she saw Lilith flexing it, then lashing the air a few times to get a feeling for her new toy.

Becoming quickly acquainted, our heroine smiled her wicked smile.

“Pain time.”

The horrible metal swooped down on Agony’s unprotected thighs, left-right, left-right, punishing her virgin flesh right from the first kiss.

The teenager thrashed around in her dreadful bondage, the steel whip splitting her stretched skin and slicing deeply into her muscles. Not welts where lashed into the girl-flesh, but yawning grooves. Carving the highly sensitive back of her thighs with a razor blade would have been more merciful.

But there was a saying around the Yamamoto Mercenaries:

“It’s ‘Y-Merc’, not ‘Merc-Y’.”

New kinds of hellish pain flooded the girl’s mind when the furious torture travelled down to her buttocks.

Lilith let her demonic tool pay special attention to the spots where Agony’s thighs met her buns and was rewarded with a gush of extra-terrible screams.

“That’s for cutting my togs to pieces, you BITCH!”

Lilith changed her position to get a different angle for hitting and steelwhipped her victim’s buttocks and thighs again, drawing a precise criss-cross design. Having caused deep, gaping wounds during the first round, the metal instrument of disciplinary was now creating a medium-gory bloodbath. Wherever a new lash crossed an older one, the whole surrounding flesh exploded in a red mist.

Lost in sadistic euphoria, Lilith flogged thigh- and bum-meat into unrecognisability, then aimed for the girl’s lower legs.

Sliced calves’ skin for sliced calf-skin!

She obviously still hadn’t got over the destruction of her leather outfit.

With the power of youth the eighteen-year-old shrieked in highest octaves of suffering while her calves were mangled; then all air was wrung out of her lungs as the blood-covered steel flayed the tender soles of her feet.

Agony was out of her mind, her breathing had lost any rhythm, her eyes were starting to glaze over.

Icy water was poured into her forced-open mouth, causing her to choke and panic. She retched, then vomited the liquid over her face. Fighting for air, she inhaled some of the water through her nose, and the circle started anew.

The Truthfinder put the water bottle back into a refrigerator while Lilith wiped her whip clean. Totally covered with girl-blood, not a single spot of metal had been visible anymore.

Agony was brought back to the full horror of her situation as the black-haired tormentress tapped the whip’s tip against the underside of her obscenely bulging breasts. With wide eyes she was searching for any hint of mercy in Lilith’s face.

“You know what is coming next, right?”



The strokes onto – or better: into – her swollen breasts were bad, especially the ones to the undersides. But they were nothing compared to the excruciating pain when her tied off nipples burst under brutally aimed lashes.

Only a few hits, far less than having caressed the victim’s bottom and legs, were enough to nearly destroy the developing bosom.

Getting her breast and nipples inhumanly castigated made Agony lost control over her bladder. Bright-yellow rivulets of fear ran down between her buttocks or, caused by her harsh posture, over her abdomen.

“Seems we had a little accident, hmm?”

Lilith gave her a single steel-lick onto her hairless vulva.

Immediately a bloody welt appeared and disfigured the feminine flesh with its fierceness. Urine tickled into the cruel wound, heightening the ordeal. Another stroke brought the instrument’s tip precisely onto the unprotected clitoris, ripping its delicate hood to shreds. The girl went insane.

Again Lilith raised the whip, ready to lash away Agony’s labia. But then she paused. Having set herself a time limit for the torture without questioning, she would spare Agony a good pussy whipping – at least for now. But what to do with the last minutes of her “play time“ ?

An evil thought later our sexy heroine imparted her idea to the Truthfinder.

“She told me that she is in an anal mood today…”

“You don’t have to say another word, Miss Lilith!” and gone he was to one of his racks. What he brought back from there conjured up a leer on Lilith’s perfect face.

“These toys are wonderful! Let’s start with, hmmm…, that,” she pointed to a set of hooks and chains in his left hand.

“And that,” talking about the device being held by his right hand, “we will keep for the ‘official’ interrogation!”

“As you wish,” the Truthfinder repeated and put the second toy not too far away. Shaking out the two single chains, he stepped towards Agony’s shredded behind.

One end of each chain fitted in one of the small winches which were mounted – one left, one right – at the bottom-edge of the bench. Not wild, so far. But each chain’s other end was sporting a thin, nevertheless strong steel hook with a point ideal for piercing girl-flesh.

Both hooks sank deeply into Agony’s bloody buns, near her crack. The slack was winched out of the chains so they were nearly horizontal, opening the anal area between the screeching teenager’s buttocks just a little more.

As if her most intimate orifice wasn’t even exposed enough by the brutal wire-bondage itself, the Truthfinder now cranked both winches in earnest.

Under the girl’s sweet cries of pain the cruel hooks dived even deeper into Agony’s tormented muscles and pulled her buttocks most obscenely apart. The skin of her crack was stretched tightly to the point of ripping, the virginally pink circle of her rosette deformed into a sharp oval.

Miss Lilith had wished her victim as defenceless as possible, he had read it from her lips, and exactly like that the Truthfinder had draped Agony.

The dreadful lady positioned herself right to her victim’s body to get the ideal angle of impact. Agony’s cries rose to a single shrill squeal as she realised Lilith’s intention, and a second later her worst nightmares of horror were surpassed by the kiss of the whip’s highly accelerated tip. A wave of nameless pain exploded from her helpless anus, as if red hot barbed wire had detonated inside her sensitive ring of muscles. The taut rectal skin did all but rip apart and seemed to vibrate like a drumhead while sending new highs of anguish out, even seconds after the hit.

“One,” Lilith counted, but was drown out by far

Agony did her name credit; the girl was in true anguish now.

Howls of pure suffering dragged the last bits of air from her lungs. And just as the teenager started to gasp for breath, the gruesome whip kissed the same spot again.

Unable to scream, Agony emitted a short, choked guttural, her throat trembled like cramping, her eyes bulging out.

For some surreal parts of a moment there was total silence in the torture chamber – no sound, just suffering.


A gush of screeches erupted from her open-gagged mouth as soon as the tortured female had gathered just enough breath. The travesty of her voice was so loud and high-pitched that it hurt the ears. Agony’s screams tormented Lilith’s eardrums for minutes until they ended in a long rattling cough.

Her good timing with Agony’s breathing gave the cruel woman a wonderfully wicked idea. She turned towards the Truthfinder and whispered to him.

“May I make a suggestion?” the torturer answered.

Lilith listened, then glowed with sadistic lust.

“Ouh! That’s even better! You evil little man!”

Agony didn’t catch anything of this dialog, diving too deeply in her own ocean of pain. Only slowly she got clear again, just to face the steel whip once again.

“Ngoo, ngoo…!”

With a savagely rapid move Lilith gathered speed…


…, then lashed the brutalised backdoor for the third time.


Agony’s blood curdling scream was drowned as the Truthfinder poured the contents of a vinegar bottle into the girl’s spider-gagged mouth.

Of course the teenager swallowed the wrong way, retched out the clear, sour liquid, just to inhale it through her nose. During all this she continued to try screaming, being sure the accumulated pain raiding from her abdomen would else consume her inner self.

Lilith tigress’d around her poor victim, relishing the frantic struggle which let the wire-bonds dig through the flesh and drew blood.

“Number Three, you little tart.”

Originally she just had planned to use water as, let’s say, an additional gag; but the Truthfinder’s idea with the vinegar had been even better – after all he was a pro.

It took many minutes till the choking, retching and coughing subsided. Only then Lilith allowed the Truthfinder to remove the torturous ring from the girl’s mouth.

Agony retched some more, interrupted by her entreaties to stop the flagellation.

Lilith let the whip’s tip flick the girl’s swollen rim:

“With a better gag I could do this the whole day!”

“NOOO! NO MORE! PLEASE NO MORE! I’ll tell you everything I know!

“That’s for sure…”


It was time to constructively interrogate the young Garver property, what meant that the second tool the Truthfinder had chosen was about to be put into action.

The Pear lied heavily in Lilith’s hand while she was inspecting the electrical connections.

“What are these for? To shock her during the stretching?”

“No, the connections belong to an electrical heating element inside…”

The Truthfinder let Lilith’s mind create a very graphic picture.

“Cool! – I mean: Hot!”

She left the fiendish device to his skilful hands and played with Agony’s severely punished nipples while the Truthfinder went to work. He lubricated the pear-shaped form, then the quivering girl’s ravaged outer rectum – only to facilitate his task and surely not to tone down Agony’s ordeal.

Obviously the teenager looked far less enthusiastic towards anal play than earlier that day, now with her own arse on the receiving end. Agony gasped, then squealed when the cold metal tip of the originally mediaeval torture implement nudged at her cute rear entrance. Her eighteen tight years old anus, additionally contracted due to the recently endured beating, refused to open up. But with unyielding pressure the Pear forced itself the first centimetres into the unwilling orifice.

“Oh, Please no! Not there again!”

The reddened ring of muscles parted some more and allowed the slippery metal to went a little deeper into her most virgin opening. The damned girl cried out as the first pains of a relentless stretching sparked through her abdomen.

Lilith got down to one knee, her face now near Agony’s right ear:

“Do I have to tell you what this instrument can do to you? How it stretches and tears and destroys our viscera when blossoming? How you slowly bleed to death inside, screaming for a quick end?”

Despite her head’s circulation-obstructing position, the teenager’s face went pale.

“PLEEEASE! You don’t have to do that! I tell you everything voluntarily!”

“But the truly interesting things are those people don’t tell voluntarily…”

Under constant pressure, the widest part of the Pear – two and a half iron inches – glided past Agony’s sphincter and dragged the narrow neck with it. The girl’s rectum had no other option but swallow the tool of its own destruction. Now only the handle and the heating element’s sockets remained outside the defenceless hole. Vainly the crying teenager tried to expel the dreadful intruder, but found it firmly lodged.

“Is the camera running?” Lilith asked the Truthfinder.

“Yes, from now everything will be recorded… I suppose you want to have the honour of the first turn.”

Lilith licked her lips rapaciously as she took hold of the handle’s cold metal. She gave it a twist clockwise, then, encouraged by Agony’s panic gasp, turned it in earnest, 360° in all.

The hellish bulb’s sections blossomed rapidly, expanding the delicate anal lining while taking up more and more room within the teenaged cavity.

The sole sensation of this movement made Agony’s bowels cramping, and hot spears of pain shot into her abdomen.

“Not so fast! You’ll rupture her too early! Furthermore, opening it slowly will make her even more aware of the pain, and she won’t be able to faint.”

The Truthfinder took over the pear’s operation, and a sulking Lilith was contenting herself with the verbal part of questioning.

“Feeling full, already? I’ll make it short and painless – at least for me: Where is Auntie Kassandra gone with my disc?”

The damn disc – the thorn in my arse!

Agony tried to struggled with her trapped, cramped legs as the male interrogator was emphasising the query with an almost sensual use of the Pear’s handle. The device was wished to only flower slowly, prolonging her ordeal.


Now having the dimensions of a fist, the Pear resided heavily in Agony’s colon. Nausea overwhelmed her, and she regurgitated a semi-clear substance. Its acid smell mingled with the odours of fear, blood, and urine. Ideal conditions. Being already in serious stress when getting asked the first question made it much harder for a victim to construct lies or to remember prefabricated answers.

Lilith indicated the Truthfinder to interrupt the recording and spoke low into Agony’s ear, so her colleague couldn’t hear her hint at the events some hours ago.

“Are you trying to fuck me for the second time today? You do know about the Durn-affair and the stolen disc.” – “NOO!” – “When you were having your fun with me, you asked me some shit about Shanghai. No ‘What’s your mission here?’, ‘What are you searching for?’! You have known why I was in the Garver Building!”


“Who?” She already knew, but wanted to hear it from the girl’s mouth.


“And what? What did she want me to tell you?”


It was indeed most likely that under the extreme stress the girl’s mind couldn’t recall this information. Nevertheless Lilith gave the signal to continue.

The camera was reactivated to catch the hideous scenes to follow.

Inhuman cries shattered the underground torture chamber as the Pear’s petals were opened further, stretching the rectum terribly.

The over-used membranes started to tear, and Agony felt pains like never before. The Truthfinder gyrated the horrible tool like stirring in thick rubber, opening more and deeper rents.

“Talk!” Lilith whispered.

“Talk, and all this will be over…”

Getting peared was a truly barbaric torture. Loathsome cramps raced through Agony’s lower guts like molten wolfram. Spasms shook her sweat-covered body uncontrollably, letting the wires work in her wounds and the hooks tear through her bum-meat. She dry-heaved, pissed again, also would have shit herself if possible. The sharp smell of her body fluids testified her abnormal suffering.

If she could, if a single clear thought would be able to cut through all her pain, Agony would tell them anything they want her to tell them. After all, she still was just a eighteen year old girl, and the bounds of her resistance had long been crossed.


“Give her another turn, just to purify her thoughts from lies!”


Her tormentor had already reanimated the hellish mechanism, which caused another devastating increase.

Now only unintelligible sounds escaped Agony’s hoarse thorax, and her damaged vocal cords vibrated in sheer – no pun intended – agony.

The spread Pear was terribly much bigger than anything her rectum was designed for, and thousands of ripping muscle fibres smashed the pain-wrecked female away from sanity.


They reviving her by pressing crushed ice up her vaginal cavity. Immediately she started to cry and beg, her bloodshot eyes lost in misery.

“NO! NO-OHO! OH-NOO…!” and so on…

“Any further stretching would rip her intestines apart,” the Truthfinder informed Lilith matter-of-factly, “she’s already bleeding inside.” His experience allowed him to give this statement without removing the Pear to take a look.

“Nice to know. Another turn.”


Lilith raised her hand before the Truthfinder could carry out her latest order.

Pear: 450 €;

Torturer: 165 €/h;

To hear a little bitch scream for mercy: priceless.

Lilith let the Pear be closed a bit to allow Agony some coherent thoughts and to rekindle the horror of distending her victim’s colon, if necessary.

Even the shrinking brought fresh pain, and the monstrous tool was still awfully occupying her rear passage. But now she was able to scream out her confession, to end her ordeal.

“Durn said that he could ‘deliver’ you and the disc at the same day! That we needed both to understand HardSkill! And that you had furthermore knowledge of many operations against Garver! I had to make you talk about Shanghai and the ‘Bloody Monday’ and…!”

“Where is the disc?! And why do they ‘need’ me? What is HardSkill?!”

“I don’t know! I swear, I don’t know! Durn was self-important and blathered to impress Kassandra. But she rebuffed him and gave me instructions what to ask you! You must believe me, PLEASE!”

“And you are sure there is nothing more…?”

“I’ve told you everything, I swear!”

“Then you have no worth to me any more.”

Lilith shrugged her shoulders and glanced at the Truthfinder.

“I don’t mind if you torture her to death now.”


“Nothing I have promised.”

Under her incredulous screams the teenager’s bloody tunnel was split again. And no talking and no confession would stop the destructive expansion this time.

Now also the time had come to honour this very Pear’s second function. In moments the demonic device was connected to a power supply with control box. Soon the ghastly petals started to warm up due to the electrical current.

Again the metal grow; step by step, each time a little wider – and a little hotter.

The moment Agony felt the heat revealed an amazing effect: She totally freaked out, thrashed around, cutting herself horribly in her wire-bondage. The thin metal had eaten itself so deeply into her wrists and ankles that it was rubbing against her bare tendon sheaths. A little more jerking and she won’t be able to use her hands and feet properly ever again.

The heating element was set to 50° C, not too hot on skin, but a true hellfire inside an abused rectum. The renewed overstretching and the increasing heat wrung exquisite squeals out of our lovely victim. Again and again, Agony would be forced to endure the Torment of the Pear to verify her answers.

The scream-induced headache almost covered the ICS-pulse in Lilith’s temple. She quickly left the chamber, closed the soundproof door and, glad to stand in the silent hallway, answered the call.

“I’d found the chopper!” – it was Sōichirō – “Twenty kilometres north-east of the city; Garver’s new Advanced Research Facility. Shall I send a team?”

“No! No, this is something personal. If it makes you feel better, position a Merc-team in some distance, but I’ll go in first and alone!”

“It makes me feel better in view of this morning…”

“As long as nobody is in my way… I’ll be there in no time. Let Nezumi transmit the fastest route to my bike. Lilith out.”

134 minutes till deadline.

Lilith re-opened the door to the torture chamber and was welcomed by an avalanche of screams. Inside, her young prisoner suffered deepest hell; the temperature was up to 75° C, and the Truthfinder hadn’t been idle with the handle, too. Agony’s sensitive tissues pressed brutally against the hot metal, the Pear’s sections now spread as far as in the end of the first round, about fifteen centimetres; excruciating for a grown-up woman, absolutely unbearable for a teenaged girl. But the question “bearable or not” was irrelevant. She had no other option but bearing it. Bearing and hoping, that shock, blood loss and mental distress would take their toll soon.

Lilith whistled futilely, then shouted for the Truthfinder.

Only then the hard-working man heard her through the poor girl’s infernal noises. Wisely, he turned the handle back and switched off the heating element before trying to listen to his female colleague.

“I’ve to go.”

“Just when it becomes cosy…”

“Alas! Make sure Little Miss Sunshine gets to know what real pain is,” she instructed him. “And if she tells you some details about the Advanced Research Facility, feel free to inform me.”

“As you wish.”

“And you, my sweet screamer; be a brave girl and take your fate like a lady – while I’m beating up your protégé.”

The shadow-like creature that once had been Agony just cried and wailed in her vicious bonds, sick with pain.

Lilith grabbed her jacket and was half out of the door again as the Truthfinder reached her and put a metal object into her hand.

“Wait…take this as a lucky charm!”

She opened her hand to look at the gift, a little bit confused.

It was a knuckleduster, heavy and cruel.



Lilith had left with a strange expression on her face, but the Truthfinder was sure that his present would be of value for her sooner or later.

He devoted himself to his pain-puppet again, and immediately Agony pleaded and begged in shrill tones.

“Shhhh…I don’t give you another stint with the Pear. It starts to become boring, doesn’t it?”

“Please no more…” Her voice had lost any vividness.

“Maybe a cute little snuff session?”

“Please no! I don’t want to die!”

“So I’ve done something wrong…”

The Truthfinder yanked the Pear out of her dilated anus, not bothering to first close it fully. A shrill shriek rose from Agony, but degenerated quickly to a tear-moistened whimper – and even this sound didn’t last long. Ruthlessly the torturer stuffed the outrageous instrument into her still sobbing mouth and re-opened its evil segments. In the most brutal way Agony got her oral cavity filled, and the Truthfinder continued the atrocious gagging until creaking sounds could be heard from her jaws’ joints, accompanied by screeches of pure horror.

Quivering lips enclosed the central joint, the metal shaft protruding a good ten centimetres out of the teenager’s mouth.

In near panic she heavily gasped for breath, irritating her sore throat with her own blood and waste.

The Truthfinder waited until her hysteria subsided a bit, then stepped to Agony’s unprotected genitals and ignited his soldering lamp…



All in all, to get twenty kilometres away from the city’s north-east border means a good thirty kilometres to ride from her present position. So Lilith seized the first opportunity to get onto the city-motorway and away from the permanently congested streets. She had reloaded her weapons at the Y-Merc headquarters, grabbed some hand grenades and jumped on her motorcycle. Now her straight black hair cascaded in the air stream as she rushed between impressive, skyscraping monuments of power and money, through endless tunnels and over bridges which spanned whole quarters. Seldom she let the speedometer needle sink below 150 km/h.








Little by little, the architecture became lower and less spectacular. Banks and office buildings gave away to blocks of flats, residential districts to industrial areas.

It was almost 14:00 hours when Lilith let the outskirts of Atro City behind her and took the exit to a country road.

For some reason this route was rarely used. Now and then a turn-off would led to a factory’s fuming silhouette at the horizon. Unhealthy vegetation lined the asphalt; low grass and misshapen shrubs, sometimes a crippled tree. The whole region seemed to be forsaken.

After four or five kilometres multiple structures got visible, and some minutes later Lilith stopped in front of the AReFa.

The area covered perhaps hundred hectare and was surrounded by a double line of electro-fences and a not too deep, but very broad moat. Mostly concrete buildings in a massive method of construction rose in the distance. Their functional characters and the general seclusion were reminding of some kind of colony on an unknown planet.

Lilith dismounted her bike, stepped to the moat’s edge and took off her sunglasses. While assessing the situation, she felt the knuckleduster in the pocket of her tight trousers and started to play with it, slipping it on and off.

“Sōichirō, what do we know about this place?”

“Not too much,” his answer reached her mind.

“It was designed as a stand-alone complex; full security, own labs, even a power station and a water-recycling plant. Most certainly there are high security areas underground. They possess sentries, Don’t-touch-me-fences and a battalion of GarverGuards. I haven’t a clue how to get you in there.”

With the tip of her boot our heroine kicked small stones into the moat while musing. Her eyes followed the perimeter, then rested on the main gate some hundred metres away. With its own buildings it looked like a huge checkpoint, with customs examination and security sluices.

The roofed passage was big enough to deal with trucks or busses, but momentary there was no action around.

Lilith put on her sunglasses.

“Once again I’ve got a fabulous idea…”

“Do you and your idea want to wait ten to fifteen minutes until our men arrive?”

“No. And once they’re here they shall stay invisible unless I tell them otherwise.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s something personal.”

“I’m glad that we are understanding each other. Lilith out.”


Inside the guardhouse, behind reinforced concrete walls and bulletproof glass, the GarverGuard standing near the window front tapped his colleague’s shoulder without turning his head away from the scene outside. The second guard, sitting in his chair behind the console, grunted.



Coming from the road, a dark motorcycle turned into the short drive towards the main gate, its high-rev’ed engine sound barely audible behind the thick security glass. But it wasn’t the bike that required the guards’ undivided attention.

The female rider, skintightly clad in leather of deepest black, with SMG’s holstered to her firm thighs, was for sure their today’s highlight –  or week’s, or month’s…

The GSX-R entered the security passage’s first section and stopped right next to the guardhouse’s glass front.

“Let me…!” The first guard tried to reach the console.

“No! I’m Commander of the Guard!” The sitting guard defended his place. “She can see us! Show a little more discipline!”

He pressed the button for the intercom system:

“Good afternoon, ma’am. How can I help you?”

“I’m expected by Miss Kassandra,” the woman with the killer body answered, turning her head to the right to face him through the glass.

“And your name is, ma’am?”

She told him.

“One moment please. Would you please stop your engine, ma’am?”

He let go of the button and spoke to his comrade who was clearly fascinated by Miss Lilith’s boots.

“Seems that the little teenaged tart isn’t enough anymore to satisfy greedy Kassy.”

He picked up the receiver, dialled a number and, while waiting, pretended to be already connected to Kassandra:

“Hi, Miss K, the dominatrix you’ve ordered has arrived. What do you say? Full body check?”

“Oh, yeah, bitch! Bend over and loosen up!” Guard One sneered.

The second GarverGuard was proud of their grandiose jokes, but lost his grin as a female voice answered his call.

“Good afternoon, Miss Kassandra! Here’s the main gate sentry. Are you expecting a woman named Lilith Tronje?”


Waiting on her bike, Lilith had a hard time to not show her amusement as the phoning guard’s face changed its colour rapidly to pale.

Sure, it was a risky plan, but there was a not too small chance that Kassandra would want to ask her – one or the other way –  some questions concerning the whereabouts of Agony. And maybe she, Kassandra, was eager to eliminate her rival by her own hand.

And if not, well, then Herr Heckler and Herr Koch would have to take over again…


“Uhm… ma’am…?” The guard’s voice coming from the intercom wasn’t exactly bursting with self-confidence.


“Please drive into the next control section. From there an escort will take you to the Main Complex.”

The gate made of three metres high steel bars moved to the right, and Lilith restarted the engine.

The next section was almost equal to the first one. Still under the same pre-stressed concrete roof, a fence on the left, the guard’s building, then the exit lane on the right, a second gate in front. The only important difference was the outer gate closing behind our heroine, trapping her inside the second security section.

Again the loudspeaker rasped.

“Ma’am, I have to ask you to hand over your weapons. There is a drawer in the wall to your right.

“My weapons?”

“Yes, please.”

“Come and get them.”

“Ma’am, I must insist on it. Otherwise I can’t let you pass.”

She turned half around on her bike’s saddle to stab the sitting guard with her eyes, through her sunglasses, through the outer gate and through the reinforced window.

“Come And Get Them.”

Some moments later a steel door next to her opened and three GarverGuards stepped out, G36 cradled in their arms. The guys from the guardroom itself didn’t appear.

While his two comrades were securing, the third guard came closer.

“Madam, I will store your weapons.”

“Okay,” she lifted her arms shoulder high, “I’m not here to make problems, and I couldn’t handle three of you. But I need a receipt.”

He reached out to pull her left MP5K from its holster.

“Eh, eh, eh!” She moved her thigh away from him. “Seems we are unfamiliar with sarcasm, so I’ll take my arms down again now.”

He stopped in the move, and the two other guards became slightly nervous, gripping their rifles more firmly. But before this trial of strength could continue, the engine noises of two black Unimogs, both full of heavily armed GarverGuards, roared over from the Main Complex. With an astonishing speed the trucks raced towards the checkpoint and stopped rapidly in front of – in Lilith’s point of view: behind – the second gate. The guards jumped out, and the first truck’s passenger door was opened. The man appearing was obviously high-ranking, his voice used to give orders.

“She can pass!”

“She refuse to take off her weapons!”

“Let her. I assume the responsibility!”

“Poor sod!” Lilith smiled to herself.

The inner gate opened, and she let her bike roll to the first Unimog to be severely sized by the man in charge standing on the truck’s step.

“You are going to follow me. You stay behind this truck, you don’t overtake, you don’t turn off and you don’t fall behind the other Mog. Did you understand what I just told you?”

“Everything except ‘Mog’.”

He snorted scornfully, but didn’t say another word and get into his truck, as did his guards. The burly vehicle started to move, turned and speeded up on the broad street to the Main Complex, followed by Lilith and the second “Mog”.

For a short moment, when the GarverGuards jumped from the Unimogs’ beds, Lilith had already seen herself in a medium-heavy gun battle. Not that she had any illusions about this; sooner or later she would spill other people’s blood. But it was better if this happened on her way out rather than on her way in. For now, her way in led her past blocks of sterile semi-industrial complexes towards the highest building of the AReFA: a maybe twenty floors tall cylinder with octagonal base, created by alternating layers of concrete and glass. The structure was crowned by a helicopter landing platform. And, much to Lilith’s delight, this platform was still occupied by a blue-orange Dauphin 3.

The trucks stopped directly in front of the entry, and also did Lilith. The GarverGuard Commander and all of his folk got out of their vehicles while she was waiting on her bike.

“You, you…, you and you come with me; the rest secure the entry!”

The Commander stepped to the motorcycle: “Please follow me inside.”

For a single moment Lilith hesitated, but she was too far now to turn around, not to mention that they wouldn’t let her leave without a fight anyway. So she followed while checking her ICS; it didn’t work, no surprise so far.







She was led by the Commander into the atrium-like entrance hall, followed by the four guards. The foyer showed an industrial design with the same glass-concrete-mix as outside and used the ground level and the first floor to gather its height. All around the first floor’s gallery as well as at all sides of the square ground GarverGuards where posted in line, shoulder to shoulder, at least hundred and fifty soldiers. The last gap of this phalanx, at the entrance doors, was now being closed by the four guards behind Lilith. She stopped, not going further into the middle but checking the situation calmly. The Commander walked with long steps to the front of the large reception desk, where an athletic blonde woman was already waiting.

“You have some nerve, showing up here!”

“I was in the neighbourhood, anyway.”

“You have stolen property of the Garver Group.” Kassandra managed to maintain a poker face despite her feelings for the girl. Agony was like a little sister for her.

“Many times…” Lilith answered casually.

“I want her back.”

“Sliced or on the trot?”

“Bitch! You want the disc?! Nothing you’ll get!”

Kassandra lowered her voice again, but her strangely opaque eyes glowed with fury.

“I already know that she is in this hellhole of your pathetic ‘YMCA’-Mercs, but not for long anymore. There’s only one more thing you can give me…”

She raised her voice, speaking to her GarverGuards:

“The science team needs her alive – at least parts of her: so leave some of her bone marrow or a puddle of  blood on the floor when finishing this cunt.”

Kassandra and the Commander took their own weapons from the desk while a noise, like the flapping of a huge bird’s wings, echoed through the atrium as the GarverGuards aimed with their rifles simultaneously.

Lilith let her gaze wander one last time.

“You are all gonna die…”


The foyer had turned into a slaughterhouse. The once grey stone floor was covered with bodies and amounts of blood. Lilith had managed to reach the roomy staircase and was now fighting against troops from above and below. She had emptied her own SMG’s and countless captured rifles when she discerned that the resistance on the first floor ebbed away and that she could make it to some of the office rooms. She threw a dazzle grenade and put on a sprint, killing three or four GarverGuards on her way. With a roll, she disappeared into one of the offices just before a volley of bullets dismantled its door.

The office rooms were connected to each others, so Lilith could surround most of the first floor without loosing her cover.

Surely, the guards tried to check room after room, and two of them came very close to our heroine. Gunfire would have attracted more enemies, so she used her hands to kill both in a non-pleasant way.

Crouching, she was now heading towards the next room, some kind of conference lounge, when a pure flash of pain torn her abdomen. An invisible fist was ripping out her uterus!

Lilith writhed with inconceivable pain onto the carpet. The only reason she wasn’t screaming the whole building into its components was the pain itself – so intense, that her vibrating vocal cords could only expel a low, guttural sound.

Like from far, far away, Kassandra’s voice reached her swirling mind:

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…!”

Trembling herself through the shock’s afterglow, Lilith tried to listen, resting her back against a writing desk.

“The arse-ploughing this morning may distract your attention from this odd, sore feeling deep in your vagina. We took the liberty of implanting a little nerve-irritating device to the entry of your cervix while you were unconscious. Unfortunately, I wasn’t around to test it when you decided to not further take up our hospitality. But there’s always a second chance…”

Another discharge fried her womb and rushed trough her Fallopian tubes into her ovaries. This had to be the sensation a male experienced when having his testicles crushed in a hydraulic vice!

The horrific pain made her almost puke, white fogs appeared in her vision, and she was about to pass out.

Half maddened with agony, Lilith hurried to de-buckle her belt and to slip off her tight, clenching trousers down to her knees. Hastily she got rid of her left glove, then wetted her index- and middle finger in her mouth. She had not much time until the guards would discover her weakened body – or until Kassandra would use her charming toy again.

Reaching into her panties, she drew a deep breath and pushed the two prepared digits into her enflamed birth canal.

Ignoring the pain and maybe damage she was causing herself, Lilith tried to thrust her fingers more and more deeply up her tight vagina. Now already her knuckles had half disappeared, but to no use. Though the tip of her middle finger seemed to brush the entrance to her womb, she couldn’t find anything, let alone grab. She didn’t know exactly how many centimetres were still to go, but if her fingers should reach in any deeper, her hand had to follow!

Being a novice at self-fisting, she told herself to relax the vaginal muscles. Even with just the two fingers it was a tight fit, and with her wrist bend like now, she was in for a lot of straining, stretching and ramming.

Fortunately she was interrupted before she could do this harsh treatment to herself. Unfortunately this interruption came in form of a third neuronal electrocution.

Lilith’s reproductive organs caught fire, every synapse burnt in impossible agony, her womb was torn to shreds by searing cramps. The vaginal muscles, shattered by horrible spasms, clamped around her fingers.

Her eyes rolled back, and it was pure luck that she didn’t loose consciousness – or bladder control.

Long, valuable second she lied on her side in front of the desk, fighting for breath, being an easy target for the GarverGuards.

Lilith couldn’t tell when the shock itself had stopped, but its consuming echo was still racing through every fibre of her being.

This thing had to go out! Now!

Maybe she could cut it out with a long knife or something similar.

She searched around with her eyes and glanced at the nearest guard’s body: at his belt, between magazine pockets, was a small, black nylon case visible.

Lilith rolled over to the dead soldier, grimacing in pain, and pulled out the case’s content, a heavy, stainless-steel Leatherman.

She paused, listening. GarverGuards; she could hear them checking the rooms, carefully, one after another, expecting a trap in each one. So she had some minutes left, but not more!

Our heroine opened the multi-tool into its pliers-form, sighing when seeing the pointed tip. Nevertheless she didn’t hesitated and quickly penetrated herself with the cold instrument. It reached far more deeply than her fingers, scratching her sensitive inner tissues on its way inside. Due to the diverging handles an increasing stretching was again needed, metal rubbed against flesh, and soon she was holding the tool’s last centimetres between her fingers.

But she was in deep enough now, she could feel it: every movement was pure hell.

Her fingers parted the handles a little wider, stretching her abused orifice some more. Cold pain-sweat appeared on Lilith’s forehead as the pliers were opened, revealing their tips to the tortured cervix.

She groped around, probed and stabbed her uteral entrance, causing herself immense suffering. Through the sound of pounding blood in her ears she could hear the GarverGuards drawing nearer.

The pliers’ tips touched something hard and inorganic, and Lilith’s heart almost missed a beat. Pain, not as excruciating as the shocks, but of the same quality, hit her. Forcing herself to controlled movements, she manoeuvred the metal jaws around this awful foreign object, then closed them, making absolutely sure she had a good grip. The pain was extreme now, mixed with a fiendish, sickened feeling. Sweat burnt in her eyes, her ears now deaf from the blood pressure. Her fingers had seized the handles with such force that her knuckles had turned white.

She yanked out the multi-tool.

Provided that she would ever get out of this alive, she would keep the memory of this pain branded into her mind for many, many years.

Lilith tossed her head back in a silent scream. At the last moment before she had pulled she had pressed out all the air in her lungs, knowing that she couldn’t deal with the agony that lied ahead of her. In near panic, she now drew breath, emitting some kind of strange, reverse howl while her vision went monochrome due to her rapidly falling blood pressure.

Sounds of doors being banged open came closer.


Still trembling, Lilith hold the pliers in front of her eyes.

Between the jaws a dark, square object, not unlike a microchip, was trapped; at its underside, charred fibres of ripped flesh hung by cruel steel teeth – but remarkably almost no blood.

Lilith uttered a suppressed, but almost hysterical laugher and let the Leatherman fall onto the carpet. She pulled up her pants, then grabbed her glove, pain-chip and rifle. Recovering amazingly fast, she was able to get to her feet again. Ducking her head, she ran into the conference room. It was dominated by a huge table for nearly two dozen persons, with several glass plates creating the tabletop. At the far wall stood a smaller table with cups and glasses, and underneath a small refrigerator. Lilith went over to it, from habit careful to not be noticed through the window front to her right. The two Unimogs could be seen from here, but now without any guards left.

Lilith reached the small table, took a bottle of water out of fridge and gulped the cool liquid down, but soon forced herself to drink more slowly. She poured the last fourth over her head and face to get clear again. It was necessary; she could sense GarverGuards two rooms away…


“We heard something at the western side; checking now room 142.”

The soldier’s voice sounded muffled through Kassandra’s radio.

She stood at the first floor’s east gallery, right above the reception desk. Most of her soldiers were dead, including their Commander. Only about one dozen was in action, and reinforcement troops were on their way, but not many, and they needed at least ten more minutes.

Kassandra had expected Lilith’s visit – it was only a surprise that she had come through the main gate. The blonde had gathered all guards she could find, but Lilith was indeed the living proof of Durn’s weird insider information. Damn! They had had her this morning! With a lot of luck and some pure chance, but they had had her!

A red light at the remote control in her left hand had stopped blinking and was glowing permanently now: the neuronal device had recharged.

Gunfire echoed from the floor’s far side.

“She’s in the conference room! ‘3’ GO!” – a guard’s voice.

Kassandra pressed the button. Still no scream, but that meant nothing. But then again gunfire; into and out of the conference room…

“We’ve lost another two!” – a second guard.

Without any expression Kassandra swung her arm back and threw the remote control across the hall, down into the foyer and against a pillar, where it shattered into electro-junk.

Her smoky voice filled the atrium:

“I’ll be at the top floor, just for the case anybody wants to meet me after this… affair.”


Hit by several bullets, the GarverGuard fell trough the broken glass balustrade into the entrance hall, still firing to the end. He had been the last one. Lilith stepped to the edge and looked down for a moment, then headed towards the staircase. Kassandra was waiting for her at the top floor, and since Lilith didn’t trust the lifts, she would climb about twenty storeys on foot. Great.

“Why can’t that bitch wait down here until I’ll take care of her?!”

On her way to the stairs she gathered some ammunition, 5.56mm for the G36 and standard 9mm which she could load into her SMG’s since she had used up her flechettes.

In the staircase, Lilith had to step over several corpses to reach the stairs to the second floor. In a way she was proud of having wiped out almost the whole security staff, but she was also more and more disgusted at how this mission was developing.

Between the forth and fifth floor she stopped. Had there been noises of steps, covered by her own ones’ sounds?

She looked over the banister, up and down, but couldn’t make out any possible source. She paused some seconds. Pain was pulsating deep within her abdomen. Kassandra was really in for it!

She was past the fifth floor, and again she had this alarming impression: hidden steps, but not totally synchronous to her own ones. Faster. Catching up with her.

Avoiding any noise, Lilith sneaked up to the sixth floor and tiptoed into the small corridor with its fire door that connected the staircase with the storey. Pressing herself against the wall, her rifle ready, she waited.

Indeed, someone was approaching from below, but so silently that Lilith rather sense than hear him or her or them.

Hunkering down, Lilith encouraged herself to glance around the corner. Her eyes grew big, and she managed in a pure reflex action to roll into the corridor just before the whole corner was pulverised by a true cascade of projectiles.

There were three of them, very close, on the last landing below her. All three wore heavy armours and combat helmets with full face shields. The round night vision lenses gave them a cyborg-like appearance. Unlike their comrade Lilith had rendezvoused earlier that day, these ÜberGuards were carrying automatic weapons; rather short rifles of a boxy design. Lilith had used them herself on one or two occasions: G11, spitting out death with a cadence of 2200 rounds per minute. Ideal for filleting unpleasant visitors.

Again she pressed herself against the wall, observing the ruined corner, her rifle ready. Lilith could see them. Not themselves, but their shadows – thrown by the wall lamps behind them – onto the floating concrete dust ripped out from the corner’s substance by the bullets.

They approached, closer and closer, and Lilith spun round and high-kicked against the wall, so her foot’s tip swung around the corner and hit the first guard’s shielded face. He staggered backwards, only to be replaced by the second one, who immediately opened the fire into the corridor, half covered by the corner.

He fired, she fired, the concrete and his armour lessened the effect of her bullets, she dodged his salves, storming. Lilith crashed into him, dragging him with her, away from his cover. The third guard tried to give her a punch, the second hit her against the temple. Her head was spinning, but she still managed to cling to her enemy. Both stumbled against the banister, far too fast –  and fell over them.

On his way down into the cellar the ÜberGuard had hit walls and banister with his head several times, among with other body parts.

Despite his heavy helmet Lilith doubted that his skull had managed to stay intact, not to mention his neck.

Not that Lilith was willing to think it out, hanging with one hand on the railing of the forth floor while ÜberGuard Number 3 was coming for her, jumping down the stairs, massively pissed off by the fact that his two buddies were injured or killed by such a good-looking bitch. Any second he would have a free line of fire.

Lilith got her other hand to the railing, then her left leg, and she rolled herself over the banisters. Her rifle lied somewhere down below, so she drew her MP5K’s to welcome the last soldier.

Soon enough new gunfire echoed through the staircase, the high, somewhat strange sound of the G11 and the more common 9mm shots.

She had retreated behind the forth floor’s fire door; the guard scrapped it.

Lilith tried to empty a magazine into his head, but only managed to hit his body armour; he trembled and twitched due to the force of impact, but didn’t seemed to be damaged.

She hadn’t any bullets left in her SMG’s; he hadn’t any bullets left in his rifle and his pistol.

Some of Lilith’s blood from a new grazing shot dripped onto the ground while the sounds of their guns were dying away. Her damaged cervix was producing distracting pain, but the situation didn’t allow any slowing down…

Unarmed close combat was next to breathing for Lilith, but she remembered her first ÜberGuard this morning: There could be no doubt that these guys were playing in a similar league as herself.

She let her useless MP5K’s fall to the ground as did her opponent with his guns.

“Okay, then. Lets see what else you have in store, Big Boy!”

She was absolutely sure that Big Boy was sneering from ear to ear behind his mask when he pulled his bayonet from its hidden case on his back. That damn thing sported a blade of thirty centimetres!

It didn’t look like it had come with the G11, more being designed for some WII-carbine. Not that Lilith consider it to have lost its ability to slice fresh meat during the decades. Nor did the ÜberGuard.

He pounced forwards, effectively ruining her attempt to disarm him.

Lilith blocked his knife attack, but had to thank him for a hard fist into her rips.

Things started to turn really ugly: Even when being fit she had problems with these ÜberGuards, now she was a little more than slightly worn out and she had no weapons – except for one…

Again the guard attacked her, using a clean left-right combination.

Lilith turned her upper body away, grabbed his right hand – that one with the bayonet – with her left and delivered a back-handed stroke to his neck with her right. He lurched, but tore his right arm free and lashed his weapon vicious through the air. The blade passed Lilith’s face, only centimetres between the tip and her eyes, then hit her right hand.

Lilith felt the steel forcing its way through the glove’s leather into her flesh and saw, like in slow motion, what was happening during the next tenth of seconds; the razor-sharp blade cutting through her muscles, tendons, nerves, arteries, bones.; her severed fingers, still connected by the chopped knuckles, falling to the ground while twitching; the remnant of her hand, in this early moments free of blood.; the disbelief, displaced by shock and nausea; this couldn’t be turning into Oh, NOOO!

Nothing of these happened.

Slipping off from the knuckleduster, the bayonet cut deeply into the outer side of her index finger, but otherwise was deflected by the metal. The Truthfinder’s gift had saved her hand and so most likely her life…

The GarverGuard couldn’t say so; he reeled further backwards, let the bayonet drop and brought both his hands to his neck. The stroke with the knuckleduster seemed to have injured his throat. He sank to his knees, then fell fully to the ground. His damaged larynx preventing him from getting more than the most necessary amount of air into his lungs.

First, Lilith thought of a trick, but the guard was indeed fighting with asphyxiation. The stroke to his neck had been much more serious than she had supposed. A Lucky Punch.

Once, already some years ago, she had been molested by a guy on the street in broad daylight. Of course she had beaten the shit out of the wanker, but only a minute later she had finally realised this sharp pain in her right lower flank and then had woken up in hospital. The little pisser had managed to hit her by chance while getting his arse kicked. Lucky Punch. His blow had led to a liver rupture; she nearly had checked out that day.

She let the GarverGuard breathing stertorously on the floor, neither helping nor finishing him. If he hold out until help was coming, he would most probably be sole survivor. If not, they would have to carry one more body out of here.

She hadn’t really planned this stroke, so she decided that it wasn’t her responsibility. Without another glance at him she grabbed the bayonet and headed towards the staircase.

The GarverGuard she had kicked in the face was still lying on the stairs to the sixth floor, face up, head pointing downwards.

Lilith approached him with care, maybe he was just unconscious or playing possum.

She was now on the same stairway as he and considered his whole posture as odd; certainly his spine was broken or something like that. Using the tip of her boot, she poked him in the flank, half expecting him to pounce at her with a single huge jump.

No, he was dead. Only in bad movies they rose one last time.

Lilith went up the stairs the GarverGuard was lying on, passing the body.

She was able to soften her fall onto the stairs’ edges with her arms when the guard’s hand grabbed her right ankle and pulled it backwards. Lilith managed to roll onto her back, but his hand had been locked like a vice. She tried to kick his face with her left leg, but only hit his helmet. The guy was indeed injured, but far from dead! His other hand fumbled at his side, then came up with a big semi-automatic gun. Not the standard 9mm-pistole, but a .45 Longslide!

Lilith kicked his arm and pressed it against the banister’s poles.

The ÜberGuard twisted the weapon inwards and fired. Since she was more or less lying half on him, the bullet whizzed almost parallel to her leg – and straight into her left bum-cheek! The projectile penetrated from the underside, travelled cleanly through the muscle and came out where the small of the back passed into the bottom.

Lilith yelled in rage, reared and rammed the bayonet through the guard’s left IR-lens. His helmet’s back thudded on the stairs, his arm with the pistol fell down and his grip on her ankle loosened.

“Typical me. Coming with a knife to a shootout,” Lilith sighed and rolled off the now fully dead soldier. The movement called a sharp pain from her pierced bum.

“You prick! Was that really necessary?!” – As if I haven’t got it sufficiently up the arse today…!

Our heroine got to her feet, just accepting the fierce ache, and took the G11 that the first ÜberGuard had lost when she had kicked him initially. She had to hurry; this little intermezzo had cost her almost ten minutes – and Lilith didn’t want to keep Kassandra waiting . It was time for some serious girl-on-girl action!


If you ever have the chance to watch a woman with a shot arse climbing stairs – seize it, what you’ll see will be quite funny!

The use of the lift was out of question, of course. Unlike in the Garver Building this morning the element of surprise was lost now, and such a small, closed room was ideal to gas her again.

381…382…383…384! Lilith had silently counted the steps from the sixth to the twenty-second floor. Now she was standing in front of the doors to the top storey, just below the roof with its heliport. The pain in her bottom was strong, but somewhat dull, by far not so clear and lancing like the worrisome sensation coming from her uterus.

The entrances to the last three floors had been different from the lower ones: not just fire doors, but the good old security sluices. The top floor was fitted so as well, but before Lilith could start musing on how to override it, she saw that the sluice’s two glass doors were slid back, giving access to Floor 22.

Lilith didn’t care about cameras, nor did she expect the security barrier being closed behind her as she stepped through. Now they were past the point of calling in gas traps or stolen key cards. Already down in the entrance hall, when Kassandra had welcomed her, some kind of “High Noon”-mood lied over both women. And though Lilith had routinely expected new GarverGuards on each storey, had avoided the lifts, even had imagined being equipped with another evil, torturous device – at this last storey, literally at the end of the stairs, something resided that woke up fatalism in Lilith.

The chrome door at the very end of the white corridor was carrying a warning sign: the yellow-black Infectious-symbol above the lines “BIOHAZARD – No access for women in pregnancy”.

“Fortunately Durn hadn’t the chance to fuck my pussy…” Lilith joked to herself and entered. Today she had been pussy-fucked only by Kassandra’s little toy, and the blonde would pay for it dearly.

The room behind this last sluice was some kind of laboratory, and it was HUGE. The top floor had to be almost twice as high as the other storeys, so between the ground and the ceiling were at least five metres of space. Along the left wall, doors after doors, yellow and air sealed, led to smaller labs. Each of the doors was fitted with a porthole, and above each entrance a green light signalled that the room concerned was non-contaminated.

In front and to the right the area wasn’t subdivided further; it ended at the glass walls. Computer terminals stood in a row, endless lists running down their monitors, always combinations of the same four letters.

Long lines of sterile white tables were carrying all examples of biotechnological equipment: DNA duplicators, denaturation boxes, gene splicers, devices for automatic electrophoresis and so on and so on…

In the corner, where the southern and western window front met, a three metres high double-helix model was standing, an idol of a modern cult praying to the genetic code. Right to it, near a projection screen, Kassandra was standing.

“You’re done down there…?”

Our heroine circled the free area in front of the screen, surveying the situation, her G11 ready.

“A little fun before dinner.”

“I’m always happy to see people enjoying their job.”

Lilith threw the uterine shocker to her enemy who didn’t bother catching it. The now useless device fell to the sterile ground.

“The disc, Kassandra, the disc. Let’s bring it to an end.”

The blonde woman made a gesture to a steel casket lying on a nearby table. Lilith hoped the disc was really inside and not in some terminal ready to reveal its secrets. She wouldn’t be able to beat its location out of Kassandra in time.

“I know what you’re thinking, but I would never let the disc out of my sight with you snooping around and searching for it. In these minutes the lock is opening, and there will be no one around anymore keeping me from copying the files.”

“Eh, eh, eh! Bootlegs are illegal.”

Lilith was about to end this farce with a volley from her weapon as something slender shot out from her opponent, fast and dark, wrapped itself around her rifle and snatched it from her hands.

It landed with a heavy sound somewhere under a table.

Kassandra shook out her latest acquisition: a black, heavy whip, firmly braided of several leather strings, shorter than a standard bullwhip, nevertheless vicious.

Lilith’s eyes widened with disbelieve: “You can’t be serious!”

The fiendish instrument shot out again and Lilith ducked, but not fast enough. The impact of the very tip into her face wiped away her sunglasses as a bloody gash was opened, from her chin diagonally across her lips.

“Don’t worry. You won’t live long enough to get a scar from this.”

“You are truly begging for a slow death; and for what?!”

“Didn’t you ever ask yourself why you’re still fit and agile like a teenaged girl? Sorry, Lilith, but in your age the body normally has already passed its zenith! Or do you remember an athlete who had set up a world record in the age of thirty?”

“Twenty-eight!” Lilith hissed, wiping the blood from her face.

“Maybe you are regularly drinking blood of virgins or newborns to secure your eternal youth. I wouldn’t put it past you, but the reason is another: They had designed you like that. You are nothing more than a lab rat, a guinea pig for your oh so honourable Incorporation.”

Lilith tried to get her, but Kassandra jumped back and let her taste the whip in the small of her back.

The dark-haired woman drew in her breath with a sharp sound.

“You’re drivelling such a crap. When I’ve been born – nine months before I’ve been born – it hasn’t been possible to manipulate the human genome like this.”

A new lash missed her, and she got close enough to punch the blonde bitch. The woman blocked her hit rather poorly with her free hand and pulled a face. Though Kassandra didn’t utter a sound, Lilith knew that she had broken some of her fingers. A smile twisted around her split lips.

Kassandra aimed again for Lilith’s face to drive her back.

“Arrh! Nothing you know! I hate it when in the end someone is just talking instead of finishing his –  or her – enemy. So while I’m now showing you the reality of your existence, I’ll whip you to death.”

“Just bring it on…!”

Even through her jacket’s leather the whip lick was loathsome on Lilith’s belly. The impact raced into her demolished cervix, turning the stroke into a kick to her abdomen.

Kassandra was a true expert with the whip, giving her opponent no second chance to get close to her. Lilith was fast, but the whip was faster.

“Why manipulate stem cells to clone a, let’s say, kidney for implantation when you can enable the patient’s body to recreate organs on its own?”

Lilith protected her face with her arm, and the greedy whip sliced through her taut sleeve, letting it pop, lashing into her flesh.

“Or, why manipulate embryos and wait twenty years to get super soldiers instead of ‘upgrading’ a already grown-up and fully trained subject?”

Kassandra obviously had her fun underlining each passage with a devastating lap. Like a cruel lover the whip laid itself around Lilith’s bottom, so the tip, the part with the highest speed, could kiss open the entry wound in her bum again.

Bleeding and suffering not for the first time this day, our heroine kept calm.

“Bullshit. Even I know that’s impossible. You would have to change the genetic code in each single cell in the whole body.”

“You wouldn’t have. NeoGenesis.”

The whip reached out once again and wrapped itself around Lilith’s waist. The breath was forced out of the woman as the leather was tightened with a brutal pull. If there were any security cameras in this lab, the video of this hardcore catfight would be hot as hell.

Kassandra used her evil toy to hurl her momentary prey against one of the table lines. Lilith lost her balance and fell onto the surface. Broken test tubes cut mercilessly where the leather clothes revealed unprotected flesh. A denaturation box fell over, and its hot fluid scalded her.

“You know? The plan was to let you walk into a trap when you would follow Durn to this place. Here we would have examined your body up to the last cell. But Durn with his weak balls got cold feet and ran straight into the Garver Building. Yamamoto should be glad to be rid of him. He called me – via a public line! ‘Help me, Miss Kassandra! Lilith is already after me! I can’t make it to the AReFa anymore!’ So I had to improvise. The whole fucking day I had to improvise!”

She hurled the dazed Lilith into the other direction.


Lilith was thrown at full fling against one of the high windows. The glass was reinforced, and her body had to take the full energy of impact. Fresh blood flooded her mouth. She spit it out.

Kassandra took some steps towards her, and the whip got loose around her body, then was withdrawn.

Resting with her back against the window, Lilith decided to change her tactic. Till now she had vainly tried to force the blonde into a close combat, but had only earned a good lashing.

Blowing a strand out of her face, the dark-haired woman rammed her titanium-made stiletto heel against the glass surface, where it created a tiny damage…

“You’re really a sick bitch. No wonder that Agony had decided to not be with you any more,” Lilith provoked the blonde so she would use her whip on her again – for the last time.

“YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER HER PAINS A THOUSEND TIMES!” Kassandra yelled. Then, letting her weapon dance on the floor, she hissed in a lower voice, but with the same hate:

“I’ve told them to kill you right away, in the second of your capture, but they didn’t listen to me! Must be the course of my name, I think.”

Like being animated by its mistress’ fury, the whip reached out again and wound itself around Lilith’s neck.

Getting her throat cut couldn’t be more painful, but our heroine didn’t dare hesitate. She made a pounce towards her enemy to eliminate the single tail’s tension and quickly unwind it. She yanked on it with most of her strength, almost – just almost – pulling it out of Kassandra’s hand.

Due to her broken fingers the blonde couldn’t grab her whip effectively with both hands; so she coiled it around her right lower arm to not lose it.

Bad move, Kassy!

Like it was done to her moments before, Lilith used the long leather to rob the other woman’s balance. She dragged her some metres forwards while Kassandra stumbled and staggered, trapped with her right arm.

The blonde was where Lilith wanted her. She yanked Kassandra to one side to gather momentum, then hurled her towards the glass front.

Towards the same window Lilith had bounced against.

With her broken fingers Kassandra tried to loosen the whip’s end around her lower arm, but the leather was taut and unwilling to uncoil. The blonde let herself fell to the ground for a crash halt, but it was too late. Her movement’s impetus threw her into the transparent surface. The glass, weakened by Lilith’s stiletto, seemed to explode simultaneously on its full length and height.

Lilith let go of the whip, and in a mist of uncounted sparkling glass particles Kassandra fell out of the twenty-second floor into the depth. Her own scream escorted her all the way down.

Lilith stepped to the gone window, putting up her sunglasses on the way, feeling her various pains getting the upper hand as the tension in her body subsided. A strong afternoon wind, unhindered at this height, whirled her hair.

Far down below her, between ventilation structures of the sublevels, Kassandra’s torn body would be found, smashed into metal and concrete.

“You should have tell me where the disc have been when we first met, bitch.”

Something was lodged in the corner of the window frame, and when Lilith kneeled, she recognised it as the tip of Kassandra’s whip.

The weapon itself was dangling outside at the building.

What irony. The leather had dragged Kassandra into hell with its tight grip, but when it had could save her live, it let go.

Lilith turned away; one more thing was to do…


Only after a very deep breath our heroine opened the steel casket, then uttered a short laugh. There it was, the plane round silver for what so much blood and pain had been freed. And, as a little bonus, some objects were keeping the disc company: her Glock, the original key of her Suzi, her TAG Heuer watch, even the two stolen key cards from the Garver Building.

Dark chest of wonders…

Since about ten minutes the time lock was giving access, and when Lilith put the disc into a nearby terminal’s drive, it could be opened without problems.

File package name: HardSkill

“Good,” she sighed. “If this has been the wrong disc, I would jump out of the window, too!”

Now the final check. Ishikawa had talked of fourteen “today”.

She used the search-function and counted.

Only a few passages were normal text; general information, directions for use and secrecy. Most of the files were written in a highly complex alphanumerical code which might even hide pictures or graphics. Or porn…

“Fourteen! Thank you, Kassy!”

She was about to remove the disc from the drive, but hesitated. For a moment she was unsure, but then Lilith opened another program on the terminal…

She deposited the fateful disc in her jacket’s inner pocket, took her pistol and keys, then stepped one last time to the broken window. Lilith decided to keep the whip as a souvenir and pulled it inside. It took some force to loosen it from between the frame segments, so the weight of a human could most likely be carried.

What irony…


The sixth floor lied there just like she had left it: crying for a refurbishment.

Lilith went in just for a second to fetch her MP5K’s and found the ÜberGuard still alive, his breathing painful but stable. He had managed to remove his face cover and helmet including IR-lenses, but his head was still covered by a black balaclava.

The woman watched for a moment, then kneeled over the soldier to whisper something to him. He didn’t react, but she was sure that he had heard her.

Secretly Lilith had expected a new reception committee down in the foyer, but when she arrived in the entrance hall everything was dead – no pun intended. Of course she gathered 9mm-ammnuition for her SMG’s and a new rifle while she was walking not knee- but at least ankle-deep through bodies.

At one of the pillars bearing the southern gallery the Commander was sitting, his back resting against the artificial stone.

At the first sight Lilith thought he had survived, but coming closer she saw that half of his head had been gone.

“Mr ‘I assume the responsibility’, huh? Never kiss what you can’t fuck.”

She searched in the dead man’s pockets. The stolen key cards had given her an idea – and, voilà, there was a key card for the AReFa; high-levelled and comparatively free of blood. She took it, and then, without turning around again, left this inhospitable place.



Lying flat on the roof of an old distributing station, the Y-Merc sniper had a perfect view of the road leading to the AReFa. With the sun behind him he used the telescopic sight of his DSR 1 without having to deal with light disturbances or creating betraying reflections.

“What the…?! – 12! 23 here! I’ve contact! Two males, unarmed. Quickly approaching your position!”

Along the dusty line of asphalt two naked men were running, holding their testicles. If they dared slow down to turn around, the sniper named 23 could have made out the angry whip marks on their arses.


Her whipped flesh hurt, the bullet wound in her bum hurt, her cervix hurt BADLY, but Lilith found enough time and energy to visit the guys inside the guardroom before leaving – she had to open the gates anyway…

The security door in the building’s back wall accepted the key card, and after passing the armoury and an empty common room, Lilith stood inside the control centre with its bulletproof glass front. The same two guards who had mocked at her were still in there, and they had a vague idea of what had happened in the main building. They had fitted themselves with assault rifles, but even in her deranged condition it was no problem for our heroine to disarm the pathetically acting guys. After informing them that she knew the art of lip reading and didn’t consider their jokes amusing, she had the two poor sinners remove their clothes. She underlined her demand with a shot into the floor just in front of their feet.

Now much more cautious with funny speeches, the gate keepers soon were standing naked before the smirking woman, and their eyes grew with fearful disbelieve when she uncoiled the whip…

They had yelled and jumped around during the quick, mean beating, trying to protect their important parts with their hands. Lilith could make this the whole day long, it was just too funny. But work was waiting for her, and finally Lilith forced the two unlucky men to lay down onto the ground with widely spread legs.

“PLEASE, LADY! We haven’t done anything!”

The younger, taller one propped his upper body on his elbows, but Lilith set her foot on his chest and pressed him down again.

“ ‘Bend over and loosen up, bitch!’ You sucker! If I had more time, you would be the bitch bending over.”

Her boot’s sole stroke his face, over his cheek and mouth, then travelled back down his chest, his belly, his groin.


He went rapidly out of air while the evil woman continued mashing his testicles under her boot, one after the other. Ground between the smooth sole and the rough concrete floor, they exploded in an excruciating blast of pain.

She raised her foot, and immediately the crushed organ was swelling up in an unhealthy colour. Her victim was writhing in front of her, wailing incoherently.

“And you…” Lilith stepped to the Commander of the Guard who was ashen in his face, “… a crypto-comedian, I suppose?”

The sole of her boot glided up his thigh’s inner side…

From inside the guardroom it was no problem to open the main gates.

Lilith watched gleefully and with almost girlish joy through the bulletproof window how the two naked guards were passing the gates and running along the drive towards the road. She had given them a head start of three minutes:

“If I get you, I’ll step on your balls again, but this time with my heel…”

Despite their damaged manlinesses they had left with stunning speed.


“I hoped that you’ll be proud of me having gained access without having killed anybody.”

Beyond the Main Gate Lilith’s ICS was working properly again so she had been able to contact Sōichirō while putting the spurs to her Suzi.

“I would be proud of you if you had gained exit without having killed anybody, too.”

“Next time. Promised. Lilith out.”

She turned into the country road, choosing the direction that would bring her back to the motorway.

Again she used her ICS, this time to inform the Truthfinder that Garver knew the where-about of Agony.

“No problem,” was his comment.

“And what about our guest?”

An agonised sound, hollow and weak, was audible in the background.

“Giving her regards to you…”

“The poor thing doesn’t seem to be happy in your company.”

“She’s still alive… sort of; lights are on, but nobody’s home.”

“You didn’t bust her innocent mind, did you?” Lilith mocked.

“Some more ice up her pussy – sorry! – vagina and an injection à la maison, and she’ll be better than new. I wish you could be here to enjoy her distress a little longer.”

“Me too. Torture steels the character.”

“Yours or hers?”

“Both’s…Lilith out.”

She had reached a road block made of two black G-classes. The Y-Mercs had, of course, already recognised her, and one car moved to let her pass. Nevertheless Lilith stopped when Cassel appeared by the side of the road.

“Any unusual occurrences?” she asked casually.

“Nothing that would surprise me when you are around, Miss Lilith.”



For the second time this day Lilith passed the lane of Samurai artefacts to stand in front of Kazuo Ishikawa. Nevertheless even ages could lie between her two visits. The whole ride back to the Yamamoto Tower Kassandra’s words had echoed in her head. Lies, of course, Lilith told herself, but manipulative lies. Suggestive lies. Dangerous lies.

“Did you fulfil your duty?”

“Hai, Ishikawa-san.”

From her pocket she pulled the disc and placed the coursed silver on her side of the marbled tabletop. Ishikawa, sitting in his black leather chair, made no attempt to take or even touch it.

“And what I have heard about Danny Durn is true?”

“Hai, Ishikawa-san. He won’t cause the Incorporation any more problems.”

The Japanese nodded. His superiors far away in the Land of the Rising Sun wanted results, but they didn’t want to be connected with company-own assassins or similar things. So, concerning this, his office was the place where the chain of command ended. He was the one who had brought the ‘Business Is War’-philosophy in all its consequences into this city, long before Garver or the Koreans – with whom Lilith had made most unpleasant experiences – had built up armed forces.

His eyes rested on the disc at the other side of his desk, then he looked up to the tall woman, with a strange expression just underneath his Asian mask of emotional neutrality.

She knew something. She knew nothing. But she had started to suppose. But who else had could he send?

“You may go now.”

Lilith bowed.



With a groaning our heroine got off her motorbike while the Arsenal’s roller shutter rattled towards the ground.

“Back from your audience with ‘President Evil’, boss?”

Sōichirō relieved her of her weapons to stow them immediately in the armoury.

“Do you have some more Aspirin?”

“On the table,” her assistant answered as he left the weapon’s chamber, closing its heavy door behind him.

“Wow, that’s a better service than at the Ritz!”

A plate on the kitchen table was carrying antiseptics, dressing material, a note “The Doctor Is Waiting, Boss!”, Aspirin and something to drink – eh, just water!

But maybe better; the heavy stuff could wait till later.

Stepping back into the main hall, Lilith washed down the medicament with some gulps while signalling Sōichirō to take up his post in front of his computer.

“I’ve got a present for you…”

She reached to the small of her back and pulled a flat, transparent case with something round and silver in it from her waistband.

“Decipher it.”


“As you see…”

“You know what will happen to us if they ever find out?!”

Sōichirō shrank back from the piece of polycarbonate as if it were radioactive.

“Let it disappear! Now!”

Lilith played with the disc in front of his eyes.

“Make me.”

She wasn’t impressed in the least by Sōichirō’s outburst. Sure, there was a risk, and she hadn’t a good feeling about involving her assistant. But she had to know. Needed to know. Meanwhile, the young Japanese had calmed down a bit.

“By the way: You walked with THIS into Ishikawa’s office?!”

“I’ve left it in my bike’s case. Decipher it.”



“No way!”

“I must have misheard! Decipher it!”


“Do As I Say.”

“Okay. But if your friend, the Truthfinder, asks me, I put the blame completely on you!”

He inserted the disc into the drive.

“ ‘She has forced me!’ I’ll say. ‘And she was mean to me all the time!’ ”

He started the decoder software.

“ ‘And she always hit me when nobody was looking!’ ”

“Do your work now…” she gave him a playful slap to the back of his head, “… and stop telling such lies.”


During the next ten minutes Sōichirō and his magic computer made a respectable progress, but it would take hours to see results.

Lilith was determined to wait, but finally had to give in to her body’s limits after a whole day of ignoring them. Her wounds were bleeding through the bandages, and she felt somewhat lightheaded.

“I don’t like to say it, but I need to see the doctor. Today I was allowed to taste bullets of four different calibres.”

Sōichirō rose.

“Shall I drive you, boss?”

“You sit down again and keep on decrypting or I’ll nail your arse to the chair!”

As our heroine walked towards her Suzi, an invisible force seemed to draw her back. Whatever kind of forbidden knowledge was hiding in the disc; it had already captured her mind…



Even ABS didn’t fully prevent locking wheels. So it was quite audible when the black G-class stopped next to the impressive fountain at Garver Plaza, right in front of the Garver Building’s main entrance. The tailgate was pushed open from the inside, a metal crate was thrown out into the late summer night’s fresh air, and gone was the boxy Mercedes-Benz.


Her captors had designated Agony for being slowly tortured to death by testing experimental methods of pain-giving on her. This was usually the final step for an interrogatee when there was nothing of value left to be confessed. Drugs, amputations, boiling liquids or bone scraping were just a few of the untold pleasures waiting for the unlucky teenager.


The crate was about one metre long with a width and height of maybe sixty centimetres. It seemed to be airtight, but could be opened at the top after undoing a couple of locks around the lid.

A batch of GarverGuards stormed out of the building just to see the vehicle’s taillights. The guys surrounded the mysterious metal box and started to debate about their options.

“It could be a bomb!”

“Naah. A bomb would be smuggled into the car park.”

“Oh, fuck! Is that…blood?!”

Gory traces, not fully clotted, were dotting one side of the box.

This new discovery only heated up the discussion among the men, and while some were fiddling around with the locks, others stepped back from the cursed gift. Eventually the order to open the crate came from their superior in his safe control room.

With his comrades surrounding him, one of the GarverGuards unlocked and lifted the heavy lid.


Folded inside – still alive – was the hogtied form of Agony; badly beaten, but more or less in one piece. She was still naked, and her body showed all forms of destructions. Burns and brands covered her breasts, flanks, genitals and bottom, her thighs, calves and even the soles of her feet. All kinds of whips and canes had carried out their horrible work down to the raw flesh and at some spots even deeper. Heavily gagged with a tightly wrapped ball of barbed wire, only blood and guttural noises were escaping her destroyed mouth, and her once sparkling eyes had glazed over in sheer terror.


Literally at the last second Lilith had cancelled the Final Interrogation Tests for some reason. The Truthfinder hadn’t been happy about this, but had followed her order, of course. Nevertheless he had gone ultra-hard on Agony and had only slowed down a little every time the mental distress had sent the young missy into a catatonic state.

Denying her all mercies like shock or death, the Truthfinder tortured her to the very limit of her endurance. Not the limit that marked how much she could take till she talked but that one that said how much she could take till the pain annihilated her.

In his well-deserved breaks Lilith had always been heartily welcomed to rape the little minx up the arse. Cute Agony had could choose for every session between a dry dildoing and a lubed fisting. She had been unhappy with both her options.

But somehow Lilith often had seemed to be absent-minded during her little revenge. Sōichirō hadn’t been able to decrypt some main parts of the HardSkill-files. Obviously, the package had been compiled over a longer period, showing different, sometimes doubled encodings. At least, this fact had aroused his ambition. Carefully, very carefully the young Japanese was searching for new hardware, for new software and for old software from the days when the first files had been encoded. That needed time. Now and then Lilith went nuts waiting for results but forced herself to not putting Sōichirō under pressure. One false move, and her little betrayal would blow up.

“You know what will happen to us if they ever find out?!” he had asked. She had a rather sharp idea. Yamamoto hadn’t sent out her to bring back the disc, accepting the deaths of dozens doing so, just to find her copying and cracking the files for private use!

She had let victims die the hard way for lesser offences. Though she undoubtedly was the best, she wasn’t the only Cleaner in the service of Yamamoto. Damn, she had to wait! Another nasty little torture she had to bear.


Steam was filling the spacious bathroom of her expensive penthouse when Lilith left the large shower. Disregarding the silken, kimono-like bathrobe on the ground, she stepped, wet and naked, to the washbasin. With a move of her hand she cleaned a silver path on the steamed up mirror.

Studying her reflection she focused on the whip wound across her lips Kassandra had inflicted. It had been closed with nine stitches not two days ago – now it wasn’t only healed up but the scar was already fading.

Lilith looked into the green eyes of the face behind the mirror.

Her own face, so unknown to herself.

“What the hell are you, bitch?”











Suzuki Motorcycle Division

Mercedes-Benz of Atro City

Yamamoto Incorporation

And a Very Special Thank to Gina Hoisington,

whose story “Private Investigations” gave me

the original motivation and the idea for the

writing style of “HardSkill”.


Notes and Comments by the Author

Ishikawa Kazuo

Following the Japanese tradition, the surname is put first. Lilith addresses him correctly as Ishikawa-san, Mister Ishikawa.

Red and white triangle

As role model for Yamamoto Incorporation serves Umbrella Corporation from the Japanese video game franchise “Biohazard”, in the Western markets also known as “Resident Evil”. The Umbrella logo is a red and white octagon.


A depreciative Japanese term for (Western) foreigners. Can be freely translated as “man/person from outside.”

Bullshit Castle

This term was coined for an excessively expensive office complex on the south side of Stuttgart originally used by the former DaimlerChrysler AG.


Used as a term of endearment; “mouse” in Japanese

Glock 20

Austrian semi-automatic pistol with the rather powerful calibre 10mm Auto.


Lilith’s surname – pronounced “Tron-ye” – refers to Hagen von Tronje (Hagen of Tronje), the murderer of Siegfried von Xanten, the famous dragonslayer of the German mythology.

Why, you little…!

One of several “The Simpsons” quotations

I castrate you sissy right now, got it?!

Lilith is actually threatening Daniel Durn with a rather unique style of penectomy, for castration describes the removal of the testicles.

Stuffing the severed penis into one’s mouth

Common practice amongst certain criminal organisations to deal with traitors

Nine thousand kilometres away from Japan, Euro, right lane

Obviously, Atro City is located somewhere in Continental Europe. However, Sōichirō’s car is right-hand driven, for this type is only sold on the Japanese domestic market.


An assault rifle produced by Heckler & Koch. It uses the Nato calibre 5.56mm x 45. Regarding to its length, the K (“kurz”, German for “short”) stands between the standard version and the C (“compact”).

NSX-R, Fireblade

Sōichirō seems to have a preference for products coming from the company of his namesake, Honda Sōichirō.


Although  this narration is set in the future, the author uses names of recent products for atmosphere and characterisation. Some of these names, like GSX-R, are actually used over several product generations, others, like Gallardo, are bound to specific types.


A Next-Generation automatic rifle using 4.7mm x 33 caseless cartridges. The absence of cases to be expelled allows an extremely high cadence.


A tactical precision rifle, calibre .338 Lapua Magnum (others available)


Like in the documents on the HardSkill disc, the word “today” appears fourteen times within this story.



HardSkill: Entropy

“Chaos Is Grace,” said Smiling Jack, and soon enough this slogan will be known all across Atro City. But first Lilith and her team have to deal with some other unwelcome guests:

The stern woman stepped closer to Sōichirō, their faces now only some centimetres apart.

“Where’s Lilith?”


“You know: tall, dark hair, slightly affected behaviour, loves to torture her captives…”

“Never heard of her.”

“Well, we’ll see…”


It seems that our heroine will have to go through more than one tough adventure this time, and her enemies’ motives are reaching really odd dimensions:

“You’re insane!” the petite woman next to Lilith stated.

Again Smiling Jack giggled.

“Of course I’m insane, sweetie! Why else should I do such things?”



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